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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2013
I have read most of Mary Jo Putney's previous books and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I'm not quite sure what went wrong with Sometimes a Rogue. The most entertaining part of the slow and painful process of trudging through this story was playing "spot the historical romance cliche". If you can think of a hackneyed or overused plot device or characteristic, it's here in this book; the hero is the despised younger son of a wastrel Earl, his older brother hated him and sold him to a press gang, he was in love with a beautiful commoner but his father paid her off, then he became a Bow Street Runner (because what would Bow Street have done without despised sons of wastrel earls in the 19th century?), he has a crotchety old Dowager Countess for a grandmother but she secretly has a heart of gold... I could go on and on and on. Our heroine has an equally complex and implausible family history and all these various story strands are glossed over along with Irish politics, a kidnapping plot, a sudden inheritance and the discovery of a love child. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I think the heroine and hero eventually fell in love after having existed in a comfortable, passionless friendship for the first 95% of the story. For anyone who has read any of Julia Quinn's superb recent novels, you will know what I mean when I suggest that Sometimes a Rogue is exactly what I imagine Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron to be like. This is not a compliment.
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on 5 January 2015
This story started with a bang. Mariah and her twin Sarah are out riding when Mariah goes into labor at exactly the same time some villains are attempting to kidnap her. They hide in a ruin and Sarah basically comes out, pretends to be Mariah and off the kidnappers go with Sarah, on a journey to who knows where.

Coincidentally, Rob Carmichael, our trusty Bow Street Runner, just happens to be in the area, planning a stopover at Ashton's and Mariah's home. In all the hubbub, he says, "I, Mighty Bow Runner Rob Carmichael, shall go after the lovely Sarah and return her to the safe arms of her family. The rest of you can stay here and help Mariah birth the baby." No, of course he didn't say exactly that, but that's certainly the gist of what happens.

Now, if you've read other books in this series, of course you've come across Rob Carmichael and I, for one, have wondered on occasion if he would ever have his story and exactly what his background is. In the context of this story, he's a highly capable man who has a reputation for being the individual to hire if you need someone tracked down or a mystery solved. He's also somehow involved with Kirkland in some of his spy efforts. Kirkland's story is featured in Not Quite A Husband and I haven't read it yet. This story doesn't reveal exactly how Rob is involved with Kirkland.

In this story, obviously Rob eventually catches up with the feisty Sarah who can ride as good as most men and who has always thought herself to be dull in comparison to her twin Mariah. Not so. Sarah can hold her own. Both Sarah and Rob were thwarted in love when they were younger and although there's a mighty attraction between the two of them, they resist one another while becoming closer and closer as they find themselves depending on one another for warmth, human companionship and their very lives.


Although I liked the first part of the book, after they made it back safely on English soil, we learn more of Rob's origins and he has to step into a position he had long ago given up on. During most of the last half, Rob and Sarah, although close, do not profess to love one another. In fact, it appears Rob has a difficult time letting his first love, Bryony, go and is still smarting from his second lover/friend relationship with Cassie from No Longer A Gentleman (The Lost Lords Book 4). Personally I got weary of the last 1/2 half of the book because Rob and Sarah seemed to fade in and out relative to their feelings for one another.

So, there you have it. Can't give it more than three stars.
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on 8 April 2015
This story was as good as all her books. It had adventure , romance and most importantly a happy ending. I have enjoyed the lost lords stories immensely
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on 17 August 2015
Another book that has me wanting to read the rest of the series
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on 10 February 2015
have thoroughly enjoyed this series
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on 30 March 2015
enjoyed all of this series
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on 21 October 2013
Once again a wonderful story.
It finished to soon.
Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to hide in a book while the rest of the world went bye.
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