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on 8 November 2010
This work actually makes little or no sense unless you know the codes and the metaphors - and anyone who does isn't admitting it, not that I know of. Do you?

The Emerald Tablets and the Hermetica are entirely written in coded metaphors. For instance, God is the thesis or the creator, Kosmos the antithesis or the destroyer, and Space the synthesis between the first two or the preserver. They are a kind of metaphysical and dialectic version of topological triangulation. This is paralleled in the doctrine of the Trinity. Each vertex may also be described geometrically as a set of functions or their opposites. The Hermetica is really coded physics - and not the physics conventionally taught in our schools and universities but rather a hidden physics.

I myself have not learned much more than this very basic and simplistic code for a small part of the Hermetica. I also know there are at least 3 levels: the topological metaphor of the physical (deepest), the physics metaphor of the emergence of creation (less deep) and another physics metaphor of the astronomical machine of precession (least deep).

If anyone reading this knows more, or can direct us as to where to find more decoding, please add a comment to this review (there's a bit in Farrell's book "The Grid of the Gods").

Farrell's "Cosmic War" traces a cluster of names from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt that are the same entity as (or very closely related to) Hermes-Thoth including: (An)Zu, Ninurta/Nimrod/Ninus/Enmer/Emerkar, Marduk/Merodach, Nergal, Baal/Osiris/Tammuz/Adonis/Dionysus/Bacchus, Enki/Ea/Eyah/Yahweh/Lucifer/Ra/Sungod/Lightbearer and even the Mason's Hiram Abiff. [Later note: Farrell's "Thrice Great Hermetica" provides even more insight into Hermetica.]

I would like to suggest, instead of Hermes, two of the greatest hermetic teachers in history: Thomas H Burgoyne's "The Light of Egypt: v. 1: The Science of the Soul and the Stars" - a great classic work of mystical enlightenment and Russell Walter's "A New Concept of the Universe". For those interested in truths, I also suggest Tsarion, a deep thinker of our time about ancient secrets, who shows (for example)how the Emerald Tablets actually refer to the tarot. Not in the variations the tarot is known of today, but its original form, involving a mixture of kabala, tarot, numerology and astrology, which he explains are sister disciplines. You can learn more about this (free) from Tsarion himself - there are hours and hours of Tsarion on youtube, mostly fascinating.

For much much more on the secrets of "pre"history than 99.99 per cent of us can possibly glean from this book, see Lana Cantrell's "Greatest Story Never Told" which is available free on the internet - verbose but amazing in parts. Also see Shannon Dorey's 3 books on the Nummo.

As for Jordan Maxwell's "The Brotherhood of the Illes" - another blow-your-mind book available free on the internet... and Santos Bonacci (starting with As Above so Below' (especially part 2) and with 'Sovereignty-Roman Law'... well you need to experience them for yourself. You may also benefit from Frank O'Collins' monumental body of work, available free from the Ucadia websites, the result of 26 years of work.

Later note: as explained in detail - and fully backed up - in WesPenre's website, Hermes is just another name for Lucifer/, who stole our planet and used GM techniques to create us.
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on 18 October 2014
Fast & efficient service. Product as described. Would use again! :-)
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on 28 January 2016
Excellent book
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on 26 April 2013
I totally recommend this book to those truly interested in the great Mysteries of Life and the Occult.
A must have.
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on 2 October 2014
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on 10 September 2015
There were several versions of the Emerald Tablet.
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on 26 January 2016
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on 10 October 2014
I actually started reading this a few years and stopped, however, I have browsed through it, and would commence once I've finished with another book that I'm currently reading.
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