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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

on 17 October 2016
Horrible,in the best way.Very disturbing,one of the very few horror books to be worthy of the name,I can see Junji Ito is a Lovecraft admirer,but in some respects outdoes the master.Maybe it's the pictorial nature of the book,it's more immediate than the written word alone,a true masterpiece of revulsion.I can't praise it enough,it has a brilliance that outshines almost every other pretender to the horror throne.
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on 7 July 2017
The stories for the most part are great and the manga is beautiful with its stunning front and back cover. If you're into horror and manga, give this one a go, one of the most unique reads out there.
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on 24 September 2017
Great twisted Horror. Taking every day item or animals and making them in to a nightmare; creating tension with every page turn. The Illustrations are amazing, You can see the effort put in to each panel. I couldn't put it down. Would recommend to anyone looking for some nightmares.
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on 4 May 2017
Just get it, it's brilliant. You might find you develop a fear of spirals yourself though.
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on 27 July 2017
Lovely compact hardback of this classic manga.
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on 2 December 2013
Uzumaki has had several releases over here in past years - which is something of a blessing considering how lucky we are to haev any Junji Ito at all considering most of his catalogue either hasn't made it over here, or is now out of print.

For those who have never encountered it, Uzumaki is a Japanese horror manga in which the main characters find their lives increasingly invaded by spirals - snails, tornadoes, whirlpools. Anything spiral related starts to haunt the town. It's a very creepy read, going in imaginative and freaky directions and often leaving you on the edge of your seat.

This re-release of Uzumaki is by far the best version I've owned so far. It's a large, hardback that includes all three versions of Uzumaki - with the bonus chapter that was included in the original third volume now finally inserted into its proper place in the story. The colour pages make the transition to the hardback too - the contents is exactly as you'd like, no compromises here.

The hardback cover itself is beautiful. Feeling very durable, the artwork on it is creepy and reflects the story - lots of swirls and faces.

If you've never read Uzumaki and it interests you, this is essential. If you already own another edition of Uzumaki, this is still worth the money. It's a thing of beauty to look at.
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on 2 March 2016
indeed, a spiralling into terror this is! from the merest hint of a spiral to insane catastrophe in nineteen (twenty) uneasy chapters, this book provides strong evidence of the power of the graphic novel to both chill and repulse. it appears i have chosen a 'doozy' as my first manga, and will further pursue the works of junji ito. this beautifully bound and presented edition also presented me with the challenge of reading back to front and right to left, but i surprised myself by how easily i dropped into being comfortable with this.
central to the saga, and witnesses to the progression of the infestation of the spirals, are the families of teenage girl kyrie and her increasingly more paranoid and withdrawn boyfriend, shuichi. all have major roles in the unfurling of the horror, which is localised in the village of kurouzo-cho, and is intensified to beyond the control of the inhabitants.the whole saga is well paced and compelling throughout, as the author invents new and unusual ways for the spiral to disturb and destroy, especially unsettling, and heartbreakingly sad, are the snail people!
beyond question, this is a classic piece of work, and i shall follow on with 'gyo' shortly.
however, i do have one question. and without relating the outcome of the story - 'what became of kyrie's wee brother?'
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on 8 December 2013
Originally published in 3 volumes this 2010 Japanese horror manga is a twisted ride to read. I love the horror genre but have not sampled much of it in manga yet. If the field can be judged by this book alone, there must be some awesome stuff out there. This is an incredibly disturbing story. There is a bit of a plotting problem with the second volume as the boyfriend just seems to disappear until the end and the chapters become episodic rather than focusing on the goal of the plot. However that all comes back together with the third volume and all answers are revealed to the extent that they can be when the evil is the "power of the spiral". Characters are not developed enough to care about them and their reactions are totally not those of a normal person but perhaps the spiral has been working on them longer than we even realise. LOL These are the things that make me rate the book 4 stars, however, on pure adrenaline and horror shock value I had an incredible read. With each incident becoming more and more freakish and fantastic. This is not a blood and guts horror. There is a bit of blood but it's not from slashing, rather from the disturbing situations that occur. T+ seems a fair enough rating, some 13+ may be ok with it but the imagery is startling and unsettling. The artwork is absolutely brilliant. Overall, the art, imagery and ghoulishness of the story make up for any plotting problems and I fond this a deliciously disturbing Japanese horror story.
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on 30 August 2014
Usually, and as opposed to horror movies, I am quite cynical of the power of comics to truly terrify the reader. Though there are good and bad works in every medium, I never really have found myself really creeped out when reading something of this genre. I have certainly found good stories with a creepy atmosphere, but nothing truly memorable. So when I purchased Junji Ito’s Uzumaki I didn’t really expect anything in particular, and certainly nothing memorable. Oh, how wrong I was. I had heard of the brilliance of this comic and Junji Ito, but I had never hoped to get to read something this good.

