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Written in first person narrative from Tempest perspective. Tempest has always known she is half mermaid, something that doesn't manifest itself until her 17th birthday. She hates the fact that she is half-mer mainly due to the fact that her mermaid mother left her and her family to return to the sea a number of years ago. Tempest holds the sea responsible, though she is powerfully drawn to it. Lovely reflective pieces of writing are inserted into the prose giving it a personal feel and providing insight into the plot.

There are lots of technical surfing terms and slang used within the narrative. Making me wonder if Tracy surfs herself and was able to write about surfing so thoroughly because of that fact.

Tempest has a wonderful circle of friends. The best of both her worlds really with her surfing crowd and the girls she goes to school with. Mark, her boyfriend, has hidden depths of emotion where Tempest is concerned he sees below the surface and past the carefully erected barriers she has around herself. Although I did think that his character altered negatively as the story progressed. I would have liked to see that part of the story handled slightly differently. Kona on the other hand, as well as being visually pleasing [ : D ] from the outset you can tell that there is so much more to him than meets the eye. Although I am totally burnt out on love triangles, the premise of this one is quite sound when you take into consideration that Tempest is trying to cling onto her human life with everything she has got. As an outsider, I could see that this was not necessarily what was best for her.

Tempest doesn't handle the two different sides of herself very well, trying with all her might to run away from the mermaid side of herself. She is very bitter about her mother leaving, and you keenly feel her hurt and bewilderment at that particular event. Tempest's feeling of hopelessness at the lack of options available to her really hit home with me. The mystery surrounding the reasons for her mothers departure add to the plot dynamics.

The writing is so sensory, encompassing all the senses making vivid pictures within my imagination. It was very easy to create Tempest's world. I have been scuba diving at an advanced level (before I had the children) and must say that Tracy's descriptions of being deep underwater bring those memories back to colourful life. The sense of wonder at the alien world beneath the sea; the feeling of exhilaration, the sensation of the weight of the water along with a sense of freedom are beautifully written into the narrative. There are interesting details and scientific explanations about sea life that add realism to the plot and expand the storyline.

I was especially envious of Tempest's house and it's location *sigh*. Tempest has the added benefit of a close knit family and a wonderful relationship with her father. So open, honest and equal.

I really enjoyed the pacing of the plot, there was always something new to learn or be revealed. I think there still is and would love the series to continue. There is a fairytale feel in places especially with the description of the castle and the recapping of actual fairy tales in order to add substance to the plot.

The inclusion of the tapestry depicting an ancient prophecy added to the storyline but I did feel Tempest was a little naive in not putting the pieces together sooner, but I do think hindsight is a wonderful superpower to have. Remorse and regret are an unfortunate side effect of life and the consequences of our decisions. The ending was lovely *sniff* not at all what I was expecting.

