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Customer reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2012
Apologises for the title of this review, but I really don't know what to say about this book. I brought it after being recommended it after reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy. I was really disappointed with it, in comparison to 50 shades, this book has no love story and is the gritty end of Sado-masochist behaviour, I must say -NOT what I was expecting. It basically follows a young lady who is a little flirtatious in her nature into initiation by means of a no strings relationship/business arrangement, into the sado-masochist lifestyle and ALL its qualities. There are another 2 books in this series, but I will not be reading them.... A bit too far for me....

On the plus side, the actual writing is better quality than 50 shades.... and I definitely know more now than I did before..... .....
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on 9 October 2012
Drawn to this book because of the "Fifty Shades" influence and a copy provided by NetGallery for review I was looking forward to a great read.

The first in s 3 part series, with BDSM in nature, this is however where the similarities end between this book and FSOG.

This book is more about the darker sides to BDSM in the relationships between Dominik and Summer as he is not your typical Dom (not judging by other titles I have read with a BDSM theme) and Vincent and Summer where the Master/slave relationship is taken to extremes.

The book opens with Summer lying naked on her boring boyfriends wooden floor, listening to Vivaldi's four seasons. He's boring for her as after six months together he does not fulfill her darker desires and she is restless to say the least. After several arguments she decides enough is enough and ends the relationship. She works part time as a waitress and spends a vast amount of her spare time busking around London with her violin.

Enter Dominik. He's a wealthy college professor who works two days a week and has a "no strings" relationship with a woman who is fast becoming everything he is trying to get away from. One night on his way home he hears Summer busking and is drawn by her music. He watches her from the shadows, totally consumed by the music she is playing and leaves her a £50 tip! From this moment he is eaten up by her, living out his fantasies of her with his long term no strings woman until he reads about a scuffle in the underground where Summer's violin is broken. From this moment he pursues her with an offer she cannot refuse.

The story quickly moves into Summer playing naked for Dominik in various situations which ends in them getting together, sometimes with others watching which escalates into pandemonium when an orgy ensues and he watches another man take her and is consumed with jealousy. This is the breaking point for them and she moves to NYC to follow a music job after losing her waitress job.

Here she meets Vincent who takes her an extreme adventure into a Master/slave relationship, offering her out for money. She never forgets Dominik however and he can't forget her.

I have to admit I was more than hopeful for emotional ties to build between Dominik and Summer and I didn't feel this at all until right near the end despite their seemingly close encounters where it all looked promising. And whilst she was with Victor I just wanted to shout at my kindle "What the hell are you doing? Get out, get out, get out!"

Having said this I did enjoy this book, probably because it is different to other things I have read and despite feelings of sadness for the relationship between the two leads I was enthralled enough by the writing to continue to the end. I will be reading the next books in the series as I feel this books ends abruptly so am hoping the second books takes off right from the first.

I would recommend to BDSM lovers looking for a different read, but not if your expecting this to be like FSOG because it isn't.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 October 2012
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Let's be honest, we're crossing the threshold away from what has always been considered acceptable for mainstream (female) romantic fiction. We've entered an era of eroticism in which woman are equal, often dominant, and quite happy to explore their sexuality. Fiction has to keep up and writers like E L James and Vina Jackson will soon be the norm and not the exception. I have to be absolutely honest and say that Eighty Days Yellow is incredibly lightweight apart from the sex which is very well written and believable - and that's the point - these books aren't supposed to appeal to your intellect!!!!! I found the lead female character of Summer, a musician, appealing and thought it was a great idea to create her as an artist and send her off into a world of colourful exploration. Yes; it's strong in places and weak in others but I could say the same about a great many other books by much more famous authors (mainly men).

