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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

on 30 November 2013
This is the penultimate volume of this series and what a fast, page-turning whirlwind of a read. Entirely dramatic and unpredictable events and no one comes out of this unharmed! Frankly, we lose some major characters, but that comes as no shock as it's been happening all along in this series. No one is safe! I haven't watched the anime so I have no comparisons to make. But I'm utterly fascinated with where this story is going to end. Rei is probably my most favourite manga character ever and I can't wait for the final volume to come out. This volume though is all action right from the beginning. It's not heavy on text and actually has many wordless (except FX) scenes as battle is at an optimum here. Great cliff-hanger ending. Vol. 14 was published in Japan this year, Jun. 2013, but so far there is no release date for the English edition. I'm hoping we don't have to wait too long!
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on 18 December 2012
I won't bother commenting about the story-line or plot or whatever, because if you're reading this then you'll already know it. If you don't: where have you been for the last ten years or so? Which brings me to my point (if I have one). I know that NGE is a timeless classic & all the rest, but the first volume of this in English came out in tankobon format in 1998. This is an average of less than one volume per year! It's going to be 2015 & the world of Evangelion will have ended before the final volume comes out! Sadamoto is really taking advantage of our enthusiasm (& our patience) to keep dragging it out like this.
I can't remember precisely when the anime came out but I think it was before DVD was invented (I know, I still have the whole series on VHS)! Following the original ending controversy, then the time lapse & then the alternative endings on subsequent (by then invented) DVDs, whatever ending the tankobon will have is hardly likely to come with any suprises. So lets get to it.
However, despite my moans, I have to give it 5 stars because it's bloomin' brilliant
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Being an extreme devotee to the Evangelion franchise almost since its inception, I have to say this particular volume of the manga didn't impress me that much. Maybe because I was expecting even more twists than those present...?

Still, a must-have for any Evangelion fan.
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on 4 January 2014
Spoiling ahead, though if you know the anime, not maybe so bad.

How long does any Apocalypse take? When Volume 11 of this series came out, it looked like it would only take one or two more volumes to reach a certain red-coloured ocean. But nooooooo! Volume 13 ends mid-chaos, and anybody can guess how much more manga yet to come.

This one starts as Asuka is surrounded by Nasties, only for Stupid Shinji to rush in. She shouts that he's trying to show her up by being a hero, but he says he's keeping his promise to Misato to save her. And ya know, for a few seconds, he does. But before either Shinji or Asuka can get out of there, the Nasties are regrowing their limbs and trying to murder both kids as painfully as possible. Meanwhile, Gendo has taken Rei down to where the Lilith giant is, and starts the whole "The time has come" schtick.

Yup, a lot of this will be real familiar to those who survived the original 24 episode TV anime, but the mangaka, Yoshiyuki Sadomoto, has changed a few bits. For instance, in the anime, Gendo says something to Dr Ritsuko Akagi that the audience deliberately doesn't get to hear. In this volume, the speech bubble has actual words, which will possibly spark off yet another debate about whether Hideki Anno intended for them to be what was said in the anime or not.

But hey, you don't read Evangelion for the happy feelings and pony parties. If a unicorn entered Evangelion, it'd probably be swilling down Yebisu beer and spiking little kittens on its pointy horn (and that was needlessly Freudian, so I apologize). But for emo wangsting and disturbed teens, this is pretty evocative stuff. It's anybody's guess when Volume 14 might be released, as Sadomoto has been putting this series out for almost a decade now, and don't hold your hopes for 14 to be where the rollier coaster stops. Just breathe deep and hang on, Eva fans, it'll get there someday.
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on 28 January 2014
good to finshed the set of the comics of the neon genesis evangelion the art work is excellent and the story is excellent
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on 16 July 2016
Great quality fast shipping
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