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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 30 January 2011
Content synopsis and words introduced including variations as follows..

1a Play with us
( Peter, Jane, and, Here, here, is, The, the, dog, likes, like, I, a, shop, in, has, toy, ball, tree ). These words are gradually introduced building up to a full sentence per page of up to 11 words. Bold thick text with upper case 'T' 14 mm tall.

2a We have fun
( Pat, They, they, are, water, fun, Come, come, comes, It, it, says, say, He, he, Look, look, looks, Have, have, A, fish, want, wants, No, no, You, you, some, This, this, for, Can, can, Jump, jump, jumps, ?, into, are, We, we, to, go, Yes, Can, sweet, sweets, toys, home ). Simple short sentence construction building up to 23 words per page. Bold thinner text ' T ' 9 mm tall.

1b Look at this
( trees, shops, Jane's, Peter's ). Simple three word sentence per page building up to two sentences of three or four words per page and single sentences of nine words per page. Bold thick text ' T ' 14 mm tall.

2b Have a go
Reinforces previous words. Three to nine word sentences. Bold thinner text ' T ' 9 mm tall.

1c Read and write
Links with 1a and 1b including the opportunity to start writing practice. A single word may need finishing to complete a sentence. Yes/ No question sentences need answering. All spaces have a small line for each missing letter. Answers at the back. Bold thinner text ' T ' 9 mm.

2c I like to write
Links with 2a and 2b with writing practice. Moving on from 1c yet the same format. Some sentences are missing the last one or two words, a box gives clear one and two word choices. Yes/No question sentences need answering. All spaces have a small line for each missing letter. Answers at the back. Bold thinner text ' T ' 9mm.

Taken from the inside covers..."Key Words with Peter and Jane uses the most frequently met words in the English language - scientifically researched and world renowned Key Words - as a starting point for learning to read successfully and confidently".
"Series a ~ gradually introduces and repeats new words".
"Series b ~ provides further practice of these same words but in a different context and with different illustrations".
"Series c ~ uses familiar words to teach Phonics in a methodical way, enabling children to read increasingly difficult words. It also provides a link to writing".

Hard backed gloss covers, each book has well spaced, bold clear text. Lovely water colour Illustrations with a 'dated' feel adding to their charm; each clearly illustrate the text so aiding understanding. They lend themselves to super observational and comparison discussions with a simpler less cluttered time. Supplied with a sturdy gloss finish box, red cord handle and Velcro fastening.

( There is a set of Key Word Flash Cards available to use with these books ).

A tailor made reading tool we use along side other story books and eventual reading scheme. I see these as an excellent key word and context reinforcement, clearly outlining word placement/meaning. As the text, theme and illustrations don't seem overly 'childish', perhaps an acceptable resource for adults too. My little one really engages with these, superb purchase!
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on 2 November 2015
I have a boy of 6 now, when he was younger he used to love books, and choosing n looking at pictures, and asking what it said, than he went to nursery n then school, whilst there he was given a Oxford tree reading book, every week he was given a new book to take home, the first few books in the Series they were ok as they had no words just pictures,to tell the story, than he was given one to read with words in it, the story was disruptive, this it scared him a bit, as they all fell out of a banana boat, cause it popped, he doesn't like seeing things get broken and they all got wet clothes, so he closed the book, n never read anything again, never looked at another book, since this went on from 4-5 we tried a few but he refused them all he went back to his baby board books and would only read n look at 'Dear Zoo, this was too young for him but we made a book and I adapted it with height n scales to weigh n bought the toys to go with it, he was not getting very far as he knew the book by memory, so I ordered these Peter and Jane set, I explained that mummy used this to learn to read n speak English back in 78, lol
He loved the box set, and he started reading them and now he can read, it's brilliant, we got his toy zomblings n we acted out the story we made a shop from paper and we named one Jane,as it helped as his friends mummy is also called Jane, the more we played the more he read, then he was just reading n the playing soon stopped, I never thought that we would accomplish this task before he reached 7, I thought he may of gone into his teens without knowledge of reading, but thanks to ladybird n the good old days Peter n Jane have taught muumy n son to read in less time than it took for nursery , school n de school out of a 6 yr old, he did this instantly, thank you Peter n Jane n ladybird,
They do a whole box set, of all 36 books at a cost £70, I have these too
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on 17 July 2011
I was strangely reassured by the old fashioned pictures on these books and I wasn't disappointed. They brought back memories of how I learned to read and are just brilliant. My 3 year old granddaughter loves them and is making excellent progress through the books. The box set is a real gem and I shall definitely buy the rest of the series.
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on 16 March 2017
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on 11 February 2011
I had these books as a child and have bought them now because I was a little unimpressed with the modern reading books.

The modern reading books seem to have no science behind them at all. For example, a modern book for a 5 year old will throw in the word 'invisible' or 'skeleton' because it suits the story. It certainly doesn't suit the 5 year old trying to read it. And they will frequently use hard to read fonts, italics, words like 'yeah', 'Kaboooooom!!!!!' and litter the pages with exclamation marks. You can tell that they have no educational basis behind them at all.

The peter and jane books were designed by a teacher with experience of teaching the 'hard to teach'. Simple repetition gives the child a feeling of success. The specially designed font is the easiest font for young readers to see (and has become a classic). The illustrations are simple and not distracting. And the key thing, the books get incrementally more advanced. They never throw in unreadable words for the sake of the story. Instead they bend the story to suit the words.

You simply can't get better books for teaching your children to read. Ignore all the comments about them being old fashioned. If making reading easier for kids is old fashioned, then call me old fashioned.
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on 14 November 2010
I bought these books for a change from the ORT range. My 4 yr old loves them and the different style. They have a lovely old fashioned charm.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 November 2011
My youngest son is six and for some reason he finds the phonic reading books at school very hard to read. I believe it is because the books don't have much of a story and make little sense and phonics, as most will know do not encompass all sounds. So I decided to try the good old Ladybird books and lo and behold he can read those fluently. I asked school to give him Magic Key, Firefly and Jellybean books as reading homework instead and he has no problems with those. So I can highly recommend this set as a learning resource for young readers.
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on 9 September 2010
I enjoyed these books as a child and decided to take a gamble on them for my daughter who is 2 and half and really enjoys her books. She can now already read some of the words and enjoys the pictures and stories. I would recommend them, just as good as I remember them.
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on 11 December 2011
I bought these for my 3 1/2 year old son as he's been showing lots of interest in reading and can already blend words using the phonics system which he really enjoys. However I wasn't sure how to progress with phonics as so many words can't be sounded out phonetically. I wanted to get some simple books that he could cope with and that helped with learning high frequency words. These fit the bill perfectly. On the first reading he was able to read several pages (with a little help of course), and within 1 week he was able to read book 1b (the second book) with very little prompting. The repetition and simple story makes learning easy and really builds their confidence. Only a handful of words are introduced at a time so there is a lot of opportunity for recognition. The phonics system (jolly phonics) has been really good in helping him to learn letters/sounds and blending, but these books used in conjunction with phonics are fantastic. What's more important is that he enjoys reading these and I think feels very pleased with himself that he can read a book 'like a big boy'.
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on 4 January 2011
I remember learning from Janet and John and Peter and Jane as a youngster and we weren't getting on with Kipper, Biff and Chip (oxford Tree), so I thought I'd try these. Admittedly they are a little old-fashioned, but they still work (unlike Janet and John, which are just too old-fashioned for my five year old to understand).

My five year old reads well and the repetition in these books is invaluable - as is introduing the variations in verbs eg. 'Peter likeS', but 'I like' - good for her communication skills.

She enjoyed the books she had to write in too.
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