Eighty Days Yellow is only a short book that's never dull and incredibly easy to read. If you want a weighty, interesting, researched romance then you might prefer an author such as Phillipa Gregory or Alison Weir but; if you want to get on board this new wave of contemporary, erotic fiction then Eighty Days Yellow is a good place to start.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 September 2012
The comparisons with FSoG don't do this book any favours: I suspect that people who enjoy one will dislike the other. I hated (hated!) Fifty for its unintentionally hilarious writing, its juvenile view of sexuality and romance, its coyness, just about everything really. This is quite different: for one the authors can actually write.

That said, I guess for me a book has to have more than a series of sexual encounters to keep my interest. This is erotic in places, and it takes its time to build up atmosphere and mood: some of the early encounters, especially, between Summer and Dominik explore the dark chemistry between them very well.

However, in order to keep the page count up when there's really not that much going on, this shifts into the increasingly sleazy, even sordid. The last third or so which depicts Summer's distasteful relationship with the repugnant Victor just left me feeling grubby and I had to skim that whole section of the book.

So there is a twisted `romance' somewhere in this book though it seems the authors would prefer us to buy the sequels to really explore it. This is far more adult (in every way) that FSoG and, thank heavens, doesn't indulge in teenage stalkerish behaviour to depict love and/or passion. But all sex and not much story just ends up being <whisper> dull... frankly, I ended up too bored to be bothered with any sequels - 3.5 stars.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 September 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is what's commonly known as a "band-wagon" book. You see it with most successful books. Look at all the "wizard" books that came out after JK Rowling's success; all the dystopia books after Hunger Games, and so on. So with the success of 50 Shades it is hardly surprising that there are going to be people who will want to copy that genre in the hopes of achieving the same success. This does not mean that the books of those following in the wake will necessarily be any worse or any better than the one which lead the way.

But is the book any good? Meh!

Summer Zahora is a busker on the underground. One day her precious violin is smashed. She gets an offer of a new violin from a stranger calling himself "D". She knows that "D" cannot be her latest inconsiderate lover Darren, so who can it be.

"D" is in fact University professor Dominik. A man who has seen Summer playing and became enamoured.

It is slow to get going and it is a long time before Dominik and Summer meet. Unfortunately, I found that the characters were cold and flat.

For any book to work there has to be a connection between the characters and the reader and this was missing for me.
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VINE VOICEon 6 October 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
why oh why did i pick this? From the blurb you don't realise this is another of those books like 50 shades of grey and OMG I do not want to read that book and I don't want to read others like it.

I made it through 50 pages before my brain was like "STOP READING!"
The story and the characters are not very interesting in my opinion and the writing well was just samey. Nothing original to this story at all. I didn't care for the characters and I found that I just couldn't continue. I cannot keep reading a book where I don't really care what the outcome is and how it comes about etc.

