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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars

on 13 October 2017
"Love Story" is—in it's essence—a story about a girl who wanted to follow her own dreams, instead of taking over the family ranch like her Grandmother wants.

"Love Story" is also the story of Erin, who nurses a crush on her childhood friend—at least the version of him in her own stories.

My thoughts:

This is my first Jennifer Echols book. I have others on my shelves, but this one spoke to me first. (Not literally... it's paper)

Erin has lost her inheritance because she wanted to pursue her own dreams. Packing up her stuff, she ran off to New York to do the college thing. One day, in creative writing, the main character of her own romance fiction steps in the door—but he is far from the romantic hero.

In reality, Hunter is the guy who will inherit instead of Erin.

There were stuff that annoyed me, which is why I only gave it four stars. This has nothing to do with the writing—I enjoyed that. But more about the characters rubbing me the wrong way.

It is a light read, though. And very enjoyable all in all.
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VINE VOICEon 10 February 2012
I am writing this review about a week after finishing this book and I can honestly say I am still unsure how I feel about it. I adored Going Too Far and Forget You the way in which Jennifer Echols manages to convey the chemistry between the characters is amazing, often resulting in the release of steam from the collar. However, I don't think I connected with the characters in this book as much as the previous books. Nevertheless I did devour it in one sitting.

The story starts with a story within a story. Initially a bit disconcerting, the placing of these 'stories' sometimes interrupting the flow of the main plot. Although their use is a very clever way to share the joint history of the main characters, this aspect only becomes apparent as the book progresses. In some instances these 'stories' were cringe-worthy and actually made me dislike the characters rather than enduring them to me.

I can't say I fully connected with Erin, her poor little rich girl situation annoyed me. Her preference for enclosed spaces was slightly odd but understandable when past events unfold. I spent most of the time wanting to hit her over the head to knock some sense into her. The phrase 'cutting your nose off to spite your face' comes to mind. Erin certainly goes about things the hard way.

Hunter on the other hand is totally swoon worthy. Although some of his actions are questionable I think his intentions were ultimately honorable. The very complicated and long history between Erin and himself did make me wonder as to why Hunter was still so emotionally tied to her. Its as if they were destined for each other. I have to admit they were the perfect balance when they were together. The communication breakdown between them was utterly frustrating.

I love the way Jennifer Echols writes relationships, romance and chemistry however I didn't enjoy the overall story as much as the previous books I have read by this author. I have high hopes for Such a Rush firmly on my wish-list.
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2011
I was very very excited to get my copy of this book because I have loved the other Jennifer Echols books I read and while I did enjoy reading this for me I didn't think this latest offering was as strong.

I found Erin to be an extremely frustrating lead character. She has made this huge fuss about refusing her grandmother's offer to fund her time at college because she wants to do her own thing and make it on her own but the entire book she is so utterly miserable and either working or studying that she is actually quite boring. I felt her stand against her Grandmother was only one step away from her playing the poor little rich girl martyr and I really didn't like her for it. It got to the point for me where it was just one sob story too far

So there is Erin in her writing class completely absorbed (may I add in a completely self obsessed way) with her own writing ready to pounce on anyone who dares to criticse her writing, in what is a writing critique class and in walks the boy her steamy romance story is based on. The pair then proceed to battle it out in story form, baring their souls to each other layered in storys of hidden (and not so hidden meaning). I didn't get to the point where I wanted to bash both their heads together and tell them to actually talk face to face or grow up and stop it.

Once Hunter and Erin finally start to talk and hang out I then started to like them both a bit more. I enjoyed getting to know them rather than their writing and finding out how their relationship developed as the story went on. Unfortunately this was a little too late and there wasn't enough book lef to do this as well as I would have liked.

all in all I felt that this book was not as strong as the other Echols books I have read and I was left feeling that there was so much more that could have been done by the end of the story.
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on 18 July 2011
I received this book as part of the S&S Galley Grab, I was dying to read this book. It sounded like a good concept, and the characters sounded very interesting.

I have to say that I agree with the above. It was a good concept, I hadn't read anything like this before and I felt it flowed effortlessly. The plot seemed very realistic, the characters had flaws as well as good traits.

I particularly enjoyed the stories written by the characters Erin Blackwell and Hunter Allen. Yes you heard right, his name is Hunter :) Could you get any sexier? ;)
The fact that Erin and Hunter were supposed to hate each other but actually liked each other a lot made me want them to be together even more!

I enjoyed the character development throughout the novel, Erin is from a rich family, but doesn't have all the 'material' things that she could have. Also, Hunter's past is revealed at the right pace.

This is the first book that I have read that was written by Jennifer Echols, but I have to say, it will not be the last!

