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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2017
I am assuming nobody would be reading this without reading the first in the series, but I won't say much anyway in case of spoilers.

Suffice to say, I lost half a night of sleep before work the next day as I could not phsyically put it down!! Due to this, I haven't started book 3 yet until it's the weekend!! Fantastic storyline, and something new on the way angels are viewed in fiction! Thoroughly recommend this series but obviously start with book one!
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on 14 November 2013
Loved every inch of the book. The whole trilogy is just simply breathtaking. I couldn't stop reading and i finished all three within 6 days of purchase. Last time I had that was with Trudi Canavan. Amazing and I want more!
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on 8 October 2011
The first book in this trilogy, Angel, blew me away, and I'm often nervous about reading the second book in a trilogy as they are often not as good as the first book. But, Angel Fire was EVEN BETTER THAN ANGEL!!

I just can't believe how amazing this book is. The tension just gripped me and pulled me through the story, and it get tighter and tighter towards the end and I just couldn't put it down. I was up reading all night.

The love triangle is amazing. I thought it was all about Alex (dark, gorgeous, sexy and surely the hottest book-crush boy ever . . .) but then along comes Seb - the boy who has spent his entire life searching for Willow. As soon as you pick up the book, you know there's going to be trouble. I am SO TORN between these two gorgeous guys. They are both so different and yet both so unbelievably swoon-worthy.

And on top of the love-triangle, the action is this book is taken to a whole new level. I can't say any more because I don't want to risk any spoilers but OH. MY. GOD.

You have to read this book. (Well, read Angel first if you haven't read it already. I think it's called Angel Burn in the US). Forget Twilight. Forget EVERYTHING else you've ever read. It's all about Angel and Angel Fire.
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VINE VOICEon 20 October 2011
Last year I fell in love with Alex, Willow, their romance, and Angel as a whole. Since then I've been pinning away for Angel Fire this second book in the series. Angel set the standard pretty high and I was expecting Angel Fire to live up to that but what I didn't expect was to be blown away even more than I was with Angel and I totally was.

L.A Weatherly takes everything fans loved about Angel and develops it more with this book. Straight away you're thrown back into the action right where Angel left off and are quickly immersed back into this amazing world. Angel Fire is very much an evolvement of Angel with the books roots being the same but with Weatherly adding more plot, more twists and obstacles for Alex and Willow to overcome, and some brand new characters to get to know and love. And this leads me very nicely on to talk about Seb. Oh god where to start with Seb? Seb is both a new character and obstacle that threatens Alex and Willows relationship. Considering how much I love Alex straight off the bat knowing Seb's going to come between one of my favourite couples should make me hate him right? And as much as I thought I would I couldn't, in fact I loved him. Seb makes this plot so much more fascinating and developed with him being another half angel and I loved what that meant for Willow and learning more about her abilities. On top of Seb being a beautiful half angel, he's also a hot, fiery Mexican bad boy who has a tragic past and is the sensitive, bookish type. Seb is my kind of guy and I think his character brought so much more to the story and took it to another level.

One thing that really stood out to me was L.A Weatherly's ability to make you feel compassion for all of the characters. Despite a lot of arguments between Seb, Alex and Willow I could always see things from every characters point of view making it impossible for me to dislike any of them or take sides. With love triangle's I'm usually really quick to decide which team I'm on and who I like and dislike but with this triangle I love all three of them so much that I just wanted them all to be happy. Although ultimately I'm still firmly team Alex and Willow I would still like to see Seb find love and happiness and therefore think that Lee should write me into the last book!

The plot is another aspect of the book that's more developed with the after effects of the arrival of the second wave of angels and the introduction of The Twelve- the angel's council. Despite this book being huge coming in at 709 pages I never got bored or felt like anything was dragging on longer than needs be. There was so much action, romance and suspense and I loved every single page. The climax to this book is huge and despite just spending over 700 pages in this world I wish that the next and final book to the trilogy Angel Fever was out now. Things literally exploded in this book and I'm so curious to see where L.A Weatherly takes us next with that ending. Overall Angel Fire is an un-miss-able sequel that I loved even more than its predecessor.
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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2011
No other words for it, but absolutely brilliant!

When I first started this and was introduced to Seb, I was thinking "oh no" thinking "oh God! not another love triangle!" To be honest, I dont mind love triangles but only when the girl/guy is absolutely not interested in the other person and its one sided from the other person.
And I dont want to say too much about this as I dont want to give spoilers but the love triangle was very well written and a conclusion was to it was made in this book. I fully expect there not to be much about it in the third and last book.

