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on 18 May 2017
I loved all the Lords of the Underworld books and this book did not dissappoint me.
Right from the off i knew i was going to love this story about Zacharel and Annabelle, there was sparks between the pair when they first met,but Annabelle's strong character along with Zacharel's ment they did not get along together at first and there was lots of demons standing in there way of true happiness.
Loved that she was kickass, fighting all the Demons that she thought only she could see until she met Zacharel and he was fighting the demons also.He was grumpy,serious and had never felt any emotions in his life but all that was about to change when these pair got together.
There was sexual tension between the pair until they realized that they was made for each other,and had to make lots of hard choices to be together.
There was lots of hot alpha males in this book so i am hoping the other Angels get there storys as well,looking forward to the next book in this fab series.
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on 18 June 2017
Another brilliant read from Gena
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on 26 June 2012
When we first met Zacharel in the Darkest Secret I was intrigued, how could an Angel be so deliciously sexy and dare I say wicked? When you think Angel I automatically think good, pure and innocent. I don't think warrior angels who think nothing of taking a human life in the battle of good versus evil.

Zacharel has made mistakes and in retaliation he has been charged with ruling an army of likeminded angels who are all perilously close to falling. Can he redeem them and himself? Does he even want to? Even if the punishment is severe...

Annabelle is an interesting character, she has been through a lot and is still standing that says a lot about the strength of her character. A weaker woman would be a drooling mess in a padded cell.

I loved the chemistry between Zacharel and Annabelle, their strengths and weaknesses compliment each other well. I was firmly in their corner from the beginning.

Gena never disappoints, as always the love scenes were tantalisingly hot and the battle scenes were both viscious and satisfying. I can't wait for the next installment to find out more about the angels from the little glimpses Koldo's story is going to be an emotional journey.
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It seems there are mixed reviews about this book and whilst I really did love it, it's not the best Gena book I've read but as I've said I still really really enjoyed it. I've been wondering when Zacharel would be getting his own book as he has been mentioned in a few of The Lords of the Underworld books and quite heavily in the last book The Darkest Seduction (Paris') and it obviously transpires that the Angel's are getting their own series which I look forward to reading the rest of.
The book is about Zacharel who we discovered in The Darkest Seduction now has snow falling from his wings and we find out in this book that it is to show the Deity's displeasure in his actions as he has not been valuing human life when that human happens to be possessed by a Demon. Zacharel has been put in charge of his own army of Angels all of whom have been in the Deity's bad books for one reason or another and all who have one year to prove that they are in fact worth saving and keeping as Angels rather than letting them fall and lose their wings. We then meet the love interest of Zacharel in the form of Annabelle who witnessed her parents brutal murder at the hands of a Demon and who then was imprisoned for the crime as no-one believed that a Demon killed them. Annabelle has been locked up in an insane asylum and has regular visits from Demons there who have been sent to try and hurt her but that no-one else (human) can see and therefore she is obviously deemed as more nuts than ever. Zacharel and his army are sent to find out why a whole load of Demons are permanently based outside the insane asylum trying to get in and after slaughtering them all Zacharel discovers the reason is Annabelle and that she is marked as a Demon's consort. Zacharel for some reason is intrigued in her and rescues her from the asylum and so starts Annabelle's battle to find out what Demon ruined her life and why and Zacharel finding himself more and more drawn to Annabelle decides to help her.
I must admit I did sort of guess the end result of the Demon and why etc he had marked Annabelle as his consort from reasonably early on in the book but that having been said I really enjoyed this book and Gena has opened the series up for the other Angels which I assume will have their own staring role in their own books in due course and as a avid Gena fan I will definitely be reading them. If you like Gena then I think you will like this new offering from her despite what some of the other reviews may say but then again every one is entitled to their own opinion and I'll leave you to decide for yourself but I really enjoyed it.
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I ultimately decided to give it a 3 star, i was considering a 4 but based on genas other work, this is a pale comparison.

Zacharel, hard faced leader of the angels, is nto a nice man, he has no emotion, compassion, empathy, nohting, to describe him you could literally say he is a slab of ice and that would be the most accurate escription.

However, as with all of the lords gena likes to pair them off with their one true mate and poor old zacharel doesnt really ahve much of a choice, enter soul mate Annabelle.

Half Japanese, half america with captivating eyes and earmarked as a demons consort, Zacharel discovers annabelle in a mental institution and because he just had been whipped severely by his deity for killing humans, he decides he is going to take this human to his cloud and look after her.

Snoozefest alert.

Zach develops feelings, falls in love, literally within the space of half a chapter and then goes on this caveman mission to demand she can never be with anyone else blah blah blah.