Highly recommend.
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on 9 February 2012
Oh I wanted to love Love Story by Jennifer Echols a lot more than I did. I liked it, it was an enjoyable read, but the magic and tension of say, Going Too Far, was a bit missing in this book. I felt that in some parts of the story it felt like too much of a stretch to believe the character's decisions and motivations. And because of the distance between myself and the story, I didn't become as emotionally attached as I'd have liked. Still, Jennifer Echols does know how to tell a good story!

Love Story is the story of Erin, a girl in college, who wants to be a writer and decides to pursue this dream even though it means giving up her family and their support, as they'd rather Erin manage their family's affluent racehorsing farm. So we begin our story with a story - a historical romance that Erin has written heavily based on real events that took place and on people that Erin believed would never appear in her creative writing course! But then in walks Hunter and it is the start of a lovely little book filled with denial and attraction and unravelling the secrets that fill Hunter and Erin's past.

I just generally love when stories and storytelling appear within books, and when it happens in Love Story, it seems to take on a whole different meaning. Both Hunter and Erin use the stories written for this creative writing course to anger, upset or make jealous the other person, and at the same time, we as readers are given a closer insight into who these two characters are and what they are about.

This isn't my favourite Jennifer Echols story, but there was plenty here to enjoy. I love that Erin and Hunter are both older teens, dealing with college and future employment. There is a lot of family drama that unfolds and a quick peek into their very different social circles. There's plenty of arguing and stubborness here, but there's also some really sweet and heartfelt moments. I look forward to more by Jennifer Echols.
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2011
Firstly if you are a fan of Jennifer Echols (like I am) this book is not as good as Forget You or Going too Far, which I would say were five star books. The reason for this is just that the ending was too abrupt, the book needed to be longer!

We have two main characters, Erin and Hunter. Erin has started college in NY majoring in Creative Writing against the wishes of her Grandmother who wants her to study business so that she can take over the family horse business. Erin's grandmother has decided that the farm will now go to 'stableboy' Hunter who will study business at NY.

Erin and Hunter have family issues that tie them together but from the beginning it is clear that they are also attracted to one another. They have unresolved issues which will begin to be revealed through the creative writing course that they both take. The book begins with a story that Erin has written for the creative writing class and as Hunter joins the class we also read pieces of his work. They were good to read as they really helped give the backstory to these characters. I thought that the discussions between the characters and their friends in the class were really funny .

It was refreshing to read something set outside of high school! I would have preferred for the characters to have gone out a bit more, most of the action takes place in their dorms or creative writing class.

An entertaining and sweet story but could have done with a better and fuller ending.
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VINE VOICEon 17 August 2011
I really enjoy Jennifer Echols' books. I love the characters and there is always serious chemistry between the two leads.

I have to admit this one took a little while to get into but once I did I loved it. I enjoyed the fact it's set at college - not many YA books I've read have this setting - and I loved the way the stories the character's wrote for their classes were integrated into the plot. They were really fun to read and gave a really good insight into both Erin and Hunter.

Erin was an interesting character. I was intrigued by her relationship with her grandmother and her decision to 'go it alone'. I was hoping for a bit more closure on that aspect of the story but I thought it added an interesting layer to the story. And I loved Hunter. Jennifer Echols really does know how to create hot, gorgeous but accessible male leads for her books! And the chemistry between him and Erin is great. I loved all the banter and back and forth between them. Great stuff!

The secondary characters really add to the story as well. I especially loved Erin's roommate Jørdis who spent most of the book roping people into cutting out faces for her and their creative writing professor was awesome too.

I can't wait to read whatever Jennifer Echols writes next - if you haven't tried one of her books I recommend giving one a try. I have the feeling you'll love it:)
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on 21 July 2012
I love this book. i just finished reading it and I'm so upset it's over!!! i love this story because i can relate with it so much, being a hopeful future author who longs to live in NYC when she's older.It made me want my dreams even more.
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on 12 October 2013
Love many of Jennifer Echol's other books, but this was an absolute let down.

I only managed to get 20% through the book before I gave up, honestly, one of the worst books I've ever read. The book started off boring and continued to be boring throughout. The main character (whose name I can't even remember) was whiny and spoilt. I felt the back-story was revealed too early on in the story and was given away in an uninteresting way. I felt no empathy to the characters and ended up hating them.

One of the worst books I've read, it just felt like there wasn't enough plot behind the words, and the little plot included was dull and flat and didn't provide any substance to the book.

Waste of money.
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on 1 February 2012
I really thought I would enjoy this book, despite the negative reviews. It had a lot of promise and Jennifer Echols receives such high praise about 80% of the time. It started off okay and just went down hill from there. The protagonist (I can't even remember her name, that's how rubbish this book is) was so unlikable. Why is it that Jennifer Echols finds the need to make so many of her female characters irritating? The protagonist was childish and spoilt and I felt extremely sorry for the love interest.
I give this book 2 stars because although I found it irritating there were some aspects I liked but if I were you I wouldn't waste your money on this.
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