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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 8 March 2014
This comment comes from someone who has been around the block several times, is familiar with the work of Robert Munroe and Gerald O Donnell and has run meditation groups for nearly 20 years. Seeking Heaven offers the most powerful audio tools I have so far encountered for shifting consciousness, unless you want to use entheogens, which is not an option for those who prefer to find lift off through their own consciousness without external facilitation. I am deeply grateful to Mr Alexander for researching and producing
4 fantastic audio experiences that have already changed the consciousness of those who I know have used them. Sue Minns
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on 7 March 2017
This is a very badly presented item, no CD cases just a useless cardboard affair, worst of all there is no play list. So you don't know where the actual meditations are. Apparently this is Simon & Schuster's idea but it does not reflect well on Dr Alexander or Sacred Acoustics. I got the play list from Sacred Acoustics themselves who actually produced the mediations with Dr Alexander's voice over. I have many of their CD's, the use of the sound waves is truly brilliant and you can play them with or without voice over.
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on 11 September 2014
The Aum chanting is wonderful and the way the Inner Sounds are reproduced is surprisingly authentic but the dreary, irritating voice of the woman leading one through the procedure as if one were in kindergarten is way too intrusive and long winded, it's not even an interesting voice, just a flat, hypnotic monotone that goes on way too long. More sound less talk please. The actual Aum chant should have continued for at least 45 minutes to an hour. The Aum and Inner Sound simulation is the jewel in this recording. The instructions could have been written on the back instead of the boring, uninspiring voice interjecting and interrupting the sheer bliss of the simulated Aum Sound. The voice ruined it for me and was impossible to avoid during play back, you have to listen to the instructions all over again to get to the Aum. Not very well thought out in that respect. Doesn't do justice to Dr. Eben Alexander's excellent book and Youtube interviews. Such an extraordinary man with such an extraordinary and inestimably valuable experience to share for the benefit of the world should have a much more creative and daring C.D.
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on 2 May 2017
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on 18 May 2017
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on 5 March 2017
I must preface this review by making it clear that I am creating this review as a resourceful amateur author/writer who is sharing this Seeking Heaven collection that I bought back in February 2015 from Amazon US. Additionally, at the time of the purchase I did not want to believe that I may have to reincarnate back on earth ever again even with having multiple blessings in my current life such as a loving husband, strong spiritual faith, my basic needs provided for etc. (due to my logic/intuitive awareness that I am always going to be judged in this current lifetime by how smart I’m perceived to be andor my physical attractiveness regardless if I want it this way or not). However, things have positively changed since Feb. 2015 in various areas of my life where I am more accepting of the possibility that I may have to reincarnate back on earth in a future lifetime. As a result, I listen to the three cd collection of Seeking Heaven: Sound Journeys Into the Beyond by Eben Alexander M.D. with Karen Newell as a way to help me decompress and see/experience more through the eyes of my soul/spirit. The good on this cd collection; The sounds on the cd are very calming and there is a good transition at the end of some of the journeys while gently letting the listener know when to wake up. However, the caveat is that the well-intentioned talking throughout the cds could have also been channeled more to remind the listener how long the talks on each of the three cds may last before going in to the journeys involving the background music (in case a person may want to listen to three cds interchangeably before going to sleep more often). For instance, on future cds, cd one could include a talk on track one will be talk for five minutes discussing what the cd is about while the other two tracks will be at least 15 minutes long of the background music, and so forth for the other two cds or whatever number of cds a future collection contains (it doesn’t have to be exactly this way, yet I just wanted to give a gentle suggestion). Aside from that caveat the Seeking Heaven journeys are a worthwhile purchase.
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on 22 January 2015
Arrived quickly in the post
Only just had this and listened a couple of times so far have transfered to my i.pod so cant really comment on the benefits yet ? Ok when I skip the American talk over bits once you've heard it once :) "the more you put in the more you get out" so I'm starting on the "Road Map" Interesting .
Rally well packaged will see how I get on with it
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on 19 February 2016
What a shame the discordant voice of the female narrator spoils this otherwise excellent cd. As soon as the exercises started I found I very quickly drifted into an altered state, only to have this shattered by the woman's voice. I would have loved to have the information as an insert or on the sleeve. The male voice of the author was gentle and soothing and enhanced the programme. What a shame. However, once having heard it one can go straight to the relevant tracks of choice, but on the introductory tracks it was like having a deep meditation interrupted by an irritating sound one couldn't switch off.
Please don't let this stop you buying the cd. The last track on the second record (mine had three CDs ) was worth the wait for me. Profoundly relaxing, I felt at last that I could get out of the way and let awareness in.
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on 27 April 2016
Seeking heaven is a hard read in places, but well worth the effort. I really enjoyed his voyage of discovery.
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on 3 January 2017
I'm slowly listening to these cds. Fascinating snips from Proof of Heaven and soothing meditations.
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