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on 6 June 2002
This is the book which accompanied Alvin Hall's BBc series. He writes it in a similar style to the way he presented the series. It is laid out as a series of case-studies which track various different elements of personal finance and is a useful tool to help guide you in the right direction. He won't tell you what to do with your money, but he'll help you think more carefully about how you deal with it so that you can manage your finances more effectively. I think that although Alvin Hall does offer some sound advice, the general moral of the story is that if your awareness of your financial health is raised, you naturally think more carefully about what you spend your cash on.
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on 1 September 2003
I never really believed in books saving your finances... well, I was completely wrong!
This practical guide should be handed out to all people entering the 'real' world. In my case, I started working 2 years ago and was still struggling to pay credit card bills let alone save money.
First of all this is a very easy and fun book to read. It starts with the basics of money management, controlling your expenses and establishing a budget. You then go on to savings methods, when to start investing and in what as well as a full explanation for all types of insurance, pension plans, mortgages etc. This really is a book you read once, then go through it in details as you go to each step, using the templates and advice
Buying this book was probably the best purchase I've done for a long time. My financial situation is definitively on the right track, and I've just started two types of savings plans.
A basic money management book which will definitely change your life positively once and for all.
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on 9 September 2003
Money matters is one of the most secretly kept facts in our society, and apart from the colourful ads from financial institutions, we dont get much of expert advice out there (unless you are willing to pay for it).
This book is an oasis! Nice little book with nice little tips to manage your finance. Apart from suggestions on how to get out the debt trap and get hold of your spending, author has also included valuable suggestions on how to go about saving, and even investing! Now, if you are looking for a hot tip on stock trading, you should look elsewhere, as all this book is offering is simple practical advice, that anyone can figure out themselves.
Thanks to Alvin for keeping it this simple and practical. Worth reading. And defenitly worth the money spend!
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on 10 July 2011
I love this book. Alvin Hall is brilliant at making financial information accessible to all, and although this was published quite a few years ago, practically all of the information is relevant (aside from TESSAs going, ISA limits changing and so forth). I would highly recommend this (and it's probably a bargain now due to its age) as a brilliant overall guide to getting your finances in order including: sorting out debt; getting to the root of your emotional ties to money; starting a savings plan (and how much to save); investment information and more. If you use this well, believe me, you will get your money's worth hundreds of times over!
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on 1 October 2003
I bought this book after recently getting married, having decided it was time to sort out our finances, and this book has been a godsend. It tells you the basics of dealing with debt, savings, investments, pensions and so on, which is great. But there are also quizzes and worksheets that really make you address issues like where you want to be in ten years time, what kind of lifestyle you want, and most importantly, how you might pay for it!
Alvin manages to get his message across firmly but without being patronising - if you liked the TV programme, you will find the book similar but more in-depth. I am going to buy copies for two of my friends- i don't want to lend them mine!!
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on 12 September 2010
I ordered this book in the hope of it helping me get a grasp on my personal finances. I am please to say that i feel that is has helped me do this. It is full of useful tips and the author definately seems knowledgeble. It takes through all aspects of your finances from saving and investments to pension and mortgage advice. The tips on pensions and mortgages will provide me with a valuable reference point, especially when dealing with these confusing financial products. I would however have liked to have seen more advice on managing the month to month finances althouth, the examples and worsksheets are very good (and it is because of this i would consider his other books which apparantly focus on this practical side) they do leave you a bit bewildered especially when your motivated to do something after reading it. All in all I am happy with my purchase and it is good to know that i have a point of reference in the future and I would definately recommend to others wanting to get their finances in order.
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on 23 February 2005
This book gives the reader an insight into all aspects of personal finance that the modern person/family might face. It covers everything from mortgages to shares, bonds to bank accounts and investments to pensions. This is a comprehensive guide to all things related to ones income and expenditure.
This is an enjoyable book to read and makes the subject of personal finance fun and enjoyable. If you have seen Alvin's television programme you will know how well he is able to explain in simple terms a complicated subject. The book is written in this clear manner. You will have a good understanding of all the subjects covered once you have read this book.
This book is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their financial future. This book has so much information in it you'd be hard pushed to apply every chapter to your personal circumstances in one go. It should be kept in the bookcase and refered to whenever another financial milestone is reached, or about to be reached.
If you are deeply in debt I'd suggest reading "How to get out of debt, stay out of debt and live prosperously" by Jerrold Mundis first.
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on 21 May 2003
I had gotten myself into a few money troubles so an extra few pounds on a book to sort it all out was not going to make much difference. When I bought this book I was unsure how or if this book would work.
Well it did make a difference, but only if you are harsh with the rules. You have to be strict, otherwise you will fail. The book gives good and practical advice form saving to mortgages, investments and your everyday spending habit's.
For those of you who have seen the TV show well it's the same but with more practical advice and you are the star!
It's a well set out book with very good advice and ideas. It has helped me get back on track and it will help you!
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on 3 September 2002
This is a book aimed at those who are either in debt or struggle to get through each month.
Alvin spends a lot of time on (dare I say it) typical family situations, he spends a lot of time on spending and how your emotions can impact on your wallet, and measures to control them.
He spends a great deal of time on Debt particulary credit cards and mortgages in order to advise on controlled expenditure which on the whole is good straightforward advice.
This book is aimed at the financially illiterate, if you are an investor, this book will do little for you, however if you want to get a grip on your finances, control your expenses and above all live a life you can afford, then this book comes highly recommended.
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on 8 May 2007
If I ever met Alvin I'd hug the man! I was stuck in some serious debt and after applying the principles and tools that his book sets you up with I will finally be debt free as of next summer! Then all of the money I've been putting toward my debt will be the start of my savings.

Highly recommended but it'll only work if you really want to make the change.
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