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on 28 October 2012
These books are a great read in their own right and bear only a passing resemblance to the tv series. Sometimes though you wish the scriptwriters would pick up some of the great plots from the books and this is one of those.
Loved it and will be reading the next as soon as its published!
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VINE VOICEon 25 January 2012
There has been a fluffy feel to the Dexter series of late, with children (warped ones), love interests (sort of) and some internal rambling monologues (some still present). Lindsay returns to top form in Double Dexter, a book full to the brim of self-loathing and a killer plot which twists and turns in very unpredictable ways. The dark humour is very similar to that of the first novel; pitch black and the humour derived from Dex's incomprehension of those around him is right on the nail. There are a few predictable plot mechanics which are delivered in a fashion which still shocks and ultimately this is good fun from start to finale. Double Dexter is smart crime fiction in the vein of Hiassen (more Florida based wackiness) and is a great read.
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on 30 August 2017
I got pushed into the direction of Dexter by a friend who recommended it to me, rather enthusiastically I might add. I was hooked straight away; creepy, tense, gory with a cleverly executed tone of macabre humour, that had me sniggering at things you wouldn’t usually, I was gripped and- before I knew it- I had binged the entire boxset in a matter weeks.
Naturally, having finished the TV series- and desperate for a further fix of thrills- I even ordered the full set of Lindsay’s books. Again I was not disappointed, they contained all the elements that I had loved from the series (most of all the dark humour) while being different enough that I didn’t feel like I was just running over the exact same story again (which excited me because it was like getting a whole new series with all the characters that I had grown so fond of).
Now I find myself, like my friend before me, not being able to recommend this series (and the books) highly enough!
Also, I might add, that if, like me, you find yourself desperately craving more when finishing everything ‘Dexter’ I have also stumbled upon another book in the Kindle store that you might appreciate too. It’s titled ‘The Buzz’: The Problems with Being a Serial Killer’ by the author M. P. d’Andilly. That’s about a killer too. It’s a different concept but has a similar sort of sarcastic/twisted humout to it in parts that I think fans of ‘Dexter’ will appreciate (I did).
I hope this review is helpful for you all.
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on 14 August 2015
Has humanity blunted our hero's sensibility? Another petty predictor is stalking our hero and seems to be outmanoeuvring him at every turn.
Another gently dark and imaginative story of our favourite law enforcement serial killer, written and recounted by his creator, Jeff Lindsay, told with delicious wit and alliteration and read to perfection.
Just listening to the narrative is sheer pleasure but add the story as well - oh, pure delight. So glad that there is another to start right away.
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Double Dexter is the 6th in the popular Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay. When his latest playdate is witnessed by an unknown man, Dexter, our favourite serial killer with a conscience, suffers a great deal of anxiety, wondering if life as he knows and loves it is over. But it seems his witness chooses to follow in his footsteps, then blog about it, and Dexter decides he needs to remove this copycat from the land of the living, if only he can find him. But Dexter's understandable arrogance leads him to underestimate his quarry. While the first paragraphs are a bit repetitive, all that waxing lyrical about the moon, we can forgive Lindsay this when we know what is coming will be good. And it is. Dexter's inner monologue is always entertaining, even if he appears to be a self-pitying, inactive Dexter, performing at less than his usual Dexter standard. Not even motherhood has tempered the creative standard of insult and put-down that Dexter's ever-scowling sister, Deborah, manages to achieve. Lindsay reaches new heights with the scatter-brained Rita's hilarious disjointed dialogue, and Dexter's exchanges with Masuoka are always droll. Dexter's complete inability to read human emotions is highlighted and contrasts with his very human total lack of impartiality about his own offspring's abilities. Lindsay skilfully captures the feel of Miami, the humidity, the mindset, and gives us a good dose of irony with Dexter being suspected of a murder he didn't commit. As always, brilliant imagery and plentiful, imaginative D alliteration abound. The only problem with the Dexter series is waiting for the next one to be published.
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on 10 October 2012
I found myself unable to put this book down once I had started it. I'm a big fan of all of the Dexter books, Jeff Lindsay's writing style is extremely appealing. For anyone new to the series (and if you are I suggest starting with Darkly Dreaming Dexter which is the first book in the series, and read the rest of the series in sequential order to get the most out of them) Dexter is a serial killer, with a difference. He only kills bad guys.