Oh I did like Seb...couldnt help but like him. He wasn't whiny and annoying and was quite mature for his age. Very similar to Alex in ways.

But Alex...I am loyal to him. He rocks and I can't help but wanting an Alex A.K (Angel Killer) for myself. I am not into younger men but oh how i adore him lol

Willow was brilliant in this as well. And as a character she is doing a lot of growing and developing, in not only her powers but as a character in general. I wanted her to stop being a dope at one point but in no way did she get as annoying as Bella did in the Twilight books.

The love story was very written and it was good to read how Willow's and Alex's love was developing as all these different things happened and obstacles in their path.
Alex is a character that is growing a lot as well, he is leader of the remaining AK's and with that comes a lot of responsibility and when reading you can see how well it actually suits him, even though he worries about it constantly.

The secondary characters of Kara and other AK's was really interesting also and it all made the story a lot fuller and rounder with quite a lot happening. And even though there was a lot happening, I didnt get confused at all point as the story just flowed really well.

I loved the writing and the characters. I even love the bad guys.
In general this was an excellent book and just as good if not better than the first Angel in the series. And in my opinion this series is better than Twilight.

This is a trilogy and the third and last book is out October 2012...no idea how I am going to make it waiting a year for the next one. I just cannot wait! On my wishlist it will go as soon as it appears :D
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VINE VOICEon 5 November 2011
'Angel' (or 'Angel Burn' as it's titled in the US) was one of my favorite YA books of all time. It was just so beautifully written and believable, the characters were so vivid and their love story so touching - all that while still being a page-turner! The middle books in trilogies are often the weakest link, and I really hoped this wouldn't be true of 'Angel Fire'. But when I realized it was going to involve a love triangle - something I think has been done to death in this genre - I decided not to expect too much.

And I was completely wrong! Yes, this book does contain a love triangle, and it does make up a significant portion of the plot, but the three characters are so endearing, and their conflicting feelings so believable, that it works. In fact, the challenges to the relationships in this book - and I can't really say more without giving too much away - were so compelling that I did something I haven't done in years: skipped to the end to see how it all came out. It was just too heartbreaking to keep reading without some light at the end of the tunnel. And I don't think it gives too much away to say that the ending is worth the painful parts - kind of like true love.

So. the reason I didn't give this five stars, like I gave 'Angel':

There are a lot of new characters in this book, but to me, only Seb was as compelling as Willow and Alex. In fact, the others never really became more than words on a page to me, and the parts they play in the story entirely two-dimensional. It almost felt like Weatherly only put them there to give Willow (and in one case, Alex) something to bounce off of. It was just too hard to believe that they'd all treat her exactly the same way, when they were such a varied group in such a volatile situation.

Another thing that bothered me was that the emotional climax was almost a verbatim repeat of the one in 'Angel' - different situation, but still basically Alex's hangups clashing with Willow's moral integrity so that he pushes her away when she needs him most, and only realizes his mistake when she's put in peril. I would have liked him to show a little more maturity this time around; in fact, he shows less. But hey, it makes for a great make-up scene!

There were also some sloppy bits that a less picky reader wouldn't notice, or wouldn't care about, but which drove me crazy - like the candles that are somehow already lit in the abandoned warehouse that Willow and Seb run to, allegedly on a split-second decision.

But overall, another great read. I'm really looking forward to the conclusion!
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on 12 January 2015
This is the second book in the "Angel" Trilogy by L.A. Weatherly. The series follows Willow Fields on a path of self-discovery and relationships in a world inhabited by evil angels that suck the life force of humans leaving them damaged for life. This second book continues straight on from where the first book left off with Willow and Alex running once again for their lives...

I did not enjoy the majority of this book. For a huge number of reasons.

1. The book is way too long for a story where not much actually happens in the way of action as you would expect from the plot. Over 700 pages which could easily be halved and the story would flow just the same. The pacing was too slow, dull and boring at times, and it was a huge struggle to carry on reading (the only reason I did was because when I start a series, I have to finish it). The important action scenes were crammed into a small number of pages each and it was just EUGH. A LOT of the story content was just not needed and dragged the whole thing out until it was nearly unbearable.

2. THAT love triangle
I'm normally all for love triangles but this was just unnecessary and awkward to read and seemed like it was just there for well, just because.
After the whole epicness of the love between Willow and Alex in the first book (which happened way too fast), the chucking in of this love triangle just made their love even more unrealistic and ruined the underlying intimacy of the book. It also made me emotionally distance myself from both Willow and Alex because they became immensely annoying. Alex especially... Just... Eugh... I had such high hopes for him and now he's hypocritical and pathetic.