A few of the lords pop up in the book along with Bianka and Kaia and Lysander, but not for long and not forever as Lucien makes a rather dramatic statement about 2/3rds fo the way in that makes it pretty clear that Zachs association with the lords is over.

All of that said the most interesting bit for me was Thane, Xerxes, Bjorn and Koldo, Axel, oh and Jamilia, all Angels, all with very interesting stories to tell im sure.

Personally if you are hoping for more of the same like the LOTU books you are going to be massively disappointed, it doesn't hold the same level of descriptiveness, prowse, passion or steam.

To be honest, i felt really let down.
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on 24 September 2012
As a huge fan of Showalter, I was more than excited to get my hands on this book. I'm quite taken with the whole angels craze lately, and enjoy both young adult and adult versions of angel oriented stories. Showalter's take was more than pleasing for me! We'd been introduced to her angels in the previous Lords of the Underworld series as they've begun to take a more prominent role there. Anyone who read Showalter's Dark Beginning's collection of short stories was introduced to Zacharel's boss, Lysander. I particularly enjoyed Lysander's story, and the prospect of a story about Zacharel intrigued me. Overall, I'm happy to report that Wicked Nights is an exceptional book that earns its place among Showalter's popular series. Zacharel is a character who is both complex and simple in how he is written. I enjoyed the ability to portray emotion and yet still remain almost emotionless (an oxymoron, I know). He came across as a true angel warrior and I enjoyed this immensely. His leading lady was well characterised as well. Her origins story was quite traumatic, and the complexity of how she became to be what she is was intriguing. I always enjoy reading about the angels, and reading about Zacharel's band of ragtag angels who break angel law was a refreshing take on the whole angel phenomenon. The bad guy of this book really took me by surprise. I have to admit, I did not see it coming and applaud Showalter for her excellent storytelling abilities in that she managed to keep that a surprise from me, where I normally figure stuff like that out well beforehand. To end, a really enjoyable story with excellent characterization and a fantastic, twisting plotline. I can't wait for the next book of Showalter's!
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I liked the concept of this series. Zacharel is a warrior angel that is on the verge of being tossed out of Heaven for his bad attitude. In an attempt to save him, the Deity instructs Zacharel to lead an angelic army. The problem; these angels are very much like Zacharel himself. Many have dark pasts and like Zacharel, they aren't too bothered if they kill a few humans during their battles with demonic enemies.

Heroine Annabelle also has a dark past. She's been incarcerated for the murder of her parents, despite her insistence that a demon killed them. She has a history of seemingly spontaneous violent outbursts, but no one else can see the demons that attack her on a daily basis.

This is a new series, but it runs parallel to this authors "Lords of the Underworld" books so don't expect anything brand new. Zacharel and his posse of bad boy warrior angels are very similar to the LOTU. They are brash, bold and may house dark personal issues rather than actual demons, but they are very much cut of the same cloth. Watching Annabelle ignorantly bash her way through Zacharel's icy demeanour results in the amusing banter I expect from GS, whilst the verbal sparring between Zacharel and his army is also something you'd find in any LOTU book. The level of action works well, and a broader look at this author's demonic world is certainly interesting, plus there are some original elements and a nice twist towards the end. "Angels of the Dark" may feature a group of heroes fans of GS will be very familiar with, but she does create them well.
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on 27 February 2013
We've met Zacharel, the hero of this book, in previous LOTU books and we know him to be a cold-hearted and ruthless Angel. Zacharel is in danger of losing his wings and falling. As punishment, his Deity has tasked him with leading a group of misfit outcast angels who are also in danger of falling due their lack of sympathy and care towards humanity. They are now tasked with protecting humanity against demon attacks. If a one of the Angels kills a human during the battle, Zacharel is severely punished for it. If Zacharel can't get his army to listen and follow his lead, they are all in danger of falling together. Only problem is, Zacharel thinks the same way as his Angels and cares not for humans. That is.....until he finds Annabelle Miller tied to a gurney in the mental asylum he and his Angels are tasked with protecting from the swarm of demons attacking it.

Annabelle, the heroine of the book has endured many horrors. She's spent the last four years of her life locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane because she was blamed for the heinous act of violence on her family. Only Annabelle knows that demons are the ones that attacked her family on her 18th birthday, and that's because she's the only one that can see demons. She has spent the last 4 years of her life abandoned by her remaining family and friends because they believe she committed the crime. She has endured horrible abuse at the hands of the doctors and staff at the hospital and from the constant attacks on her by the demons, but her spirit and will to live never die. She fights with all that she has left and that's what make Annabelle a kick-ass heroine. She does not wine or cry. She always fights and never gives up hope.