For me this story contained action, adventure, romance, the course of destiny, and the path of self-discovery. I would love to see what happens to Tempest next, please can we another book.
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on 13 March 2016
This book is really good if you like a few twists and mythical creatures! The storyline is very engaging and gets you reaing to the end. Tempest is a very interesting character and has to make a brain-crunching decision Overall i think this book is awesome :)
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on 11 November 2012
With the emergence of a mermaid book invasion, I thought it was about time I saw what all the fuss was about. So I chose Tempest Rising as a my first mermaid book. I didn't realise it wouldn't just be mermaids and I was surprised to discover water witches too, not too mention the rather hot selkie I just made my acquaintance with.
To me, this book felt like it was in two parts. In the first half you meet Tempest as she struggles to come to terms with the imminent changes brought on by her impending seventeenth birthday. Every thing appears semi normal, as long as you ignore the fact Tempest has grown a tail and now has a lovely set of gills behind her ears. The second half of the book occurs completely under water and it felt a little as though the book had moved into a fantasy world. A bit like Bedknobs and Broomsticks when the children end up in the cartoon. It felt a little surreal. Now I know that makes it sound like I didn't enjoy it, but I really did and I wasn't at all perturbed by this drastic changes of style; I just felt it gave a clearer representation of the two sides of Tempest's gene pool.
I really liked Tempest. She was a normal average hormonal teen who now had to deal with the oncoming changes turning her into a mermaid. What girl would really want that? And Tempest fights it all the way until Kona arrives...
Kona is the hot selkie and let me tell you he is a welcome addition to the story. For the first few chapters I thought Mark, Tempest's boyfriend was gorgeous until Kona put firecrackers under him, knocking him right out of the limelight. Seriously Kona was stunning. His relationship with Tempest was innocent and sensuous at the same time. I loved that he could see into her mind and always knew just what she was thinking. OK, I admit, I wouldn't want that in real life as it would appear just a little stalkerish, but in this book it really works.
There are lots of references to the ocean within this book and the language used to describe was breath taking. I honestly didn't realise there were so many ways to describe the beach, yet this author almost personified it.
The ending surprised me and left me wanting closure. So I can't wait to get my hands on the next book to find out what happens next.
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on 14 March 2012
I have to say, I'm pretty sceptical about mermaids in YA fiction. I'm just not sure about it, so when I recieved Tempest Rising by Tracey Deebs for review last year, I wasn't 100% that I would read or review the book. But around the same time, I picked up a copy of Forgive My Fins by Tera Lyn Childs and I loved that book, so I thought that perhaps I should also give Tempest Rising a chance.

And I found myself surprised by Tempest Rising. It isn't nearly as fun or light-hearted a read as Forgive My Fins, and I found myself very confused - especially towards the end, but overall I did enjoy this book. I really enjoyed a lot of Tempest's relationship with surfer-boy Kai and also of her inner struggle to forgive and understand her mother's motivations for choosing the water over her family.

Tempest is nearing her 17th birthday and she has always known that at the time she will have a choice to make. Stay on land with her father and her younger brothers or to choose the ocean like her mother did before her. Tempest has a lot of bad feelings towards her mother for the choice that she made and Tempest is certain of how she will choose when the time comes. Even though Tempest has a real affinity for the water and could spend hours surfing the waves, she still feel as though her mother's actions were self and equal abandonment towards her and her family.

But when a hot and mysterious surfer boy, Kai, enters Tempest' life, she begins to question herself and the choice ahead of her. And it doesn't seem to be as straightforward as Tempest has been led to believe, as there is a dark force that seems after her. And when somebody Tempest cares about is attacked by this dark force, Tempest chooses the ocean. And in this choice, she discovers more about herself, about Kai and about her mother's decisions.

I did enjoy this book, I really liked the surfing towards the beginning, and I found the relationship between Tempest and Kai to be quite sweet. The mythology of the mermaids and other underwater creatures was interesting and there is this obvious big build-up to explosive events that will occur throughout the rest of the books in this series. I'm intrigued.
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on 16 February 2012
Tempest surely makes honor to her name. A vivid girl full of energy, full of love for the sea and for surfing. A passion she shares with her boyfriend Mark and her friends every day at 5am, going out with them, surfboard in hand, ready to conquer the waves.
Ready to show her father, her brothers and herself that she could live between the land and the sea. That she wasn't like her mother. That in her seventeenth birthday she was going to stay human, to stay with her family. That no matter what she would never become mermaid.

But like her mother tried to tell her in the letter she left for her, that decision would be really difficult to make.

And when nightmares start to circle her making Tempest remember a luring force that tried to take her deep into the sea when she was a child she begins to wonder if her decision could affect other people. Maybe her destiny wasn't her own after all.

But she wasn't ready to leave Mark behind, her hopes or her dreams of a human live. At least not until a new guy arrived to the beach. His name was Kona and she was sure that just like her he was special... merman special maybe? She didn't know but there was something that drag her close to him.

It was that something that drove her inside the sea, looking for him after he disappeared with a deathly injure. And it was then that her destiny began to unravel.

Personal opinion:
Before beginning with the book I have to say I completely love this cover and it was one of the main reasons I bought the book. Yes, pretty covers lure me like candies lure kids. Besides, it looks so pretty in my bookshelf!

