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on 25 August 2011
Of all the computer books that I have read, this is the 1st that prompt me to write a 1star review.

1.Lacking or essentially lacking a lot of essential topics, such as character animation/customization(the game in this book doesn't even have a single character nor enemies nor even an animal in it), rigidbody, realistic physic system, particle system to create special effect like realistic fire/water/explosion etc. and many unity effects such as clothing. Most of these are present in almost every modern games.

2.contains ridiculously little information for a book this thick. This book included a lot of unseless pictures, and just waste a lot of pages asking you to click this and click that like an idiot, rather than explaining the reasons. (e.g. the author ask you to "save the script"+"click play" for like a few thousand times within this book after each small change, and with all the blank lines in between "save the scirpt" and "click play" etc. accounted for the thickness of this book. I bet even the most idiotic person in the world would understand the need to "save" and "click play" automatically after the hundred time that the author wrote that down explicitly)

3.The author just expect you to copy and paste a lot of code into your game, and didn't even borthered to try to explain them, nor expect you to understand, which severely limited your ability to add your own functionality into the code.

4.Doesn't care much about efficency of performance, nor give you enough guidance to optimise your game, such as not telling you the significant performance difference, of e.g. changing the size of a mesh within other 3d modelling software, or within the importer, or the scaling option.

5.No suggested reading at all, not even one. a few suggested books/reading/webpage on each topics, and on all the topics that this book left out, should be included in every textbook like this to help readers interested in a specific topic.

6.Ridiculous download time for the companion file. At the time of writing, you are expected to maintain like 25-30hours of stable, uninterrupted, continuous internet connection to download it, with its slow download speed, and without an ability to resume download once the download is interrupted.

7. Printing quality is not so good.

I know that this is a beginner books and couldn't possibly include all the topics, but this book didn't even borthered offer a way to get you started, and many topics that are left out should be included in a beginner text anyway.
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on 20 November 2013
Fairly decent book. As the book states, it is written for beginners / artists / designers who want to *start* learning unity. And thats the key, it's great as a beginners book, but misses a lot of the ore advanced elements of unity and scripting.

I came at it with the mindset of a professional developer who had done some 3D work in the past (developing a (very oldschool) modelling environment from scratch, and also building some bits and bobs with Java3D) so a lot of the terminology etc.. was already familiar to me, and I just wanted a leg-up on the basic concepts and workflows involved with unity. I found the book extremely easy to follow as many of the concepts were already familiar to me. I worked through the first half of the book in literally a day - but I got what a wanted; a quick, easy to follow introduction to unity and the concepts behind it. I now feel confident I can delve into the more complex aspects of unity without a problem (with a google or two...)

I also have to confess; while calling myself a professional developer I had zero experience with javascript until this book. So for me, this book also served as a crash course in javascript that let me quickly pick up the language in more depth.

3 start not 4? well, a lot of the images are greyscale blobs that are hard to read. Some of the code in the book isn't necessarily how I would do things, but then again the book isn't aimed at experienced developers so wordy and explicit is really the best way to go.. and it wouldn't have hurt to have pushed a little further into Unity's capabilities and fleshed out the 'game' with a couple more interesting elements like a character or two etc.. - and the book does sometimes feel a bit wordy-for-the-sake-of-it
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on 16 January 2012
This is a really easy to follow book, and I found the chapters to be well laid out for future referance. Unity is easy to learn but its difficult to find a starting point or a direction to move in. This book provides allmost a tour of the Engine/Tool features and then explains how to use each of them in addition to providing a longer term project.

The book is really nicely written and easy to read, I found I could even cover what the book was talking about without needing to be chained to the Unity interface.

My only issue with the book is that it was very heavily aimed at artists, while it did cover much of the scripting side, I would have liked a bit more code examples and a bit less detail in how to use the terrain tools which I found to be fairly intuitive anyway. That been said the first chapter of the book does explain that the book is mainly for artists, and the referance material for the scripting is openly available online and is absolutely excellent.
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on 28 November 2012
A brilliant book for anyone interested in open source gaming. Unity is one of the best free game engines on the market and this book gives the reader the tools and lots of hands on practice to get the very best out of the program.
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on 19 June 2011
This book is brilliantly written in a very accessible style. The detail the author goes into is amazing. Unlike most other books she delves into developing a large game project and what that entails. If you are serious about doing a decent sized game this is definitely the book for you. If I could I would have given it six stars it is that good. I have a large number of game programming books so I can judge a good book when I see one and only very rarely does a book of this quality come along.
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on 28 March 2016
Very good. Lots of useful information to get stared
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