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on 22 April 2017
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on 18 March 2012
This book is great, I had the paper/cd version and was thrilled to see a kindle version released so that I didn't have to carry round the book all the time. I was disappointed however to find it didn't work on my kindle stating that the audio was not supported on my device. How can you sell a audio book for kindle which doesn't work on the kindle!

It was working well on my iphone/itouch however until the latest kindle app came out today (18th March 2012). Now it also says that the audio content is not supported on my device (itouch - haven't tried the phone yet). I'm really disapointed with that but hopefully it can be fixed since it was working.

If you can get the audio to work on you device/application then this is good!
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on 14 August 2013
Bought this for daughter who had booked a snowboarding holiday to Norway. She says it is really excellent. After just a few lessons she felt confident in her accent and vocab. And when she went to Norway a few months later she said it was much appreciated by all that she had made the effort to learn a 'minority' language. When asking for a piece of chocolate cake and a cup of coffee in faultless Norwegian she was given it free! Sometimes it pays to learn a language that not many people speak...
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on 2 November 2011
For those who are beginners especially, it goes through all the pronuciation and things you need to know at the start before you start to really get into the language. The book is quite entertaining, following the adventures of Sue and Arne, but the fun aside, you get to learn lots of stuff! Not only about how to speak/write/read Norwegian, but also about Norway and Norwegian culture, which is quite handy when going to Norway.

There are many 'test yourselves', exercises and 'this is how we say it's to make sure you understand what was said in the unit. There is no 'must study' feeling when I pick up this book, it's a pleasant read and it is set out very nicely. It also includes a small Norwegian-English/English-Norwegian dictionary section at the back which is very useful when you forget what this and that word means from earlier units. I highly recommend this book to those who want to take up Norwegian, but maybe don't have the time!

All the references you'll need are at the back, there are definitions of parts of speech in case you're new to learning different languages and also references to different ways in which you can learn more Norwegian if you're feeling very adventurous!
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on 23 December 2010
Brilliant introduction to the language! All you need to know for the basics - travelling to Norway, sightseeing, using the telephone, writing letters, using the telephone, Christmas, Easter, getting a job, etc. Highly accessible and highly recommended.
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on 12 May 2012
This course is brilliant. It takes you through each step (language/grammar) thoroughly making sure you know each section before moving onto the next. The audio CD's are vital in order to hear native norwegians speak and for me you need to purchase both the book and audio combo to get the best from your studies. (they can be sold separately with different codes so be careful to choose the code that covers both the book/audio) As Norwegian is not widely spoken in the world it's great that this course is so comprehensive and I like the fact that it tells you by completing the course your fluency is measured by the Common European Framework Level 4 which gives me the confidence that I can successfully speak to a native Norwegian with a high degree of fluency and be understood once I compelete the course. I highly recommmended this updated course. Oh I forgot, you get online help too. 5 out of 5
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on 5 December 2010
If you are completely new to the Norwegian language and are quite serious about learning it, this book is ideal. The course begins with the Norwegian alphabet, which is the same as the English alphabet, with an extra 3 letters. Pronunciation of each letter is explained in regards to how they would be pronounced in English (e.g. "oo" and "ah"). This section also explains the different tones used in Norwegian.

The main bulk of the course is set out in units; each unit has a specific central theme. In each unit there are sets of dialogue, usually between two people: Sue and Arne. These dialogues are useful for learning how to construct sentences and how certain grammatical rules are applied. There is also a vocabulary list after each dialogue. Throughout each unit, there are sections that go through the grammar and explain the linguistic rules. There are also "test yourself" sections scattered throughout the book, with the answers to the questions printed at the back ok the book.

This book is very detailed and is certainly a good place to start learning Norwegian. However, I cannot recommend the audio support CDs enough. They are almost essential if you want to learn correct pronunciation. The CDs do not come with the book, you have to buy them separately, which isn't a big problem seeing as they are less than £10!

Fantastic book; definitely recommended!
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on 3 June 2011
The book and CD are both very clear and, in particular, introduce you to new words and language rules within conversational contexts - much the best way of learning a language. The course also focuses on vocabulary that is most useful in real life, the 'story' used to create the conversational contexts being so relevant to when you come to live in Oslo for the first time. Highly recommended.
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on 13 April 2012
This book is very well structured for a beginner and quite pleasant to work with (follows a story all along). The grammar lessons and vocabulary are perfect for getting you started, building confidence and raising an interest in learning more. Excellent book for self learning, it makes Norwegian seem so easy (at least for English speakers)! The CD is a really valuable addition and explains well the pronunciation.
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on 25 November 2011
Ok, so I am only a few chapters into the book but so far it has been really easy to understand and explains things in a way to make a lot of sense to us English! It doesn't skip from a really basic level to the impossible like some books which is a bonus too!
There are however a few mistakes, my Norwegian boyfriend has been going through the book with me so I didn't need the CD version, and he comes across a few phrases and sentences that are just wrong and don't make a whole lot of sense. They might just be in there because the proper version is too advanced though, I don't know.
Despite this I'm really enjoying the book and my Norwegian is definitely improving!
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