And now, going back to the plot: I loved it. A lot. Despite the fact that Tempest tries to run away from her destiny a lot I understand that for her the situation wasn't easy. Her mother's departure leaving her dad, her brothers and herself alone was too much to forgive so quickly. And in fact, Tempest was happy with her human life... the thought of leaving everything behind was overwhelming.

Her fears were always understandable, her doubts between Kona and Mark also very nice developed. I mean, who wouldn't be in love with both boys? First we have Mark, her boyfriend and friend with whom she shared this love for the ocean and surfing. He is protective, sexy, supportive and he really loves her, even if she has been very cryptic about her situation with the whole mermaid thing.
And then we have Kona, gorgeous, handsome and amazing Kona who, just like her, hides something beneath that cool surface. With him Tempest feels a connection right away and even if she can't explain it she knows it means something. And the way his eyes looks always at her, with so much intensity and so much longing that it's a miracle she doesn't melt every time they are together.

The battle scenes were also well developed but I was expecting more... danger, you know? Yes, some parts were really sad and heartbreaking, that I can assure you, but a little bit more of tension could be very useful.
And the fact that there's a second book coming out in June, although a little far away, makes me supper happy because I could use some more Kona, some more intrigue and a few more answers about Tempest's destiny.

Overall a great mermaid book with a great plot, lovely characters and an ending that will make you want more.
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Tempest is fast approaching her seventeenth birthday but unlike most teenagers she isn't looking forward to celebrating. As a half mermaid she knows she will be faced with a difficult decision - will she chose to stay on land with her family and friends or will she pick life in the ocean, abandoning her family just like her mother did six years ago?

I've read a few mermaid books this year and have enjoyed the differnt takes on mermaid mythology and the various underwater worlds that the authors have created. Although I enjoyed Tempest Rising I don't think it was as strong as some of the other books I've read. I'll have to warn you there will probably be a few minor spoilers in my review because I can't explain what I didn't like about it without giving some information.

My main problem was that I didn't really like the main character Tempest. At first we meet a very laid back girl who is obsessed with surfing with her friends and boyfriend but who also cares deeply for her family and has helped raise her younger brothers since their mother deserted them six years ago. Tempest obviously has issues since being abandoned by her mother and I really felt for her when she was worrying about the decision she needed to make for her own future. She didn't want to be someone else who abandoned her family and left them heartbroken. I even forgave her for the way she was so mean to her boyfriend Mark because she had so much going on. Poor Mark has been her on again, off again (but mostly on) boyfriend for two and a half years and they are supposedly madly in love but she treats him appalingly. For example, Tempest nearly drowns in a surfing accident, she is saved by Mark and then when he shows that he is concerned about her she gets really angry with him and refuses to talk to him. Well excuse Mark for being a nice boyfriend - I guess you'd prefer him not to care that you nearly died!

Then Kona comes on the scene, the mysterious (but oh so hot) surfer that appears from nowhere and disappears just the same. Tempest is so in love with her boyfriend Mark that she of course is immediately drawn to Kona and seems to completely forget that Mark even exists. Kona obviously knows about her supernatural abilites and the choice she has to make but absolutely refuses to tell her anything which must make him completely trustworthy and just adds to the attraction (you'll have to forgive my sarcasm). So when Kona disappears it makes perfect sense for Tempest (who previously was determined never to abandon her family) to follow him without a second thought.

Now I absolutely hate a cheater so when Tempest hooks up with Kona despite the fact that she is still dating Mark that immediately gets my back up. As nice as Kona is and as much as they are obviously meant to be together I don't care about either of them anymore and am not interested in their relationship. What made it even worse was the way the author tried to justify Tempest's actions. When Tempest returns nobody knows that she has been unfaithful but her friends are happy to tell her that Mark has been looking at another girl. So although Mark hasn't cheated and Tempest has it is Mark who looks like the bad guy and Tempest doesn't bother to put anyone right. In fact she just makes herself feel better by letting Mark off the hook, telling him that it's ok if he wants to be with someone else & that they're better off as just friends. I was about ready to throw the book at that point so don't even get me started on the ending. I'm not going to spoil it by telling you what happens but it irritated the heck out of me.

