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This was a much-anticipated book, as AI books always are for me, but there was something missing from it. Or rather, many things were missing: intrigue, romance, sex, danger...and not that much of anything seemed to be happening until around the last third of the book.

The blurb provided by amazon, which is word for word accurate to the back cover...is inaccurate to the actual tale itself; in fact, I wondered who wrote it/whether that was the blurb from the planning stages of the book, rather than the finished object. I mean, Caine didn't seem to want to seduce Cassie at all; in fact, she did the running, more out of curiosity to experience 'romance novels' (as provided by the cur Briggs during her captivity) than out of wanting him. Yes, they did get to have 1/2 scenes, but they were all instigated by Cassie and Caine seemed kind of an unwilling participant. I don't recall Cassie being at all 'both charmed and frightened by Caine', in any way. She never doubted him at all, not even when her visions foretold that he might hurt her...like I said, totally inaccurate blurb.

The first scene where they nearly ended up in trouble could have been avoided...if they'd simply made a call to Salvatore, to establish if Harley was really in danger, or if she had a doppelganger...a bit of a TSTL moment that was entirely predictable. If they had called, especially after they discovered the baddie's powers and intent, then the other biggie event in the tale could have been planned for. I know, I know, Caine and Cassie were on the run, but neither the vamps nor the weres would have harmed them, so there really was no reason not to call.

The tale felt as if it had been written as AI was under contract to put another tale out, but it seemed lazy and lax. Caine, a character who'd previously been an anti-hero, who'd then defied death and had been transformed into a purebred were, should have had a kick-bottom (sorry, you know what I mean, but we need to try to get it past censors) tale, but this so wasn't worthy of him...Cassie might have had her visions, but she really didn't contribute anything else to the tale - she couldn't fight, she couldn't shift...

With the way the last tale ended, a bit a la Harry Potter, with the Dark Lord becoming embodied in a teenage girl, with the looming possibility that the prophecy would be fulfilled and doom and gloom would be on the way, this needed to be an almost frenetic/fraught tale, but there was no sense of urgency, and it seemed far longer than necessary. I'm not really sure why Styx, Viper and Roke had to feature at all in this tale, as they barely did anything; all Roke did was stay in his hotel room and translate symbols...twice; Stxy and Viper seemed to be underground for most of the tale, and the big thing about having the meeting in such a secretive, remote place was...not really necessary.

For me, the only positive in this tale are that hints are dropped rather heavily about one of the Ravens, who we have met before, and no doubt, he will soon get his own tale. Yes, I will read it, as I do with everything this author writes, but this book is not a great addition to the series. Roke came to life a bit more as the tale reached its end stages, and he'll probably also be in line for his own tale at some point.

Overall, this was readable and did have some action in the last third of the tale, and yes, the course of the tales may have been altered, therefore taking the rest of the series in a different direction, but overall, it lacked passion, fire, danger and intrigue.
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on 9 September 2012
I am a fan of this series and have read all 9 stories, but this for me never got going it just plodded along, I was looking foward to Caine's story as I liked him in the other books he had bits in, but the main parts of the story with Caine and Cassie just dragged and I am not sure why it had action, romance and a few good one liners so it should of worked for me but it didnt I read it all but didnt feel any better at the end I will read book 10 and hope this was just a one off for the series for me.

Caine, previous bad boy and half were was transformed into a purebred were at the end of the last book after saving Cassie from death, Cassie is a sear and can see visions of the future so Caine is trying to keep the Dark Lord from taking her back and using or killing her. The Dark Lord is now in the form of a teenage girl, and along with the vampire,Gauis who is desparate to have his mate back from the dead are trying to catch Cassie and kill her or use her for her visions to end the world. Styx, Viper and Roke had big parts in the story and I think Roke will be next up for book 10, but even they couldnt bring this story around, all Roke did was translate symbols and argue with Viper, they are all protecting the child from the last book who the Dark lord wants along with his twin so it can become the Gemini. its all a bit confusing and for me boring.

Overall, just not that great it seemed to be missing something but I am not quite sure what I will be back for book ten and hopefuly I will be back to loving the series
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on 29 August 2012
Fear the darkness is the 9th book in the Guardians of Eternity series and I highly recommend reading them all as there is an ongoing story arc.

This installment focuses on Cassandra and Caine. Cassandra is the last of the Quadruplets to have her story told, we join her and Caine on the run as they continue to evade everyone in an effort to keep her safe. Caine has shown amazing character growth and development over the series, he began as the bad boy Cur and circumstances have changed him into Cassie's protector. Cassie remains naive and innocent despite the darkness she has seen in her life from her imprisonment in the demon's lair. The attraction between the two is palpable and I was rooting fro them to get a Happy Ever After.

I really enjoyed the appearance of some of my favourite characters, especially Styx. I really enjoy it when he shares the page with Viper and the two of them play a large part in this story. Things with the Alpha & Omega are moving forward and new avenues are opened for the story to develop. Levet returns and he just makes me smile, I love that little Gargoyle.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the direction the series takes next, a well deserved 4.5 Stars

ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
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on 6 February 2013
This was a good book in my opinion. I stupidly joined the series with this book and although its so far into the series it was still manageable to follow the plot. It also had some characters from the previous books which i'm now very interested in. I liked the to and fro between character stories however I would have liked a bit more meat to the book.

Although I actually liked when the action scenes died and allowed some character development in a more subtle way, I thought Caine and Cassie could have had a bigger role in it. For me it dropped that 5 star because it just didn't have any explosive points to the narrative where there could easily have been many. All in all though, a good book that I'd recommend!
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on 15 March 2014
I just love the Guardians of Eternity books by Alexandra Ivy, they are amazing. The characters are all strong Alpha types whilst the heroines are all feisty, strong willed and accepting of the paranormal. Long may this series continue.
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on 17 December 2012
Good read, a little predictable but generally quite relaxing to get into. Interesting narrative in places but it had most of the usual requirements for a dedicated reader of fantasy paranormal tomes.
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on 22 April 2014
Captivating as always, compelling you to keep reading more and more. I love to read Alexandra's books they are always witty and funny.
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on 27 June 2016
Oh my god this book was explosive. and so full of thrillsi love happy endings and now all the sisters are together
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on 11 August 2013
was very pleased with both purchase and prompt delivery. If it's as good as the others in series, I'll be happy.
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on 20 December 2012
very good if you like the good guys to win in the end and the bad guys to get their comeuppence
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