3. Repetition
This is one of my pet peeves when reading... I understand if repetition is used as a device to help demonstrate characteristics and such but this books just... It was tiring reading how many times the male characters shoved their hands in their pockets, how much I wanted to chop off Seb's curls over his forehead, how Willow felt Seb's love for her (yeah we got it the first 4 times...) and it just felt like I was reading the same conversations over and over again just like "DUDE WE'VE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD DAMNNNN". This of course doesn't help the overall drag of the book.

4. The metaphysical aspect.
There are four different viewpoints in this book: Willow (1st person), Alex, Seb and Raziel. In the first book, the chapters divided the viewpoints up but this book switched randomly in chapters and sometimes made it hard to keep up or understand plus some entries were just not needed. At all.

5. Things that make you scream at the book until you run out of oxygen

Endless supply of money, however little? Unrealistic
How much sex is references in the book as if it's the most important thing between Willow and Alex (which it probably is, thats how little chemistry I feel between them) even on the brink of impending doom...unrealistic (and then it happens but it's over in a few words... Anti-climactic.
Willow needs to find herself a backbone and soon... Damn girl.
Both Alex and Willow have become so juvenile it's annoying. They're supposed to be 17/18 not 15/16. The way they speak and act in their POVs and towards each other is just "Get over yourselves. Please." It's like who they are now is the complete opposite of the promise they showed with Alex being an assassin, Willow fixing cars, it just makes connecting with their characters very difficult when you don't believe them.

All these new characters with no back stories or development? Please don't just add characters simply for story progression, WE NEED A CONNECTION WITH THEM TO CARE. It made me indifferent to the new characters and I pretty much disliked them anyway for their prejudice towards Willow but at the same time, their views on her were more realistic than how quickly Alex fell in love with her. Wesley was the only one we started to connect with out of the new AKs but that was shortly lived.

Ok I'm going to stop now because there are some good points to this book too and they helped me finish the book so here are the redeeming qualities:

1. Seb
He had a backstory you could believe in and he became somewhat the "Voice of Reason" in the book for me. Good character development and such a sweet guy! I felt sorry for him time and time again. Although I feel his part in the "love triangle" was pretty much unnecessary, I probably would have quit this series half way through without him. I actually believe his love for Willow and believe in him as a person but I just wish he wasn't shoved so much into the background and was made more prominent.

2. Crusaders
I liked that this anti-angel group was added to the book. I like the new twist they bring but again, like Seb, they could have/ should have had a more prominent role and it all felt rushed. When the whole series highlights how the AKs are the only ones fighting the angels and then this group comes out of nowhere it kinda makes the AKs look pathetic even though the AKs are the only ones who can kill the actual angels. So why doesn't Alex recruit some of the Crusaders to be AKs? Oh because there's a full scale war on their hands; ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

3. Action sequences
When they happened, for however little time, the action sequences were pretty gripping and kept you turning the pages. These were fairly redeeming but I just wanted more action and less of the lovey-dovey which it felt it all centred on.

I don't know... I just found this book irritating and slow-paced in places, mostly unnecessary new plot devices were used and development in all aspects of the book were kind of lacking in comparison to the first book.
Didn't connect with the characters and became disconnected to those I had in the previous book and actually had trouble getting through it.

I'm giving three stars for the action sequences and for Seb :) I also like Weatherly's writing style, I just wish the focus was more on the action than on a hazy love triangle.
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"Angel Fire" is the second book in the "Angel" Trilogy by L.A Weatherly.

The book carries on from where the last book ended, and would not be a book you could read as a stand alone.

The story revolves around Willow, a half-angel and her boyfriend, Alex an Angel Killer (AK), and their mission to rid the world of the angels who are here to take over the Earth, feeding off people.

In the second book we are introduced to some new characters including Seb, another half-angel, who has been searching for Willow his whole life.

Seb is in love with Willow, and with Alex now training new AK’s who distrust her, Willow is beginning to feel alienated. Only Seb is there for her, bringing on a love triangle.

I didn’t much care for Seb. I understood how much he was in love with Willow and that he has been searching his whole life for her, but I couldn’t connect with him and I certainly didn’t want Willow leaving Alex for him.

The book is more in depth than the first and we get to find out more about the character’s lives, and what they’re really capable of.