As much as I've complained about the book I did really like the underwater world that Tracy Deebs has created, the mythology around the mermaids, their history and the enemy that Tempest has to face were all really interesting and were what kept me reading. The action scenes are well written, the author was able to play on my heart strings and I did feel for Tempest before she started two timing Mark. I actually really liked Kona too, just not the way Tempest's relationship with Mark wasn't resolved before she got together with him. So despite the problems I'd still say it is worth giving Tempest Rising a try if you're looking for a mermaid story and I probably will pick up the sequel when it comes out next year.
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on 19 September 2011
Tempest Rising is one of those books I have really mixed feelings about, even now that I have finished it I am still struggling to decide how I feel about it. I think part of the reason I didn't love it as much as I hoped is because I read it while distracted. This always means I don't really allow myself to get as into it as I would hope and therefore don't get a good connection with the characters from the beginning. While reading this I kept thinking to myself `This is a great book, why can't I get properly into it?' I just never felt `part' of the book or like I was there with the characters until near the end.

I think one of the things which I struggled with in this book is the romance, a lot of this book is built around that but I didn't properly feel any of the romance until the end. I don't know whether it was because I could never really get a picture of the guys in my head or another reason. Towards the end, for some reason, the emotions became more true for me and I finally felt like I clicked with the characters.

I really enjoyed the mermaid side of this story and although I didn't feel there was a lot that was really unique it didn't really take much away from the book. Saying that, there was little unique things in this book which really added to the storyline and the book as a whole. Tracy did a great job of making everything feel very real and I loved her descriptions which really helped me see and feel what Tempest did.
Tempest is a great character, she is so strong throughout the book but not to the point where things became to unrealistic, there are points where she shows she isn't as strong as she acts. I also really liked how she did make mistakes throughout the book and how she almost discussed these with the reader - I really felt like Tracy made this very reader friendly read.
The emotions between Tempest and her mother were ones I didn't totally `feel' but yet I felt her emotion for her dad and brothers. This may be because Tempest feelings were backed up by her actions towards her brothers and dad whereas Tempest wasn't able to show that apart from what she was thinking.
Over-all Rising Tempest is definitely worth a read and is a book which really makes me want to read more mermaid books in the future as well as more books by Tracy.
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on 7 August 2011
A couple of YA books have focused on Mermaids in the past but none that I have read have been anywhere near amazing as this. The day after Tempest Rising arrived, I started reading it and finished it the same day because I couldn't put it down.

Tempest had a really strong voice from the very beginning. She is sure of herself, loves her life and knows exactly what she wants. I loved that she didn't have any of the typical teenage girl hang ups about herself and there wasn't any constant whining about her boyfriend being too good for her. Tempest has a great self confidence which sets a fantastic example for readers, letting them know its ok to be happy with exactly who you are. She's extremely angry with her mother for leaving the whole family and she can't understand the decision she made to live as a mermaid instead of as a human with her family but when Tempest begins to grow gills and the call of the water gets stronger, she realises that things may not be as easy as she once thought.

Both guys in this book are HOT. Mark, Tempest's human boyfriend is lovely! As a surfer, he is obviously quite fit and I don't think I would complain about seeing him in action in the water. He also is besotted with Tempest and would do anything for her, no matter how much she annoys him at times. I was really routing for Mark from the beginning but also for Tempest to treat him better. She was quite closed off around him and seemed to just run away whenever something would happen. Another thing I didn't like about Tempest's relationship with Mark was how quickly she dismissed him when Kona made an appearance. As soon as this sexy as hell, mysterious surfer came onto the scene, it was like Tempest forgot she even had a boyfriend. I understand that this book is all about fate concerning who/ what you are supposed to be but still, have some restraint girl!

As much as I liked Mark, when Kona appeared, my allegiance changed very quickly. There was something about Kona that drew me in so much more than Mark and maybe that was due to who he is and what he is. His presence in the book is hard to miss and I couldn't get enough of him. He's charming, a bit cheeky and sensitive all at the same time. Kona is also a surfer so this immediately gave him something in common with Tempest. There was definitely a spark between Tempest and Kona immediately which isn't explained fully until later on in the book but I loved the reasoning for everything. The passion and tension between these three characters was intense and smoking hot at times. I couldn't get enough of this love triangle.

