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on 24 October 2014
Brilliant series
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on 4 October 2003
I really enjoyed this fourth book in the Left Behind Series, and found it better-written than the second and third books in the series. In the second and third books, there was a lot of rehashing and repetition about what had happened in the first book (for new readers who might be picking up that book alone, not have read the earlier books).
This book is packed full of action. It leaves me eager to go out and buy the next book, especially as regards the spy, and what that spy has transmitted to the enemy.
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on 27 February 1999
This series has been a major step for me in my new Christian walk, not because I am taking the word of the books as fact, rather because the content in the series has me referencing the Bible, the Word of God, in every chapter. Soul Harvest had me referencing, once again, Revelation, 1John, and 2John, and more. It has me searching for and studying the promises, the real Word of God. I received Left Behind as a Christmas gift (how appropriate) from dear Christian friends. I was rivited to it. In fact in future books, I bought both the audio cassettes and the books so I could get through them quickly as I was so excited to get on with the story. The cassettes also allow me to share the story with other new believers, and some of my non believer friends, in a shorter period of time.
I've read some of the 1 Star reviews and I have to disagree with most of their comments. Remember, this book is fiction, but, if we reference the facts that this fictional account is based on (found in the Bible), and we research the Word of God along the way (...the Bible), we will see God's promises in black and white. Mr. LaHaye's and Mr. Jenkins' writings are drawing me closer to God's word. Bringing others into God's word, and ultimately into a relationship with Him, is what all Christians are to do and is something that I pray I can do for my friends and family each day. These books are an inspiration to me in that way and I will faithfully complete this series and, of course.....continue to pray for patience for the next book to be released.
My Pastor's comment as we discussed the Left Behind series ... "It is only for God to know how the end times will play out! In the meantime, study the Bible/Revelation so we are prepared!" We are blessed by Mr. LaHaye and Mr. Jenkins' faith, knowledge of God's word, and their interpretation of end time events! Thank you and God Bless!
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on 8 October 1998
Just like its predecessors, Soul Harvest provides an amazing visualization to the otherwise cryptic book of Revelations. I must however, agree with other commentators, in that the end did appear cluttered and rushed, yet I can not agree with those who feel it lacks plot or character developement and at the same time is too drawn out for the purpose of selling books. There appears to be no easy way to nourish the reader's need to understand all that is happening with the characters, nourish the soul with the biblical references and understanding, and keep it short. I look forward to 3 more books, if that is what it takes to recreated the entire book of Rev. Many may be offended by the series apparent disregard for the variations of beliefs regarding the timeline of the end times (pre-millenialism, post-millenialism, amillienialism, etc...). The important thing to remember is that the authors are writing a fictional novel on how they interperet the scriptures. The reader may have a different chronology, yet can still recognize the reality of the scriptural content, and how it could happen. There is no deception being woven here, only two men's brilliant and creative interpretation. All in all; an Excellent read!
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on 4 September 1999
I really liked this series a lot. It kept me on my toes. I never read books but when I first started reading "Left Behind" I just couldn't put it down. It was very well written. I realize that this book is fiction but it really makes you think of how you are with Christ in your personal life. All I have to say is that you made a reader out of me.
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on 26 September 2001
I work with books in Sweden, and was very suspicious about these books. Now I find them the most fascinating books I've ever read. The language is beautiful, it's well written, and they are so amazing! They are awesome! I don't know any book that has affected me like this before! Read them!
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on 10 July 1998
Soul Harvest has to be the most wonderful book in an already powerful series. Not only are the characters real, but the basic theme of the book and then entire series IS REAL. Everything that these two gifted authors use as background, ie, the Tribulation, Rapture and rise of the AntiChrist has been predicted for nearly two thousand years...and WILL happen. I have been comparing these books to the Bible, and the events are there, just waiting for God's own time. I could hardly believe it when I saw that Tyndale decided to release this book early. And I am glad they did. Now, all we need to do is wait for the remaining three books to be written and published. Of course, if the Rapture takes place before they write these books, we can always ask them in heaven how it was to come out!!! Do your nonChristian friends a favor, encourage them to read these books for themselves, so that they will not be, in the words of the first book...Left Behind.
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on 5 March 1999
Here's a thought about Christian fiction in general and this series in particular. A few years ago an article in Christianity Today reviewed the state of contemporary Christian fiction, and it made this perceptive observation. There are two major genres of Christian fiction: historical romances and end-times thrillers. In other words, Christians either have a sentimental, nostalgic look back to the past, where things may have been simpler or "more Christian," or they look forward to an apocalyptic future where God stomps out all his enemies. Unfortunately, this means that Christians are not doing much critical thinking about how to engage the world in the present.

Clearly this series falls in the latter category. I hope and pray that all the fans of this series, which of course are legion, are not simply gleefully and passively awaiting God's judgment on unbelievers but rather are spurred on to Christian discipleship, obedience and evangelism in the present. Is passing around copies of these books the way to do that? I'm not sure, since it seems like LaHaye and Jenkins are primarily preaching to the choir. Christians need to think carefully about how best to present the good news of Jesus to the world in today's present setting, not some speculative future-tense scenario.
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on 3 August 1998
After reading through many of the other comments, I must agree that it will be hard to wait for an entire year for the next release. I was almost hysterical at the end of Nicolae and told my pastor, who knows Tim LaHaye, to tell Tim that he had no right by letting us hang, not knowing what happened. Once again, he has left us hanging. As an avid reader, usually of murder mysteries, I am thrilled when a book grabs my attention and I can't put it down. This has happened with all four of these books. I read Left Behind in 24 hrs, staying up till 3 in the morning to finish it. Tribulation Force was 48 hrs and Nicolae a few days. Soul Harvest I finished in two days, reading it at every chance I got. I've heard people say that friends and family members are getting saved because of these books. I eagerly look forward to number 5 to see what happens. (I must say that every book I read, I am relieved that I won't be here on earth to experience it. I'll be one of those that disa! ppears during the Rapture...)
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on 22 June 1998
I borrowed a copy of Left Behind and read it in one night. I took my next paycheck (don't worry, I could afford it) and decided to head to the store and pick up my own copy of Left Behind, Tribulation Force and Nicolae. TO MY WONDERFUL SURPRISE, Soul Harvest was released a month early. I 'left behind' Left Behind, picked up Trib Force, Nicolae and Soul Harvest. The story keeps getting better and better...and building in its intensity!! I loved the humor of Chloe around the middle of the book, the vivid portrayals of the judgements brought upon the earth and the realism of the charachters. Some of the charachters in the book who reject the gospel message remind me of some the low ranking responses on here. Jerry, Tim--if you're reading this, get through the rest of the series quickly!!! I need to know what happens :) The authors were really blessed and took great time in studying Biblical Prophecy as well as weaving it into the storyline. You almost tempt me to go pick up the kids series :)
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