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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2014
 I am a big fan of Star Wars - I love all six movies and think that the saga is one of the best-looking series of films ever created. So naturally, I had high expectations for this book of Star Wars Frames. I have mixed feelings about the results... I love the concept of the book and what it represents, but I think the execution of the idea was poor in a few areas.

As a play-by-play through the films, this book is a massive success. A person who hand never seen Star Wars would get a good idea of the overall story just by looking at these frames (over 200 images per film). Virtually every scene/sequence of the saga is represented with at least one frame. If you love the movies, this book is a trip down memory lane.

As for the printed image quality, I think it is quite good - although you must understand that these are frames taken directly from the films and adjust your expectations accordingly. Since the images are not enhanced in any way, the entire frame is not always in focus (and some action shots are going to appear blurry altogether). What you see in the book is essentially what you'd see if you paused a blu-ray of the movie and looked at one frame.

Apparently George Lucas himself curated this massive collection of frames, going through over a million images and reducing it to the 1400 that appear in this book... a remarkable feat, and one that no doubt was very time-consuming. But I'll be honest: in looking through the book, it sometimes feels as though the frames could have been randomly selected. I am assuming that's not the case, but some of Mr. Lucas's decisions are bewildering to me - I would love to get some insight into why he chose what he chose.

Obviously, Star Wars is first a motion picture. But the principles of motion pictures and the principles of still imagery differ in some areas, and in a sense the printed book format does not lend itself to isolated frames from what was originally intended to be a moving image. I say this because in flipping through the book it becomes quite obvious that many of these isolated frames (each of which contributed to a marvelous movie) would not pass a high-school photography class. They do not follow the basic rules of what make a good image - color balance, composition, etc. [Several examples of such frames can be seen in my video review - I trust that you'll easily spot a few overexposed frames that certainly don't belong.]

Now, to be clear about the problems stated above: I am talking about a relatively small percentage of frames. The majority of the book is marvelous. I can see that Mr. Lucas and/or his editors took the time and effort to ensure that most of the 4-frame spreads had optimal symmetry. Many of the scenes get an even-number of frames, which is a good thing because it allows an entire page or two to be dedicated to the same scene/setting (rather than having two completely unrelated frames sharing the same page).

Having looked through the book, it is fun to think about which frames I would personally add or omit had I curated this collection. Overall, this is a nice collectible for the Star Wars fan and one that I'm proud to own.

For more reviews, please see my Amazon profile or visit MovieArtBook(dot)com. Thanks for reading!
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on 9 November 2013
I pre-ordered this a while ago as I was overjoyed when I found out it was being released.
Now that I have had time to go through both volumes I am extremely impressed with the package.
Over 99% of he 'frames' that George Lucas has selected do justice to the Saga ( one or two are questionable but out of over 1400 that's not bad!).
Going through the volumes is like going through the whole Saga in still photography, a kind of deluxe giant fotonovel (if you are old enough to remember those!).
For Star Wars fans this is the ultimate collectible in terms of being able to go through all six movies at once.
So why only four stars?
Well for the size of he books I have concerns about whether the binding will hold - hopefully there will be no issues but just some concerns. It would have been better to have an individual book for each movie but I suppose this would increase costs.
Highly recommended purchase.
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on 27 November 2013
Book: Star Wars Frames - The Plus And The Minus

- printed on thick super quality paper
- real binding is used, no glue (the book doesn't "crack" when lying open flat)
- great slipcase box
- lots of great pictures which allow you to study stuff you missed on screen
- your own mind provides the appropriate John Williams music for each scene

- some scenes get only one or two photos like the Jango Fett & Ben Kenobi fight on Kamino

Wash your hands: lots of blacks in this book which is prone to glaring fingerprints.
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on 28 November 2013
Was really excited about this book and looking forward to receiving it, sadly I was very disappointed with both the quality and many of the stills chosen within the two volumes. I feel that this book was printed cheaply and sold at a high price, the fact they have had to put an excuse as to why the print is so poor sums it up really and if you're happy to accept this lame excuse then that's your prerogative, I worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years and can tell its a cheap print run! Pictures of the dune sea is a perfect example no clear crisp lines jut fuzzy blurry edges and as for the classic pose of Luke looking out to the two moons of tatooine - shocking quality shame on you G Lucas using excuses to cover up bad printing, if this was so then all the foyer photos, autograph photos and previous publication that are out there would also be of bad quality, which they are not!!!!

Now to the pictures, hmmm a somewhat strange choice on some of these, the Hans Solo ones for instances from epi IV. Really? George must have some beef with Ford or there's a private joke going on there. There as some classic photos and some of the layout works well but there is also a lot of very bad choices with some good/classic photos missed out completely (don't think there's a decent pic of Zam Wesell , and order 66 was a collection of poorly chosen pics. To me it looks like he either got his p.a.'s to help him out and they didn't care what they put in or he got bored half way through used auto fill, either way it comes across as a bad attempt at an aldis photobook (in fact the print quality of said photobook is far superior to this tome!!)

Now it could be said that maybe I have received a badly printed copy and other people have got decent copies with sharp clean lines and no blurs/smudge pictures and if so I stand corrected about the quality, but aside from that the picture choices are still somewhat questionable, finally, just a personal preference, but hated the special edition versions and sadly this uses photos from those versions including Obi Wans changed house- prefer the real physical house in Tunisia than the painted cgi, and the ultimate sacriledge... replacing the head of that fine actor Sebastian Shaw with that of Hayden Christensen in the final scenes of rotj!!!! at a rrp of £100.00 it's a lot and even £60.00 seems much considering its print quality,it should be priced between £25.00 and £30.00 Sadly i have returned my copy but i guess die hard /hardcore fans will love it no matter what
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on 23 December 2013
I, like most fans, couldn't afford the first edition signed by Lucas, so I was so excited to see it released in this format at an affordable price.

Like the forward mentions, these books are in part a tribute to all the work that went into these movies, including artists, cinematographers, and so on. They are key moments personally picked by George Lucas, individual frames that he felt best tell the story, reveal the best lighting, the best angles, expressions etc. I feel, after having bought so many "making ofs" and cross sections and other reference books, it was refreshing to just see selected frames, nothing added or taken away, no retouching and the like, just key frames that tell the stories I fell in love with over the years.

You won't get any insights into the movies, no anecdotes or commentaries, just the pictures you saw on the big screen in a format you can hold in your hand and stare at as long as you like. If you're a fan, you love these books.
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on 1 January 2014
Stunning set of books of an excellent quality. A collectors "must have". I hope Amazon learn how to package this item with more protection as I had to return the books twice due to damage sustained in transit.
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on 23 October 2014
Utterly amazing for the price. Required a box within a box to ship it and protect it (thank you Amazon).
Weighs an absolute ton.
About 30 to 35 cm's square and 10cm's thick.
Not even scratched the surface of it yet.
Worth every penny.
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on 26 March 2014
I would say that it is an excellent gift for a mature Star Wars fan, however I would have preferred if there a few fewer frames as it though 2 to a page was too much and should have been more selective in their choosing of their frames, but this is not detracting from the fact that it is still an excellent present.
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on 15 January 2014
The package is lovely on this set of books that are crammed full of information and photographs about every Star Wars movie. It is a large item and rather heavy. The box containing the books is gorgeous as are the contents. The perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.
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on 14 December 2013
I love getting to see the detail in Star Wars films and this book gives me a change to enjoy the frames and explore the detail The first delivery was damaged on the spine but the replacement was perfect and the presentation is spot on.
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