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on 18 July 2011
I have just switched from web forms to MVC and this book has been so helpful. It is clear and direct and covered everything I needed to know for my project. I especially liked the sports web site example. it is at the start of the book and gives a quick tour of smoe of the MVC features. I keep referring back to those chapters as a quick reminder.

I recommend this book - I certainyl found it very useful.
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on 14 September 2011
My first impression of this book was that it starts out a little low on a technical level, its a Pro book, but I must say that the book redeems itself very quickly and the structure of the book, the consistant use of a near-reallife solution is very nice. a must have for MVC learners even if you fell confident with MVC already there are things to learn.
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on 7 May 2012
This book is far better than some of the others IMHO as right from the onset it introduces you to DI, Mock and TDD (which is what I was after). All examples in the book will show how to unit test each section. Some people may not wish to bother with the TDD system though, its easy to skip by the unit test though as they are clearly labelled. However, all the code samples are geared towards the TDD way of coding, so you have, CRUD objects, POCO, Dependency Injection and many other techniques which aid unit testing. This is not a book for hacks and maybe over the top if you only work on very simple website... but then perhaps so is MVC if that were the case. This is what MVC is all about though and even if your not interested in unit testing I think this book is a real eye opener and the coding standards used lead to much more easily managed systems and much greater interchangeability and so its definitely worth reading from start to finish.
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on 19 February 2012
As with the MVC2 book from the same author, this is a cracking introduction to MVC3. Walking you through step by step to create a working online commerce store, you'll be up and running in no time. After completing the front and back end as part of the tutorial (followed by the admin area) you'll then go through each major MVC facet to learn the detailed workings.
I love the approach of this book and while there were some errors, none were significant enough to hinder me (in fact, the minor errors were useful problem solvers to keep you sharp and test your understanding!).
All in all, I'd highly recommend this book and hope theres an update for MVC4 which has just hit beta release
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on 24 October 2012
The book is nicely organised and the examples for building the Sports Store are quite good. The syntax errors in the code examples are poor and do mean that you have to think about what you are developing (Some time will be spent on debugging the code that you write!)

We have used this book as a foundation for builing a functional web site which is a good recomendation.
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on 5 March 2014
After switching from web forms to MVC and I have found this book invaluable, it clearly leads you through the development of a sports store web site, whilst covering near to real development tasks. The author explains each scenario clearly, and to the point with a heavy leaning towards TDD, CRUD, POCO and DI. The only chapter which I feel that is missing is integrating MVC ADO.net rather than using EF all of the time.
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on 16 January 2012
The authors obviously know their stuff and want to tell you all about Unit Testing and the 'extras' that fit nicely into MVC. However, they neglected to actually test the code they put in the book. I got as far as chapter 7 and I'm switching to another book, totally fed up with spending more time trying to debug the code than actually learning the subject! Do yourself a favour and look elsewhere!
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on 16 July 2011
I feel that this book has been rushed out to be the first MVC 3 book on the shelf. It is full of errors and not just typo's. These include errors in the code it's self! I have spent several hours wasted trying to work out why my code doesn't work only to find out that the book it's self is wrong!

The graphics included in the book don't always represent the results of the texts (for example screenshots containing tests that you aren't told about and even the down-loadable source code doesn't include!).

The use of some code is even incorrect in some cases! These are only small things that I have seen so far (half way though the book) for example parameter orders incorrect in the tests that do pop up errors when they should but the errors will be slightly wrong causing more waisted time trying to work out what is wrong!

The only reason I am still plodding though on trying to learn from this book is because I have already purchased it, there is no alternatives and deadlines are looming.

I purchased the ALPHA of this book from Apress directly when it was available and have been sending errors via there site for months but NONE of the errors I submitted have been corrected in the final release and have herd nothing from Apress.

If you are trying to learn MVC I suggest finding another MVC 2 book that you know is good and then when you have a grasp of MVC 2 topping up your knowledge on the changes (Razor etc...) in MVC 3 from other sources (or maybe any other books that will be published shortly).

Having said all that if you don't mind all the rushed error prone work and just want to get into MVC 3 right now (as at the time of writing this is the ONLY MVC 3 book out there) getting this book and spending the time to read and follow it (which isn't easy) you will get there or at least to a place that you can ask the right questions to find the answers and understand other examples on the net.
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on 11 March 2013
smelt of smoke if I knew it come from smoker house I wouldn't purchased it and the book was ok . It took weeks before my husband could use the book
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on 13 February 2013
Very Simple and Professional Book and easy to grap the info from and good strutures
easy to follow
Thank you
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