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on 5 October 2011
Just before writing this review, i read the others and this gave a possible explanation for my main criticisms of this book. When reading it i had no idea it was a spin off and while i enjoyed this book i kept feeling that i was missing something and now I know why.

The plot was interesting and the characters pleasant. Kenzie Gregor, former panther turned soul warrior trying to help other souls. He buys a farm in Midnight Bay and unwittingly makes Eve and mother homeless. He likes Eve and decides to keep them around but Eve is wary of men after her divorce (though everyone thinks Kenzie is perfect for her).

The plot follows Kenzie trying to keep a wicked witch at Bay, set up an animal sanctuary, keep a stubborn dragon from being irresponsible and maybe having a relationship with Eve without putting her in harms way. It was enjoyable and the host of old-fashioned highland men made it pretty humorous at times. Despite this i felt that the whole book lacked depth. At the end of the book i still don't really understand Kenzie's quest as a soul warrior. There was no insight into his past as a panther (which apparently occurred in the original series) and i couldn't help but feel that he was a superficial character. We know more about Eve but i still wasn't drawn in. The enemy witch made many random storms but again wasn't a strong influence in the book.

I enjoyed it but i don't think that there was much of a story there at all. There were some good parts and so im torn over continuing reading this series.
A review said that you don't need to read the original series to understand and enjoy these but i think i disagree. I have not read the previous books so I cannot be sure that it would help but i felt a bit lost with this book trying to find the crux of the story. Either this series builds on the Highlander series or it is just not very good.
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VINE VOICEon 27 April 2009
The write-up on the back page of this book states that it is a "new paranormal romance series". In actual fact it's an offshoot of the previous "Highlander" series, with a lot of the same characters in it.

The main male character in this book is Kenzie Gregor, who was the panther in the previous series. Kenzie was bespelled and turned into an animal to roam the centuries, until he realises that the power to turn back into a normal mortal man lies in his own hands, with his druid brother's help. Kenzie, the panther, appears in several of the "Highlander" books. However it is in the last book that we find out who his brother is and Kenzie turns back into a human.

In this new book, Kenzie and the ancient druid priest Father Daar, who has lost his powers, travel from Main and Kenzie buys a farm near to the sea. Also with them is William, the Irishman, who like Kenzie has been bespelled and turned into a dragon. However, no matter how hard he tries to explain, Kenzie can't get through to William that the ability to break the spell lies with him, William, alone. Now that he is back to a human being, Kenzie's mission in life is to help other "lost souls" like William.

Unfortunately, the farm that Kenzie has brought is lived in by Eve Anderson and her mother Mabel who is suffering from the onset of a form of Dementia.

Meeting Eve and Mabel in the bank, Kenzie is intrigued and attracted to Eve and shocked to later learn that in fact he is effectively putting them out of their home. Eve on the other hand is irritated by the large Scotsman. Recently divorced, she wants nothing to do with romance and men, even though her friend Maddy tries to persuade her that Kenzie is just right for her.

However, Kenzie and William have a problem. The witch who bespelled them way back in the ninth century, is annoyed that Kenzie has broken her spell and is now helping others to break the spells upon them. She keeps battering the farm with storms and sending her demons to battle with Kenzie and William.

At first Kenzie doesn't explain to Eve exactly who he is, or who the other Highlander's are, or what the strange storms are etc. Eventually he has to.

A pleasant read, in which a number of the other Highlanders and their families appear.

This "new" series may concentrate on the bewitched souls who come through time for Kenzie to help them, as at the end of this book, Kenzie could sense another soul appearing. Or, ir could could also be about the younger Highlander generation i.e. the sons/grandsons/daughters etc., who weren't dealt with in the previous series. We will have to wait to find out.
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on 5 April 2016
A poor read. I love this genre of book; time travelling, hung like a horse, celtic love god meets modern feisty woman, who can't quite believe they'll fit as he's so big and she's so tiny and feminine, but they're soul mates and the sex is out of this world blah blah, but this has to be the creakiest, naffest dialogue I've read in years. It's awful. I read it as it was recommended to me. I'll trust my instincts next time.
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on 9 November 2009
This is a spin off from J.C previous series, you need to read those first, 21 century warrior highlander types, love women, trial and tribulations, this book carries off from them he was a former shifter. i really enjoyed this book, still not as good as feehan/ward type books. but enjoyed it none the less.
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on 2 June 2009
Really like this story, it was so much better then the last book.
Of course Kenzie is certainly a total hunk, and absolutely deliciously old-fashioned, protective and possessive. Swoon! ( what more can a gal want? :)

Once an immortal warrior cursed to live as a panther, Kenzie is finally free for the last 6 months to live and die as a man, and his destiny is to help other displaced souls. Initially, he's cautious in his attraction to Eve because his destiny as a Soul Warrior can put those he cares about in the path of constant danger.
But all that falls on way side when the MINE factor takes over and he will let nothing stand in his way of claiming Eve. Much to her dismay since he feels that only women need to love, while men have 'needs'. Ugh?!
Gotta love a medieval man, but he soon realizes the error of his ways:)
Eve, though she's attracted to him, is wary, since her failed marriage and recent divorce. And it annoys her to hell that Kenzie is always there to rescue her. So what if she's petite, she can defend herself and has she's proven it. Right?
This was an enjoyable book, with lovely humourous moments.

JC has drawn on personal experience in the creation of Mabel, Eve's mother, and her illness. It was touching and insightful to read about this tragic medical condition.
Love the relationship between Mabel and William, and Kenzie's absolute support of Eve during this time, unlike her awful ex.
Love the secondary characters too esp. William and Maddy. Hope they get a book.

Janet Chapman has started a new arc with The Midnight Bay series, a spin off from the Highlander series. What a great start it is. Can't wait for the next book.
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on 31 May 2011
this book is the first in a new series by janet chapman and has some of the characters from her other highlander series. dont be put off by this as i have only read the last book in the highlander series where the story actually takes place after this one and i didnt feel that you needed to have read the other books although it does make me want to read them. eve is a recent divorced school teacher from boston who has returned home to help her ailing mother out. she comes across kenzie and the sparks fly and as time goes by they fall in love with each other. but its william, who steals the show, with his dragon antics. cant wait for the next one!!!
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on 23 October 2014
loved it
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