This basic premise of this novel, that of a witness, is excellent. It really puts the pressure on Dexter in a way he hasn't been through before, he has been threatened before, a lot, but never has the tension as high as it is now. Add to that the return of his brother earlier in the series, who is forming a stronger bond with Rita and Dexters step kids, plus house hunting with Rita, Dexter is really up against it this time.

There is a sub plot with Rita, which I won't spoil, which Jeff Lindsay cleverly manipulates the story so that the reader has a good idea what's going on in her head, whilst Dexter is completely clueless. I think this is a touch of genius, since the story is told from the point of view of Dexter who doesn't even suspect something is up, never mind being to work out what it is, whilst we, the reader, have a pretty good idea, or at least strong suspicions, what Rita is thinking. Dexters blind spot being down to the fact that emotions are such an alien concept to him.

This brings me onto one of the other excellent things about this series. Dexter is so convinced he is different from other humans, and doesn't feel emotion, yet his thoughts and actions show otherwise. I always feel he is a lot more like the rest of us than he likes to believe, albeit a very disturbed individual.

I love the writing style, I always enjoy the alliteration Jeff Lindsay uses when describing Dexter, the way he puts all his 'D's together. You'll understand when you read it. This is also reflected in all the titles in the series.

There is something deeply enjoyable about reading a Dexter novel. It is never going to be a classic in the sense that people will be reading it hundreds of years down the line. Extrememly good fun, definitely, and this should appeal to anyone with an interest in crime. Highly recommended.
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on 30 April 2013
`Double Dexter` is an amazing instalment to the series. This time
around his daughter is reaching the toddler stage, Rita is adament
about buying a new propert, and dear brother Brian is putting on
pressure about joining in for one of his victims.

One night Dexter is slaying a child molestor who poses as a clown
for kids parties. He is seen by a person in a red Honda - wwhich
leads to him being stalked, black mailed and maybe even dead!

The one thing this novel definitly doesn't lack is suspense.
However at times I thought it did drag on. It is the longest of
the series but by no doubt the second best. There is a slow build
up to the climatic ending which believe me really makes it worthy
while. The suspense in the last fifty pages are amazing. The humor
is also top-notch, particuarly with Doakes, the cop you love to hate.

If you are a fan of the novels and series then this is a must have!
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on 2 June 2013
Jedd Lindsay has managed to create a characture who whilst being an understandable monster, has charm, a kind of innocent naivety, an honesty, standards that have a weird sort of justice attached to them.He lives like an alien in a strange land, trying to escaped detection, but drawing those of a kindredness to him like a magnet. Because you are sharing his thoughts and reasoning, you almost know him better thatn he knows himself. So you enter a world in which our standard morality is kind of warped, whilst Dexter's growing family and designer lifestyle is becoming the norm. The horror is understated or glossed over, because you view from Dexter's point of view. The story line is well written with style and humour and you are carried along its path, knowing that someday it is all going to catch up with him and his convoluted escapism will go pear shaped and his career will come to a sticky and painful end. However, I hope that day will be a long time comng and that Jeff Lindsay will manage to keep Dexter going for as long as it takes to rid the world of the really Nasties. Dexter is up there with Hannibal and Mr. Ripley in my book..
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on 24 April 2012
This one really builds on the characters in the previous books. Although the book would stand alone it definitely helps to have read the others first.
It had me hooked pretty much from start to finish. I think it took me three days to read.
There are always some good twists in the Dexter plots but this book was impossible for me to predict where it was going right up to the end.
Dick D
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on 18 October 2016
Throughout his career as the friendly neighbourhood serial killer, Dexter has avoided being noticed. However, all good things must come to an end and upon being seen Dexter is pulled into a dark and deadly game with an individual who is now out to get him.

Another book filled with Dexter’s wit and our favourite characters, this one follows Dexter as his seemingly perfect life becomes more dangerous for him and those closest to him. With all eyes focused upon him, Dexter soon finds himself in a predicament as to what exactly he is to do about the double that is playing a massive game with him.

If you’ve read the prior Dexter books you should have an idea of what to expect, the kinds of trouble that Dexter is going to find himself in. Following the last five books, Dexter once again needs to deal with a slippery situation as he tries to keep everything about his seemingly perfect life looking normal. If you’re a fan of the series then it’s another must read.
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