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on 13 June 2007
I would recommend that you read the previous volume before this one as the stories run in chronological order and you'll be confused as hell..!

I really enjoyed all three of these stories.

The first centres on Chakotay, captain of a rebel ship, who encounters Neelix. Kes has been kidnapped by the alliance after their vessel was thrown across the galaxy by the caretaker to save them from the kazon. Kes' telepathic abilities are of high value to the alliance, as all telepaths in the alpha quadrant had been exterminated byt the Terran Empire many years earlier. Some of the characters in this story are deliciously evil, and we finally get to see what Kes is capable of (something I felt that we missed out on in the TV series). B'Elanna is great, a sexual deviant to rival the mirror Kira. I can't see Harry Kim as Steven Seagall though, that one was a little hard to believe...

The second story may be a little unfamiliar to people who haven't read the New Frontier books, but this was one of my favourites. Peter David did really well with this one, staying away from his usual sarcasm which can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The Mackenzie Calhoun doesn't make quite as many snide comments. In fact, I liked this Mac a lot. Again with the death toll, there's lots of death here!

The third story takes us to familiar territory and focuses on Kira trying to reclaim her crown, and Smiley O'Brien and the internal struggles and politics of the rebellion. Even more death in this one.

The only thing missing is a conclusion. I must have missed something when I read "Warpath" because I'm sure that the Intendant Kira turned up at the end of that, and there was no talk of the events in that book here, so I must have my timelines wrong or something. However, there is another DS9 novel coming out soon which crosses between the two universes so hopefully they'll bring the story to some kind of resolution. There are many questions I have after reading these two books, which I wont' ask hear as I don't want to spoil the twists and turns for anybody who hsan't read it yet. But I will say that I want to see what exactly Spock's plans were, as they weren't explained in their entirity.

These are some cracking stories, half way through the second book I felt the urge to slow down as I was enjoying it so much I didn't want to finish it.

I wish they'd publish these stories carrying on from the end of the series more frequently. I've been going through a book a week for a while now and have caught up. I feel like I did when the series all ended with nothing to do!!!

Highly recommended, especially as you don't have to have read any of the books set after any of the TV series finished. But you should read them because they are very very good.
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on 18 April 2007
This book is very well written and the storylines got me hooked, however since I have already read both the Dark Passions book and the William Shatner mirror Universe books the stories came across as quite confusing. This book doesn't continue with either stories from the previous books. This i didn't particulary like as i perfer all the books to be as errorless as possible and since I already had the previous stories in my head, it was quite hard to remove it. Apart from that the book itself is great. As a big fan of Voyager and New Fontier i loved the way this book made the charachters complete opposites from how we know them. For example Janeway and Chakotay are lovers (yay) and si cwan and zak kebron are best friends (weird!).

However any big Star Trek fan will love this book.
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