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on 15 October 2005
I bought this book yesterday and Ive already read it cover to cover and Its absolutaly FANTASTIC! The artwork is stunning and the effort Ms Black and Mr DeTerlizzi have put to it is amazing! I reccomend this book to any fan of Harry Potter or Spiderwick! I absoloutly loves it!
It makes them [faerie] so real!
10/10! Bravo! En-Core! Well Done!
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on 16 February 2006
This is the book I dreamt of finding in my gran's attic when I was a kid! this is the book that outdo every other book about faeries. It's beauty, it's fun and "real-ness" is outstanding! You really dont have to be a Spiderwick fan to enjoy this, you just need to believe in faeries! Or at least *want* to believe in them... and appriciate art! Because Tony DiTerlizzi does the best job on his illustrations... Pure Magic from front to back!
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2004
This first book of The Spiderwick Chronicles introduces young readers to the world of fantasy in a fun and easy to read format. It is written in simple language, and is short enough and exciting enough to hold the attention of even the most restless reader.
The three main characters are the children of the Grace family, Jared, Simon and Mallory, who move into a dilapidated mansion, and stumble upon a world of magical folk.
With the aid of the Field Guide of the title, which Jared discovers after solving a riddle he finds in a secret room, they begin their adventures in the faerie world, realizing that they have just glimpsed the tip of the fantasy iceberg.
Though not a challenging read for older folk, this book provides good groundwork for future forays into the world of Narnia, Lemony Snicket and Artemis Fowl, though not necessarily in that order.
Magically lure your 6 to 10 year olds into the world of fantasy - get them The Spiderwick Chronicles today.
Amanda Richards
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on 7 January 2011
My daugther, 10, aked for that book. She read it in two days... She is now playing with her friends in the garden to find all these creatures... their imaginations are getting wild..
the cons about it... she wants to cover her bedroom floor with flour to spot the pixies..

A great book with very nice pictures, full of infos and really entertaining.
I will definetly recommand the book to children with imagination.
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on 25 May 2005
The Spiderwick Chronicles is a great series of five fantasy adventures featuring three normal kids, Jared, Simon and Mallory Grace and their adventures with all sorts of different creatures including elves, goblins, trolls, brownies and ogres. I thought this was a brilliant book and have now read the whole series. I am looking forward to more books coming out soon!
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This field guide to accompany the Spiderwick stories is an amazingly beautifully written and illustrated guide to invisible magical creatures like Brownies, Boggarts, Piskies, Gargoyles, Banshees, Changelings, Pixies, Salamanders, Phookas, Dragons, Giants, Goblins, Merfolk, Sea Serpents etc and some wonderful rare creatures like the 'Stray Sod' who will make you chuckle.

It's an A4 sized book in the style of a really old journal with browned pages and picture plates. Some of the inner pages open upwards and some double fold outwards. The content can't be faulted, really it is truly magical. Letters and old newspaper stories interweave the descriptions giving it a real journal feel.

The only slight gripe I have is is the modern presentation. The dust jacket is thin paper and easily damaged. It is also really flat apart from a slightly raised round part of the seal which may disappoint a child who has seen the book in the film version. The cover is different underneath and in the same style as another Spiderwick book the 'Notebook of Fantastical Observations'cover. It is a shame when a book looks better without it's dustjacket. An older style cover with a removable warning card and some ribbon would have done wonders to the outer presentation. The inner pages which open out are also slightly badly designed. I found it impossible to open the 'old wyrm dragon' page upwards without sligthly ripping it as it was such a close fit to the spine. I think younger children might have a problem opening and folding the pages without leaving them crumpled and ripped.

100/100 for content but it is let down slightly by the presentation. It could have been even more wonderful.
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This book, the Arthur Spiderwick Field guide, is lovingly restored and organized by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. The creatures from the fantastical world around us have been organized by habitat and then alphabetically. It has 28 plates and hundreds of illustrations, with fold-out pages and flip-up pages for even larger illustrations. Each creature's main illustrations list its scale. With lots of side notes and addendums, this is a wonderful book that the young and young at heart can return to many times.

The sections are:
Around the House and Yard:
Stray Sod

In Fields and Forests:

In Lakes, Streams and the Sea:
Sea Serpents

In the Hills and Mountains:

In the Sky:

Outside at Night:

This illustrated guide is amazing. I know that I will read it again, and plan on reading it to my children many times over the next few years.
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VINE VOICEon 19 July 2004
The Spiderwick Chronicles are the most charming little books imaginable. There is something almost Victorian about the quality of their presentation. Beautifully designed covers, outstanding illustrations and a watercolour frontispiece piece all help conjure an aura of days gone by, when faeries were the standard reading matter for the young.
The writing has a clarity that will suit young readers whilst not being overly simple for slightly older readers. The vocabulary is good, but not off-putting for those still feeling their way through books alone. Pages are small - less than half the amount of words per page found in a standard children's book, enabling younger readers to really feel that they're progressing.
Each book is divided into 7 chapters - making it ideal for a week of bedtime stories. Furthermore, what really makes these little books special is the stunning quality of the line illustrations. The artist dedicates his work to Arthur Rackham - and it is clear that Rackham has been his inspiration. There is hardly a double-page-spread without some little picture and there are plenty of highly detailed full page illustrations too - yet again making it perfect for bedtime reading.
Although the style of the books is intentionally retro, the story is anything but. The plot of the first book: 'The Field Guide' revolves around the three Grace children; nine-year-old twins Jared and Simon, and their older sister Mallory. They move into their Great Aunt Lucinda's derelict house - and soon discover that it is not quite as empty as they thought. While trying to trace the source of the mysterious noises within the walls, Jared discovers a strange hidden room in which he finds an old hand-written book belonging to his long-lost Uncle, Arthur Spiderwick, which contains the terrible truth about the faerie world. Once he opens it, his life will never be the same again.
This book is the first in a series of five. Although the stories revolve around the magical inhabitants of the faerie world - don't assume that these books are just for girls. Jared, the main character, is very much a boy - into fighting, getting expelled from school and generally being difficult! Even the faeries are not the twee Enid Blyton variety - neither are they the like the feisty gun-toting elves of the Artemis Fowl books. No, they seem much more realistic: Strange, magical, slightly dangerous and determined to stop at nothing to protect their world and reclaim Arthur Spiderwick's powerful book. Subsequent stories include a whole menagerie of mystical beasts, including: goblins, griffins, unicorns, boggarts, ogres, dwarves and elves. The Spiderwick story continues with: Book 2 - 'The Seeing Stone'
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on 17 January 2005
My seven year old son read this book and enjoyed every single word of it. He was so excited about what happened next we had to buy the next book immediately. I was intriqued so I read it too, and I could see why he enjoyed it so much. Although it is fantasy the children seem real in the way that they talk to one another. The characters are great and the drawings really help to bring it alive. Excellent book.
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on 7 December 2010
Fantastic book. I bought this for my 10 year old daughter who can't put it down. Amazing illustrations and great text too. Enjoyed reading it myself.
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