Whilst I didn’t find Uzumaki truly horrifying (though I rarely do, probably a side effect of having read too much of this genre), it was definitely a lot better than what I expected. It is creepy from start to finish, and not only that, is practically impossible to put down. It features a town that, rather than being haunted by a ghost as would typically be the case, is haunted by a pattern; mainly, that of spirals. It is bizarre, and though it has numerous characters it really follows Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend as they confront the many things caused by this haunting. From characters becoming obsessed with spirals to metamorphosis, ‘Uzumaki’ contains a lot of different stories featuring many different events. What is more impressive ist he way the theme of spirals makes its appearance in every chapter. Ito manages to pull through the idea of a pattern haunting a town amazingly well, and it manages to become incredibly creepy and understandable very fast. Spirals seem to be everywhere and affecting everything, and the characters are quite quick to catch on.

Though there is quite a wide cast of characters, most don’t seem to last more than a chapter (or one of the interrelated stories). Sadly, there isn’t much of a character development for the protagonists, and though they are well developed not much about them changes as the story progresses. They succeed in being interesting and empathisable – it is very hard to not root for them – and I found myself quickly invested in them as they had to confront the events happening in the town. There is a lot of death too, and it fits perfectly with the story and outright eerie feeling in all the comic.

The art itself, though not the best, is still good and portrays well the plot of the story. The art always seemed to excel in the most horrifying parts of the story, which also happened to be my favourite. Here, it was detailed and with the right level of gruesomeness, however the same thing can’t be said about the art in all of the comic. The black and white benefitted the story greatly, and did a great job at setting up the subdued mood of the story. It made the town and characters feel oppressed, prime to obsession and the supernatural. The art, in its own way, is certainly beautiful. It can’t be really compared to the art in other similar mangas, such as in Hideout, but still is a great addition to the story. The detail in the most gruesome parts is amazing and memorable, and adds a lot to the story itself. All in all, it isn’t really astonishing, but there is nothing bad about it either.

For this review I purchased the Deluxe edition of the comic (containing the tree published volumes in a single one), and it is absolutely beautiful. Whilst I normally don’t refer to the appearance of the thing in a review (and instead comment on the story and other elements), the hardback cover features spot gloss on the title and a blurb in the back cover. The colour endpapers and coloured manga pages are astounding. Everything about the volume seems gorgeous, and combined with the story elements of Uzumaki, I am really happy with having purchased this manga.

Uzumaki is, in conclusion, a brilliant piece, and absolutely memorable. It was both creepy and interesting, so much that even after I finished I found myself remembering the events in the manga for quite a long time. Though the art isn’t the best out there, this doesn’t harm the story in any way, which –perfectly executed – succeeding in being a brilliant example of the genre. Both an original and fascinating horror manga, Uzumaki deserves the highest rating. It is ‘awesometacular’ in all levels, and will not disappoint the reader. It probably one of the best horror stories I have been able to read.
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on 2 February 2014
This is my first time reading a manga from Junji Ito and god is this manga disturbing...ly awesome. No but it really is disturbing in a good way (for me) because I've never read a manga quite like this.

I recommend it if you want a short disturbing horror manga that turns people into snails,cannibalism and all sorts of crazy.
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