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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 29 December 2015
"How can a Christian know the will of God for his or her life?" This is an age-old question especially when we are at a decision cross-road in life. But when we ask this question, we have an expectation of what kind of answers we wish to get - we would like God to function almost like a fortune teller who will point out the fortune for us. Once again this kind of commonly phrased question and expectation of answer proves that our mind is not reformed.

The answer provides in this book is refreshing. There is a very basic principle in Christian life - rather than being bogged down with what we don't know (the specific choices in our life in this context), focus on what we do know. I think MacArthur is right in pointing out that once we have professed our faith, there is a long road ahead of us in discipleship. God's will is not about what we do but who we are as persons! This is what He is interested in, first and foremost. Once we get that right, the rest will fall into place.

MacArthur takes us through five spiritual principles: it is God's will that we are saved, Spirit-filled, sanctified, submissive and suffering. His exposition is Scriptural based, and patiently guides us what each of the principles means. It is an exposition of Christian life, which requires first and foremost our love for Christ, followed by our resolve, daily effort and discipline. We will not get there without investing our time and effort in our relationship with Christ. There is no short-cut. To know Christ is to know the Bible.

When we are in that place, with all five spiritual principles checked, I believe we will know God's will in our heart. And the opening question is no longer relevant.

The question is asked in a way as if God's will was external to us. But when our life is Spirit-filled, we will know from inside us what His will is - at least in the general direction of how we live. When comes to the specifics, I think MacArthur's advice is sound too - move and God will steer.

Therefore I believe MacArthur is right in pointing us to examine our Christian walk with God in answering this question. I have seen friends who are full of enthusiasm to do God's work, specifically to enter the mission field. But when I look at their life, I have my doubts - are they equipped? How are they spending their time? If we look at Hudson Taylor's life, for example, he spent years practising walking with Christ and exercising his faith before he went out to China. Why? I believe that we have to be mature before we can guide others. But I believe more importantly, it is God's way to protect us before He will send us out. We will suffer for His name and we will face temptations. Without a solid grounding, strong faith and firm understanding ourselves, how are we to survive the relentless trials? We will stumble at the first hurdle, or our endurance fails us.

I think therefore it is right before we ask the opening question, our immediate step is to focus on if we are fit for the purpose. MacArthur is right in saying, "He's using experiences in your life to shape you into His will." (p.75)

I believe we all have this frustration from our early teens and wonder what we are to do with our life. We are impatient to launch. But with God, waiting time is never an idle time - He uses that time to train us. May we all submit to His timing and His plan for us.
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on 25 August 2014
A short, very clear and easy-to-read book which has radically transformed my whole concept of seeking God's will for my life. John MacArthur describes, completely from the Bible, exactly what God's will for a person is and then how this plays out practically through six simple points. I guarantee you will never see your life in the same way again. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
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on 12 February 2011
John MacArthur is well known as a pastor and teacher who is not afraid to set out the scriptures as he understands them with both clarity and conviction. This short book, Found: God's will (audio version), is no exception, and sees John MacArthur zero in on his understanding of guidance in a Christian life.

The basic premise upon which the book is built is that in conforming your life and heart to God's declared will, your judgement in what you do not find explicitly taught will be likewise godly and appropriate. Thus, the bulk of the text sets out what a life conforming to God's declared will looks like - described under five heads; saved, spirit-filled, sanctified, submissive and suffering.

By starting off with the first foundation that one be saved, the other points are put into their clear context as a proper response to faith. Of particular value is the way in which diligent study and thought upon the Holy Scriptures is linked to being spirit-filled. The section on suffering presents a firm challenge to many believers, to whom MacArthur counsels that if they are not suffering for their godly life, their life may well not be godly.

Having set out these conformational foundations, MacArthur presents (with evident joy), the freedom which those who are in Christ have in Christ both to think and to do as seems good to us provided it is not repugnant to the word of God or against our own conscience. This is a very important point and the manner in which it is delivered makes it all the more memorable.

Overall I felt the treatment of the topic at hand by John MacArthur revealed a well grounded understanding of the guidance of God. The work treads a path which is careful to avoid the twin dangers of creating a new law on one side, or conversely - of proclaiming a freedom which is apart from God rather than a freedom in God.

This audio version is expertly narrated by John Haag who does a brilliant job of bringing the text to life. At less than two hours, it is a very easy work to digest in audio format - aided both by the graphic language used by John MacArthur and the expressive reading of John Haag.

This review was made possible by the generous provision of a review copy by christianaudio's reviewers programme.
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on 11 August 2014
Having authored God's Will For Our Daily Lives: The Teaching of Jesus Christ, I am very interested in what other books say about the subject.

Found: God's Will basically says that if you are conformed to God's general will for your life, you will be able to decide for yourself what God's specific will is for your life. Thus most of this book sets out God's general will for every person. It shows from scripture that God wants all people to [1] be saved, [2] be spirit filled, [3] be sanctified, [4] be submissive, and [5] suffer persecution. The final chapter then concludes that as long as you are conformed to these five aspects of God's will, your heart's desire will be in line with God's general will, and "you can follow your desires and you will fulfil His will" concerning such things as your career, marriage, and ministry. So as long as you are conformed to God's general will for your life, you can decide for yourself what God's specific will is for your life by following your heart's desire.

In setting out God's general will, this book is fairly well grounded on scripture. But unfortunately its conclusion that you can follow your desires and fulfil God's will is not grounded in scripture. For according to the Bible, only God can know the heart, and Christians must know their duty and purpose on earth, as per Christ's teaching, in order to make informed decisions in line with God's will.

So if you are looking for a book that sets out God's general will for your life, in a pleasant and simple manner, then I recommend Found:God's Will. But if you are seeking to make informed decisions in line with God's will, then I recommend a book that expounds Christ's specific teaching, such as God's Will For Our Daily Lives.
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on 5 July 1999
This short book is a delight to read. The content is thoroughly Biblical. I recommend it to every person who is seeking to know God's will for their life. It shows what the will of God is for every person from the Scriptures. God desires us all to be saved, submissive, Spirit-filled, soul-winning, and if we do these we will suffer for Christ. I gave this book to several friends. It is a must read for every believer!
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on 5 March 2015
For those wondering how to understand God's will in their lives, this short book on the subject is a great read. Don't just sit there, get moving in the will of the Lord!
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on 18 October 2013
If you're looking for a solid teaching on the will of God, then look no further. Short easy to read chapters with scripture references to study and meditate on.

This book will not prophesy to you but rather point you to the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ. To know Him and His will is to love and obey Him and His Word....PERIOD!

I was convicted, encouraged and my faith has been stirred to persevere in times of suffering. Will definitely be reading this book as part of my daily devotional, to continuously remind myself of the 5 criteria mentioned.

The criteria are so relevant to daily living; covers areas like, work ethics, holiness....and above all, our ultimate aim for living which is for CHRIST'S glory.
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on 8 January 2014
This is a very well written, concise little book which helped a lot in regard to practical points to implement into my life.
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on 14 November 2013
The preciousness of the product is due by the author. It was an online purchase so no problem at all.
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on 19 May 2014
A book worth reading, enlightening to the mind and a source of teaching with digging into. Good for serious thought
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