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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2009
I cannot believe that the previous, and I believe only, review of 'The Price of Desire' was about the same book I read. Granted it may have been a shade 'darker' than some of Ms. Goodman's other books but, really, I cannot see what all the fuss was about! This is another excellent Jo Goodman book - she certainly can write a wonderful tale and is NOT like other so-called namby-pamby Romance writers. Her books have meat!!! Her characters are excellent and believeable and the story flows endlessly along. I thoroughly recommend this book if you want something to 'get your teeth into' but if you are looking for a 'Barbara Cartland' style of read - this is not for you
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on 17 May 2013
I had to read this in one sitting, it was so good. Other reviewers have given good synopses of this excellent novel so I need not. It was extremely well written with a very few errors in the proof reading although I l loved the 'chitterling that Viscount Breckenridge wore, apparently! So refreshing to find few 'Americanisms'. I felt that that the background to Olivia's story was handled in a very sensitive and empathetic manner with the Viscount drawing the account, from her, in a loving and gentle manner. I had no problem believing that he cared for Olivia from the very beginning. It is a bleak subject but very common in that time. Which is not Victorian but set during the reign of George IV. It is no frothy Regency romance, it is strong writing lightened by humour and wit. Good plot and excellent character development meant I could not sleep until it was finished. The Viscount, who ran a gambling hell took great pride in the honesty of his hell and in his dealings with those around him, staff and street urchins alike. He was a decent man who cared about people and his heroine was a brave, intelligent woman trying to overcome childhood abuse. She was never his victim as was suggested by one reviewer. Do read this wonderful novel, you will not regret it.
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on 8 March 2011
Jo Goodman is rapidly becoming my favourite historical romance writer, even though she's American. I am particularly fond of her dialogue and the way that her main characters are not stereotypes. Some of the minor characters are more charicatures, but Olivia and Griffin are true to themselves throughout.

It does deal with abuse and there is no satisfactory conclusion to this theme, and nor should there be. Both main characters develop in a positive way (it is a romance, after all).

I found itvery difficult to put down.
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on 26 April 2011
I agree with 'Ultra Romantic' completely; this book is excellent.

Persuaded as I was to try Jo Goodman on these very pages, I have yet to be sorry. Her writing is so far above others in this genre that my first taste of her books was like a breath of fresh air, the characters in the book ACTUALLY TALKED to each other!!

There has already been a hint of the story but in this day and age and the way the book was written, I did not find it too dark; it is a book after all and people were stronger in character than today.
Griffin was a beautiful character and very honourable and true to himself. YES, it was a real romance and he really cared about Olivia.

I had the culprit/s nailed quite early on of course, but that did not spoil it at all.

So, all in all, a very enjoyable read that I couldn't put down, either.

Don't be put off by the negatives; try it!

Also, he was a Marquis, not an Earl!!
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on 10 July 2015
I have been a fan of Jo Goodman for a long time and she never disappoints. Her plots are engaging and her use of language and gentle humour is amazing. I particularly like the way her love story winds effortlessly through the main plot and her characters are unforgettable, even the villains have something to recommend them. A thoroughly enjoyable read.
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I got this from the library and this is the first, and last book by this author that I will be reading.
I think the author wanted the book to more than a frothy regency romance, so decided to include sexual abuse in the main female character's past. I don't have a problem with romances that have dark subject matter, but none of the male characters have any redeeming qualities. Firstly, Griffin Wright-Jones, started running a 'hell', a disreputible gambing establishment to restore his family fortunes and provide his sisters with a dowry. But when young Alistair Cole is unable to pay his gambling debt, it would have been more honest to administer a sound beating or break a few of his bones, than to send men to collect his sister as a 'marker' to hold until her brother can repay the debt. The brother, obviously a weak individual who offers his sister to pay his debt in a letter which is written in terms that suggest that he's offering her up to be used however the Earl(Wright-Jones)wishes; and as her brother is aware that she'd already been the victim of paedaphiles, his actions are reprehensible.

Their father, Alistair's and Olivia's is a distant, neglectful, spiteful, typically Victorian father. Olivia's attitude to her abuse is very matter of fact, and she takes the same vein when it's clear that the Earl wants to sleep with her too. I found I couldn't deal with Olivia's character as anything other than a victim, and I was angry with her abusers and Wright-Jones who selfishly uses her too, without taking on board that her views about sex are skewered.

This overshadowed the whole so called romance and I felt that a supposed man of the world should have kept his hands off someone who was so obviously vulnerable; and not continued to keep her imprisoned in his home because of her brother's actions. I couldn't enjoy the book and didn't bother to finish it.
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