Zacharel and Annabelle together are the perfect combination for the two balance each other. Zacharel has never felt much emotion and has never felt desire. Annabelle has an amazing survival instinct and her will to never give up despite the odds, impresses Zacharel. Zacharel makes Annabelle feel safe and protected which is what she needs most right now. Being that Annabelle faced some sexual abuse in the asylum, their getting together sexually was slow in process but, the chemistry between the two throughout the book was electrifying.

I am also intrigued by all of the other Angels in Zacharel's army. I am looking forward to Koldo's book which is scheduled to be released in February 2013. And I can't wait to learn more about these tortured Angles.

If you're a fan of the LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD series you will be happy to know that Paris and a few of the other Lords make an appearance to help Zacharel, along with some of their mates.
Wicked Nights is a dark paranormal romance with all of the awesomeness that Gena puts into every book. It has strong alpha heroes, kick-ass heroines, smokin' hot romance, secondary characters that will leave you clamoring for the release of their books and a crazy twist of an ending that leaves you with your mouth hanging open.
Gena amazes me in how she has written so many books and they never get dull or boring. EVERY book is better than the last and she blows me away with every book she writes. She never disappoints me and I can't wait for the next installment of the ANGELS OF THE DARK.

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

I give WICKED NIGHTS 5 out of 5 stars!!
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on 28 September 2016
I love gena I really do she is such a talented writer first Lord's of the underworld and know we have angels of the dark I think the name of the series is but both are just as amazing. One quick thing I want to ask but I have read all of the Lord's of the underworld books bar the last two coz I'm saving them coz I'm a big geek lol 😀 but why has lysander and Bianca not got their own book they've just always seemed to be together and I feel like I'm missing out unless they do have their own story I've not noticed yet but if not why oh why don't they because i think they deserve one plus I love the harpies they should get a series all by themselves as well lol but any way back to the matter at hand. Zach ( I don't know how to spell his name so it's Zach lol) is so lovely and sweet with such a heartbreaking background poor poor Zach but then he meets Annabelle his love interest who's feisty and loveable all in a oner they are a match made in heaven they help heal each other through out their rocky story. Wicked night is a must read especially if you love the Lord's books and if you've not read them then go, go, go what are you waiting for, plus you kind of have to read them as characters pop in and out for it which I just love 😊 anyways I'm getting of track Zach and Annabelles story a beautiful story for beginning to end a definite good fast paced page turner not one to miss. The next book sounds just as brilliant and I expect nothing less from the very talented gena showalter. I have heard that the fourth one won't be published for quite a while which is pretty devastating but definitely worth the wait but until then I have two more fab book to read 😀. Buy this book you won't regret it and ohhh before I go I got a bit confused if this book need to be read before or after certain book's of the lords of the underworld book but this book happens after paris's book I'm sure please bear this in mind it slightly relevant. I hope you enjoy this steamy, breathtakingly beautiful book as much as I did what more can you want demons and angels and a human damsel in distress ready to be rescued. A big fat five stars here not a bad word to say about it if I could give more stars I would.
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on 15 October 2013
In Wicked Nights, Annabelle Miller, a young woman accused of murdering her parents, has been sent to a mental asylum because she blames demons for her parents death. Zacharel, the leader of the battalion of angels who only have one more chance to remain in Heaven, is a tortured angel who doesn't give a damn about any humans. He is on his last chance, and his fate, is his battalions fate.

For me, I really loved this book. The story was really sweet, but be warned, it does have some mature scenes, so if you don't like that sort of thing, probably shouldn't read this.

I liked Annabelle, she was a strong female character, who I really clicked with. Zacharel too was really nice. He was just so....endearing and dangerous at the same time. The mix was so lovable. Like, he was more than a thousand years old, and yet he was so sexually innocent. It just made me go 'aaah', haha.

It was a shame that we didn't get to see more of the secondary characters, like Thane and those 3. It will be so amazing to read about them, to see how they heal. They were so damaged in this book.

One of the most memorable scenes, I think, is when we get to see the Lords of The Underworld. Go onto my quotes page, and you'll see where they're mentioned. I dunno why, I just really liked that little bit. It was just like, 'Here are the Lords of the Underworld'. Yeah, I have a weird sense of humour, but I really liked this bit.

Anywho...! I liked the plot also. It was just absolutely perfect, and yes, it may be a tiny bit predictable, as in you just know who Unforgiveness is, but the way Gena Showalter wrote made it so much better.

I loved this. And now I am going to go and re-read the Lords of the Underworld series :P
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