I hate to give 1 star ratings and I don't get why this genre is suddenly massive, I suppose its a good thing that people are reading and if you like this type of thing then this is probably for you.
Unfortunately for me it really isn't my cuppa tea so am going to do better to avoid these in the future.
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on 23 September 2016
This movie was a great movie enjoyed by the whole family, great quality and kept us gripped throughout. The plot was well thought out as well as the actors/ actresses of high quality. Vey easy to purchase and could be watched as many time as we like in the 24 hour window. I hope there is a sequel as I would defiantly purchase if available. Very good value for money and very good service to use. The middle of the movie was very hard to follow for the younger members of my family but a great movie non the less.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 February 2013
The hook in the blurb says if you like ....etc ... and I did so I tried this. Its disappointing :( , there's little story, the main characters are thin and not really likeable IMO and i just felt the story was a very poor copycat of the books mentioned. The sex scenes weren't erotic in the main and some (the section with Victor) were simply a trunoff. I wanted to say to her - "tell him to get lost" but she feebly clung on even though she was unhappy.
I see other reviewers have been ambivalent about the series and that some say the third book cuts it, but I'm not willing to pay just to see if it might pick up - there's far too many other really good books.
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on 4 October 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Plenty have summarised the plot and highlighted it isn't 50 Shades IV but I'm not at sure about this book. Summer and Dominik, while attracted to each other but then go in different directions because they fail to communicate which to me is more real along with the doubts and misunderstandings. Without the obvious attempts to cash in it is OK, darker and more graphic than the book it is trying to emulate but better written and less predictable.
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on 22 August 2012
Summer Zahova is a violinist from New Zealand, living in London where she is in a frustrating relationship with a man who can't meet her needs and struggling to make ends meets.
While busking in the underground, Summer gets caught up in a scuffle between rival football supporters which damages her violin beyond repair.
Dominik is a university professor who found himself enthralled by Summer and the way she loses herself while playing the violin on the one occasion he saw and heard her play. Unable to find her again and with no idea who the beautiful redhead is, he has almost given up the hope of ever meeting her when he reads an article about a violinist whose violin was broken. Now that he has a name, Dominik can contact Summer and he sets her a challenge:
"I am willing to gift you with a new violin. Do you accept my challenge and my terms?"
Unable to resist Summer contacts Dominik and agrees to play for him in a location and under circumstances to be determined by him.
And so starts a strange, but initially, fascinating relationship. Summer discovers that submitting to Dominik's requests satisfies her in a way she didn't know was possible, while Dominik's need for Summer only grows.
Things don't progress smoothly though. With their relationship being anything but exclusive Summer feels free to explore this newly discovered sexuality of hers with others as well. And when third parties become involved in the interactions between Dominik and his musician feelings get hurt and the two are torn apart.
With Summer delving deeper into the BDSM scene in New York, and Dominik left behind in London with no idea where the girl he needs is, both find themselves delving into relationships that don't begin to meet their needs. Is there any chance of these two people ever staying together long enough to discover that they actually need each other?

I'm not at all sure how I feel about this book.
I have, by now, read a few books about people discovering their not quite vanilla taste for sex and up until now it has been a case of a novice meeting someone who likes to dominate, discovering his/her submissive side and while the couple explore this BDSM relationship they fall in love and live happily ever after.
Nothing is quite that simple in this book. Summer and Dominik, while attracted to each other and enjoying the antics they get up to while together are not on path towards everlasting happiness. They are not even exclusive when it comes to sexual experiences. They come together only to be thrown apart again because they fail to communicate and don't recognise their own feelings and needs until it is (almost?) too late.
I'm not quite sure how I feel about this development. While it makes the story far more realistic - I mean, what are the chances that the first person with whom you indulge in a certain experience is also the person you want to spend the rest of your life with - it also makes the story more disturbing and liking the main characters more difficult.
In fact, I'm not at all sure I did like Summer and Dominic - or any of the other characters in the book.
I'm not sure how I feel about the shifting perspective in this book either. Sometimes it is Summer herself telling the story, then it is a narrator telling the reader about Summer's experiences and at yet other times we see things from Dominic's perspective. These shifts seemed to take the flow out of the story as I had to stop and think about who exactly was telling me what. I can't help wondering if this shifting perspective is the result of two authors having written this book together, and if that is the case, why an editor didn't make them change it.
Finally, this book comes with a "If you liked Fifty Shades, you'll love..." sticker. Don't be fooled by that. This book is only similar to Fifty Shades in that it deals with unconventional sexual relations. But whereas Fifty Shades was above all a love story, Eighty Days Yellow doesn't read like a love story at all. This is the story of a voyage of sexual self-discovery more then anything else and will probably appeal to a different sort of reader than the Fifty Shades books did.

So, there was a lot to question and even dislike about this book. On the other hand, it was also an intriguing story especially because it was so very unpredictable. At no point in this story did I feel as if I knew what would happen next. Events and characters kept on surprising me. And, now that I've finished this book I'm still wondering where the story will take the characters and if they will ever figure out what it is they want, individually or together. And that curiosity means that even though I wasn't crazy about this book I will probably read the next book in this trilogy before too long. The need to know what will happen next is far greater than my "dislike" of this story.
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