I love Alex and his no-nonsense, tough, gets-the-job done characteristic. He’s the type of person you would want to be around in a dangerous predicament.

Willow is coming of age and although she is a young, determined, strong woman, she also has a lighter, softer side to her that is confused by the whole, ‘Alex and Seb’ situation.

Keeping me gripped in its pages and taking me on an emotional roller-coaster, "Angel Fire", is on a par with the first book in the Trilogy. Willow and Alex’s love for one another is evident throughout, even when they’re at loggerheads with each other.

Fast-paced throughout, and lots of action, will help keep you engaged with the story. I understand that this is a YA, paranormal book, but at 700 pages long it didn’t feel nor read like a YA book.

I loved this series so much that I read the three books in a week.
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on 10 November 2011
A stunning sequel to last years best-selling Angel, L.A Weatherly's Angel Fire will mesmerize readers from start to finish with non-stop action, heart-stopping danger, and a steamy romance that practically sizzles on every page. If you loved Angel, you will adore Angel Fire. YA doesn't get much hotter than this!

The action in Angel Fire takes place in the immediate aftermath of Alex and Willow's attack on the cult like Church of Angels which revealed shocking secrets and made Willow public enemy number one of the Church and its evil leader Raziel. Alex and Willow are on the move, and fast running out of places to hide as a Second Wave of Angels arrives making the Church of Angels even more powerful as they strive to infiltrate the minds of people worldwide. It's up to Alex and Willow to stop them, and for that they need help in the form of specially trained Angel Killers. Their search takes them to Mexico, a Church of Angels stronghold, where they find what they need, but at a price. This new band of Angel Killers, with links to Alex's past resent Willow on sight on account of her half-angel status declaring her to be unnatural and untrustworthy. No matter how Alex tries to reassure her that things will get better in time, Willow feels alienated from him and from the world around her. Then one day, a boy that she has only ever seen in her dreams finds his way into her life, and Willow feels as though she has known him forever, because Seb is half-angel too and he's been in love with Willow for as long as he can remember.

One of my favourite aspects of Angel was watching the romance between Angel Killer Alex and half-angel Willow develop as they tried and failed to deny their growing feelings for each other. In Angel their romance was dangerous and forbidden, but now having overcome the numerous obstacles facing them, they are finally happy together (and yes, have lots of hot make-out scenes!). That's until Seb turns up and makes no secret of the fact that he wants Willow for himself. Despite her relationship with Alex he refers to her as his `sweetheart' from the first day they meet which inevitably stirs feelings of jealousy in Alex and causes a whole lot of problems between him and Willow as she refuses to let go of her new friend who understand her in a way Alex never can. While I'm sure a lot of people will fall for Seb with his good looks and charm, it simply didn't happen for me. This love triangle did stir up a number of strong emotions in me though - namely anger at some of Willows actions and the mere presences of Seb. What can I say? I was smitten with Alex in Angel, but now it looks like I have a full on major Alex Kylar obsession going on! Poor Seb, he never stood a chance with me, but I know he's got a lot of other fans already, so don't feel too sorry for him!

An intoxicating blend of action and romance, Angel Fire is an impeccably researched and beautifully written book which is an emotional rollercoaster of a ride from start to finish. While Angel Fire is a huge book in YA terms at over 700 pages, L.A. Weatherly's style is such that the pacing is perfect ensuring that the plot remains intense and exciting throughout. I found the whole story so completely addictive that I read Angel Fire in two sittings, and I can't wait for more when the Angel Fever, the third and final book in the series releases in 2012. Bring it on!
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on 31 December 2011
If you have read the first in this amazing series be sure to read this!I honestly don't mean to sound critical because I really couldn't put down this book1 Yet unfortunetly there was two main errors in my opinion. First of all, and this is almost laughable at, the character of Brendan was just the worst ever. Only because this otherwise amazing author neglected him throughout the duration of the book ! We were introduced to the character of Brendan along with the other A.K's (was I the only one who kept getting mixed up between Trish and Liz? Well he was introduced, and it seemed to me that he was never re-introduced or mentioned again until they were in the hotel ready to attack the council! Was this just me? Because I really forgot about him till the very end, since most of the attention was allways on Texan Sam in reference to the new A.K's. Aso I found the personality of Willow to be lacking in comparison to the first book, but that is just my opinion. It's that she didn't seem as developed or had basically as much "personality" as she did before. Otherwise thought it was great and would definetly reccomend it to a friend! :)
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