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These are a good idea in principle, but are flawed in execution.
- The way the cards are labelled both front and back makes it difficult to use them for revision/testing purposes. This rather defeats the whole purpose of the cards, I would have thought.
- Due to the way the 'pins' are positioned, it can be difficult to determine exactly what is being depicted (the boundaries between different muscles are often poorly distinguished from each other).
- There aren't enough pins per card. There are multiple images that are repeated across 3 or 4 cards, with only a few pins on each card. I got the impression that the publisher was 'stringing out' the material in order justify having more cards. Much better to have one card testing multiple items, I think.
- The box is huge (possibly directly related to the above point). They aren't really as portable as I'd hoped.
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on 11 January 2011
These cards are amazing. After going through a lecture/anatomy session, these provide a great way to revise over everything you've learnt. They have pictures on the front with labels and the answers on the back. I use them daily while travelling to uni on the tube, even in the rush hour when you have to stand. The little ring they come with is really useful. These, accompanied by a decent textbook, notes or an atlas are the best way to go.
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on 4 September 2010
First of all this product is excellent value for money. This little box of tricks saved my bacon.

Extremely easy to use, all the cards are set into specific groups, so what you are looking for is easy to find.

Plenty of information on the back of the cards for you to memorise, illustrations are perfect and you cannot go wrong.

My only fault with this product is, in terms of finding bones and muscles this is brilliant, innervations, actions and origins also. in terms of looking for something specific i.e arteries that drain the lower limb, it is time consuming, on each particular card it should state everything like this, but unfortunately it does not, the info is there you just have to go looking for it.

all in all well worth the money....
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on 2 June 2011
I think the flashcards are excellent - the content is fabulous and the drawings make everything very clear. I have ONE issue with them and it is a VERY big issue. I am unable to test myself on most of the names of the muscles as my version of the flashcards states the name of the muscle on both the front and back of the card... this deems testing myself rather pointless as I have to cover over the front of the card with my hand in order to test myself. What a stupid, stupid design.
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on 12 March 2014
I'm a first year medic and these cards are fantastic! Lots of people in my year had them and I was reluctant to buy them because I normally write out notes etc and don't use flash cards. However, I soon learnt that anatomy isn't something you can write notes for; you really need a visual stimulus. These are perfect. The diagrams are fantastic and everything is clearly labelled. It is in the perfect amount of detail for what I am doing at the moment. They easily fit in my bag and are easy to take out and flip through on the train in the morning since they come with a handy ring to keep them on. They are well worth the money and a great investment... they will be invaluable for when finals come around!!! I would recommend these to any med student, I only wish I got them sooner!
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on 24 December 2012
The human anatomy is one of the key core subjects within the field of medicine and achieving a thorough understanding of this topic is one of the cornerstones on the way to being a competent and adept physician or surgeon. Netter's Flash Cards of Anatomy are an exceptional tool for revising anatomy.

The general layout of the cards is as follows. On the anterior side, a diagram from Netter's Atlas of Anatomy (A must-have for medical students) which has certain parts of each structure labelled with numbers. Netter's Atlas of Anatomy probably has the best diagrams of all the atlases out there. On the posterior side, you will find the names of the numbered structures, plus a nugget of extra information related to the structure in question followed by another nugget of clinical anatomy.

Another useful feature of these cards is their mobility. Carrying all the cards around with you all the time can be quite frustrating, considering there are close to 500 of them. To combat this, a metal ring-binder is provided with the cards so you only have to take the cards that you will revise from, on a particular occasion, with you.

On another note, one of the previous reviewers noted that the names of the muscles are on both sides of the cards. This however is not true for the third edition. If you buy these from Amazon E.U S.a.R.L, you will have no such problem. I have bought these cards twice and both times, the muscle group is written on the anterior side, not the names of the individual muscle. For example "Muscles of Sole of Foot: Second Layer" or "Muscles of the Larynx" were written instead of "Quadratus Plantar" or "Transverse cricoarytenoid."

Overall I was delighted with the purchase, and my understanding of Human Anatomy has definitely solidified with the use of this for revision.
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on 26 June 2011
Anatomy is generally a bit boring and unfortunately vast. The cards break everything down into nice managable chunks easy to digest. This is in depth stuff and way beyond basic. I use Clinically Oriented Anatomy as my main source of text and cross referencing it to Nettar's flash cards is ideal.
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on 2 May 2011
I have used these flash cards every time I need to prepare for exams they are well laid out and easy to follow. They break up the anatomy into easy to digest pieces and are handy as a revision aid when travelling and you don't want to carry around the hugh anatomy text books
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on 13 December 2012
I think these Netter Anatomy flashcards are superb for revision and getting to grips with the vast anatomy we have to cover in medical school. In my opinion, Netter's diagrams are the best (often used for our lecture slides)and they give different views and cross-sections too. The box is divided clearly in body segments and you can pretty much find everything there, bones, muscles, nerves,etc. I like tha they come with a giant key-ring so you can keep the ones you are using together (each card has a hole punched in the corner). The card is quite stiff and durable. I take in consideration what another reviewer said about the answers being in a list on the back not being helpful - but you can easily just use another card to show one answer at a time as you go through the numbers - so that's not a big problem for me. The back of the cards also gives extra information which relates clinically usually which is also helpful. I would recommend them as a great learning tool which makes remembering anatomy more interactive than just drawing out diagrams repeatedly.
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on 16 April 2015
Essential for any medical student, at Imperial they actually use these in the exams so it can't get much better.
Also the electronic edition you can get on your phone, iPad and laptop, prefect product.
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