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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2012
In my role as an Elsevier Student Rep I receive medical books gratis in exchange for reviewing them. I do not have any other interests in the books or the publishing house and I am free to give my honest opinion. Writing negative reviews of books does not have any influence on whether or not I receive further books.

As a final year medical student I feel comfortable saying that the detail contained in this basic pathology book will more than suffice for the VAST majority of conditions I have had to know about. It contains the most important information from Robbins Pathology and 'condenses' it into 900 pages. There will be students who are very interested in Pathology or students doing self-selected components in Pathology that may want more detailed information on certain topics, but for all the rest, this is a perfectly good book. It is in fact one of a number of perfectly good pathology books out there. One potential drawback for UK readers is that it is written by US-based authors, with the terminology and unit differences this entails.

A small (petty I hear you say?!) complaint is that the pages are thinner than usual and just transparent enough to allow some text to come through and distract you when trying to take in diagrams. Not what you need at the end of a long day.

Like the majority of recent Elsevier medical textbooks, it is incredibly visually aesthetic and the information is broken into digestible chunks. There are plenty of summary boxes at the end of each section to ensure the take home message is not lost and the diagrams are, by-and-large, clear and memorable.

Overall, it is a good choice for Medical students who are happy with a sound grasp of the fundamentals of Pathology. Students doing an entire degree in (or intercalating in) Pathology may find it lacking.
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on 26 April 2013
During the pathology course of the medical programme, I first bought Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease. I found it comprehensive but inappropriate for an introduction to pathology. There was just too much detail to read through a whole chapter. The key facts failed to come through to me.
Then I got Rubin's Pathology from the library. And I liked it better. I still found the book missed a simple yet comprehensive structure covering all conditions I needed to learn without too much detail. I already had a copy of Underwood's General and Systemic Pathology 4th ed.. I still like it. It is well written but is often somewhat too basic in terms of pathomechanisms and histology.
Finally, when the new edition had just come out, I decided to buy Robbins Basic Pathology. And it soon became one of my favorite medical books. It is well structured, condense yet comprehensive. And it is very well written and a pleasure to read. I strongly recommend this book to all medical students during the pathology studies.
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on 7 July 2016
As an Elsevier Student Rep I receive medical books gratis in exchange for reviewing them. I do not have any other interests in the books or the publishing house and I am free to give my honest opinion. Writing negative reviews of books does not have any influence on whether or not I receive further books.

As a penultimate year medical student, I am impressed at how comprehensive and manageable this textbook is in covering the key concepts of pathology. Although seemingly heavy and thick, the textbook is visually aesthetic and key diagrams aid understanding throughout which is effective in learning.

The topics are digestible are categorized by systems which is useful, at the end of each section there is a summary table which is thoroughly helpful in consolidating key information. Actually explaining the pathology seen of pictures of real specimens meets an unmet need which is refreshing.

However, a minor complaint is that the book is written by US authors so some of the terminology is not commonplace in the UK. Another thing that is lacking are questions to test yourself which would actually be really useful in gauging your understanding.

Overall, I would recommend this textbook as a very thorough and complete reference text to aid thelearning the key concepts of Pathology for medical students.
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on 12 July 2012
On receipt of this textbook I was impressed with the layout of this book. The book approaches pathology in a systematic approach. For a second year medical student following the Liverpool curriculum this is particularly useful as our modules are approached in this manner. This book would still have use in future years as well with the sections on `Genetic and Paediatric Diseases' which covers what we need to learn as part of PBL in a comprehensive manner, explaining it assuming very minimal prior knowledge with useful and appropriate diagrams.

My one possible remark in relation to this book on the side of caution is that it is written solely by American authors and as such care must be taken between slight terminology and practice differences between the USA and UK. I would say that having used Muir's textbook of Pathology during my second year, this book compares well to this university recommended text. Consequently I would advise any student looking for good textbook on pathology to consider this textbook, if they don't buy it, it would certainly be worth taking out from the library if you are not satisfied with the style in Muir's textbook.

I received a free copy of this textbook and as such do not wish to comment on the value for money of this textbook in my review. My suggestion would be to get this textbook from your library, if you agree with my comments that this is a detailed and useful textbook then consider purchasing it if you are happy with the price which is higher than that of Muir's.

Competing Interests: Elsevier Student Rep (provided with gratis copy of textbook)
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on 13 June 2013
As a second-year medical student, I have just entered Pathology-land. At start, I knew nothing about any Pathology books, but my teachers told me to use this one. They could not have made a better choice!
I quickly realized that it was a lot like lectures. Also, the content is presented in a concise, complete, well organized, and clear way, and it is briefly summarized at the end of each section. However, although there are a lot of pictures showing the morphologic features of the disease, I guess they are not enough. I have had some difficulty identifying a few plates during Pathology classes, since some diseases do not include a macroscopic or microscopic example of its features, or none at all.
There is another nice point about this book, although some may regard it as a negative one. It is good to remember that this book has more than 900 pages. However, the pages are so thin that the entire book is also quite thin and surprisingly light (which is an advantage when you have to carry it on your back for countless hours). Finally, a fine hardcover protects such fragile pages!
Overall, I think it is an almost perfect book. It would be actually perfect, from its magnificent content (everything a medical student needs to know) to its outstanding building, was it not for its lack of pictures.
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on 15 May 2015
I'm a 2nd Year medical student, and am very pleased with this book. It has up to date explanations on the commonest pathologies, and I think it is so important for doctors to understand the pathology behind the disease they're treating. The pictures are first class, with excellent explanations.

Only downside is there is no section for the eyes, but other than that it's ideal for medical students learning the underlying science of diseases.
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on 18 January 2015
Very well laid out book. The book is very concise, I used it more to recap important points. To actually learn pathology I suggest getting the bigger version of Robbins pathology. Great for revision not for actual learning. Was the perfect companion for my Italian medical school pathology exam.
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on 4 January 2015
If you are going to invest on only one book through your medical school years this should be the one.

I guess mine was either the 3th or 4th edition and I have used it all during my medical school, first for the pathology class, then reading the relevant chapters during the clerkships and rotations and finally when preparing for the USMLE s and other medical examinations. It was my main reference. The chapters perfectly includes the basics of each disease, the epidemiology, the pathophyisology then the pathology and finally even the management. I think it is really a skill to write a book that is this much inclusive but still very concise and readable. No question as a main text but in my opinion it is also the best book to prepare for the exams; I don`t think any exam review books can beat this one for exam preparations.

I cannot recommend this book high enough for all the medical students.
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on 1 December 2012
This book is very well organized. I really like this book for many reasons. Firstly, there are coloured boxes (for morphology, pathogenesis and summary)in each chapter which leads your study for the information you really need. Besides that, you have description, clinical features and pictures of each disease. The pictures are really nice. In addition, you have diagrams and tables which help you to simplify your study. Better recalling of information.

As a 3rd year medical student this is the best book I have ever bought in such a way you are enjoying what you are reading.
As a medical student, you should buy this book! You have other pathology books but this one is very simple, concise and very readable and understandable.

Comparing to the other comments, the pages are thinner (no problem with the transparency)which makes the book lighter. :)

Last but not the least, you could use another book to complement this one. For example Illustrated pathology, Crash course pathology, Pocket of Robbins, etc. It's better because sometimes some topic is described and illustrated in a clearer way.
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on 14 December 2015
H&E histological staining Histological identification of tissues is missing and you cant separate this area from pathology so was a bit disappointed. Disease pathophysiology Clinical application of histology is covered well
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