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on 27 May 2017
I didn't realise that this book has been around for so long. I had only just recently seen it advertised in Kindle format.
There was much in the book that I had already found elsewhere... but there was also much that was new to me (after years of research).
While I might not agree with all of his "conclusions", there is a lot of very interesting information in the book... and a lot of references... and an extensive bibliography.
May I suggest that you read what has been written... try to take it all in... and then make up your own mind.
I am not convinced that the dates suggested are correct, but something definitely happened around that time... but not all of it (some occurred thousands if not millions of years earlier).
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on 16 April 2017
interesting read
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on 11 June 2016
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on 6 February 2013
A little too reliant on facts and figures. The beginning of the book was tantalising giving an insight into what life would have been like in the antediluvian civilization but soon it merely became a collection of facts and data collecting. I would much prefer a deeper investigation into WHY these amazing discoveries are being suppressed and a unsightly look at how the civilization that created them may have impacted our modern world (which it inevitably did).

At the very least I would like better geographical locations for some of the more astounding monuments, caves, underground structures and tunnels etc., that are available for viewing - just telling me that there is a cave in Peru doesn't help.

All in all this is an interesting read and a good place to start if you are new to taking a proper scientific look at the subject of a pre-flood super civilization and want to know what evidence there is for it without getting bogged down in scientific "speak".
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on 16 October 2015
A thinning disguised book to push the Bible and therefore Christianity
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on 6 October 2013
I love a good conspiracy, even more I love forbidden history and OOPARTS (out of place artifacts) and this book, in a rather unusual way, supplies you with endless food for thought.

It starts of as a fictional story about a group of scientists meeting to discuss lost civilisations, past technology etc. It's not exactly a Times bestseller or well written as stories go but what it does do really well is interweave real life events that may or may not have happened (I'm with the former or reading this was a waste of time!) It's meticulously researched and certainly a page turner, that is until about two thirds of the way through when, rather inexplicably, it completely forgets that it's a story and becomes a bullet-point fact book. One character starts mentioning strange facts and anomalies within history and the story seems to end. I assume the character was still talking but the book went nowhere, it was a bizarre read, almost as if the author forgot he was writing fiction, albeit to set the scene for facts.

The book, while very interesting and thought provoking was a real mongrel in writing terms. It confused me and what started off a layman's attempt at a Dan Brown novel became a shopping list of factoids.

A real head scratcher but not in the way I'd have wanted!
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on 5 January 2012
This book is very well researched and gives facts and proof,either spoken,written or surviving evidence of a highly technological race on this planet pre-history.I found it fascinating reading. the author doesn't railroad the reader into believing anything, he just presents the facts and leaves it up to you to decide what the truth is.Best book I have read in a long time.
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on 27 October 2016
While containing some interesting so called facts. Jonathan Gray's research is woefully misinformed. His main sources appear to be Eric Con Daniken and spurious internet sources. One example which stands out is assertion that the law of thermodynamics disproves evolution.. Johnathon is clearly wrong on this. The reason he believes this is because he is basing his "reasoning" (if he did any) on a "closed" system model!!!! Anyone can verify this with a bit of patience and research. That aside he does talk about some interesting subjects....... Until the closing chapter where Johnathon "raves biblical" about bible prophecy etc. None of which has been the subject of his book and is not even mentioned. I would give this a miss. Don't waste your time reading quotes and information Johnathon has not taken the effort to research. He even indicates such throughout his book by indicating three types of source material. Artifacts and "so called" evidence" is either "written" (which means copied from fiction), Another category termed "O" which I can't be arsed to even go into, and "S" which indicates "still existing". I just wish that he had taken time to research his sources. Its still an interesting book although every point (when researched) is poorly represented. I will read " Civilisation One" next. Hopefully this is better researched
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on 19 June 2009
This book just may change your life.
That phrase has been grossly overused hasn't it? I've even seen it used on the back of a fairly mediocre cookbook! (The scallops were "quite nice" rather than life-changing to be honest.....)
In this case however it is true, because it has changed mine.
I've long been interested in the idea of lost "super-civilisations" from antiquity, but in many cases I couldn't get to grips with the fact that most of the proposed theories required something I couldn't give out easily - huge amounts of faith! (we tend not to use that commodity too much in Engineering!)
Interesting how many books propose to fly in the face of religion but still ask for FAITH! - Hmmmm. Not that different to religion after all.
Mr Gray has taken a novel but effective approach to this problem, about 80% of the whole book is EVIDENCE.
The basic story goes something like this........
Tens of thousands of years ago, humans worked their way up to a level of high intelligence, with technology & weapons comparable to our own today. Human nature being what it is, these civilisations engaged in a war so fierce, most of mankind was destroyed. The shell-shocked survivors carried on living as "cavemen" who then reproduced, slowly regained their knowledge, intelligence & technology over many years. This cycle is said to have repeated itself many times - the rise & fall of mankind.
Mr. Gray has attacked this problem in a sure and systematic way. He takes each subject in turn (ie. Sea-faring, architecture, medicine etc.) then finds evidence of these ancient technologies globally to corroborate it.
I personally found that the content LOOKED a little on the "dry" side due to the vast tomes of backup evidence, but let me tell you that this feeling soon changed!
I'm not sure a book has ever enthralled me as much!
It was practically welded to my hands for the next day or two, my mind squirming to absorb the information contained within!
The wonderful thing about this book is that the author is basically saying -
"Here's all the proof you need that we've been around a wee bit longer than a piddly 5000 years. Take it all in, make up your mind, now go do some further research if you are interested!"
Mr Gray does not attempt to blind you with science, patronise or mislead you into thinking in his own way. Like a lawyer, he just states the facts.
It is probably fair to suggest that some of the evidence in question is perhaps not "concrete", (after all an ancient oral myth from Fiji can only be as accurate if it's tellers over the years have not embellished things!) but again, Mr Gray cannot neccessarily be blamed for that.
As for some of the "concrete" items, try these on for size:

1) An ancient sword made of bronze (a soft metal) that has an edge harder than high quality steel. We could not do that today!

2) Staggering knowledge of aviation from ancient India including documents on how to manufacture & fly an aircraft & it's use in aerial combat. These documents are similar in general content to modern aviation regulations (I should know -I work in the Aerospace industry!)

3) Ancient artefacts unearted in Armenia of synthetic alloy construction that are of a microscopic size - that's right, you'd need a magnifying system to make tham!

The list goes on. These are even some of the more "tame" discoveries. Ever get the feeling something was missing from "conventional" history books? Me too. Get reading - and prepare to be blown asunder!
The main thing that this book has given me personally is a burning desire to explore & research for myself certain aspects of the contents. I'm sure it will do the same for you, in fact, it just may change your life.
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on 14 February 2014
What a fantastic book! Gave me a good understanding of how life would have been like pre-flood and after the flood described in the Bible. Believe me this book will very likely alter and change your view of this world we live in.
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