Although so far, this book sounds like the main idea is for Tempest to choose between Mark and Kona but there was so much more to it than that. Tempest Rising has a great history and mythology of mermaids and other creatures from under the sea and this was all explained very well. Nothing is really touched upon until nearly half way through the book but I liked how Tempest was kept guessing, not knowing anything herself really, until Kona shows up and demands some answers from him. I loved learning about what went on under the water and about all different kinds of things down there and what they stood for. The history behind Tempest, her family and the problems she faces are all explained really well and because of this, I could feel what Tempest was feeling, how she was torn between two lives which she could see herself living.

Not only do we get a great love triangle with this book but an amazing baddie. Unfortunately, it isn't all cute fish and dolphins under the sea and there is one person in particular who is determined to cause a hell of a lot of trouble. I don't want to say too much about this part of the book as I feel it gives away quite a lot about what is really going on but I will say this, the baddie gives Ursula a serious run for her money when it comes to being evil and scary. A second book is in the works as well as a stand alone called Unplugged which I am excited about so much already!

I loved this book from beginning to end. It had me gripped from the very first page and I didn't want to put it down at any point. Mermaids, romance, hot surfer boys and a seriously evil baddie. What more could you ask for?
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on 2 July 2011
4½ Out of 5 Stars
Tempest's mother, Cecily, left when she was ten, disappearing into the ocean without so much as a goodbye. Cecily left behind a daughter, two sons and a husband. She also left letters. Tempest knew what her mother was because she'd seen that beautiful emerald tale: her mom was a mermaid. But Tempest didn't know why she left. All she knew was that when she turned seventeen, she would have three months to choose between the land and the sea. And as that birthday dawns, Tempest is feeling lost. She doesn't know why her mother doesn't come to help her through the change, as she promised. So many things are happening to her, and she hates it. She hates what she is becoming. So when the fate of the ocean falls under threat, will she be strong enough to make the right choice?
I've never read a story about a mermaid before. I guess I saw them as being a little too-young, mainly based on my view of Disney's Little Mermaid. But after reading Tempest Rising, my idea of the mermaid has completely changed. The mythology Tracy Deebs used was just amazing. There was a darkness `under the sea', mainly in the form of a sea witch with a "god complex". Then there was the three-month choice, something I'd never even considered. It was all so new, so refreshing and so different. By the end I had made up my mind: I want to be a mermaid. Forget vampires, werewolves and angels: I want to be a mermaid!
Tempest... my heart literally broke for her. She had to choose the sea and her mother or the land, her father, brothers and boyfriend. No seventeen-year-old should have to make that kind of choice (even fictional ones). Then there was the damage left over from her mother's leaving. Every time she was bought up, I felt Tempest's pain, as well as her anger. And then Tempest finds herself turning into what she blames for taking her mother away. She really didn't deserve what was her terrible burden from birth. It just wasn't fair. But Tempest... she was strong, caring and brave. I connected with her, related. She was so amazing, and I wish I had half the strength she does. She was just an amazing lead girl, who could look after herself - which is, as you probably have guessed by now, what I like in my female protagonists - and others.
The other characters were just as vibrant. The sweet, albeit slightly controlling, boyfriend Mark. The loving father, whose scenes with Tempest left my eyes moist. He was just so understanding, willing to give up his daughter if it meant she would be happier. Her adorable little brother Moku, and the tough- teenage brother Rio, who was a sweet little boy on the inside. And then there was Kona. I loved his intensity, his sense of humour... Yes, lots of brilliant characters.
But what truly made this stick out was the underwater world. So... intense, so real, and so well thought out. I wanted to live down there, in that place Tracy Deebs created. Hence the sudden wish for a tail. There was action, magic, adventure, romance and surprise mythical creatures I'd forgotten all about. Plus, for Dark Romance lovers, there's a little bit of a love triangle in there.
Once again, for the third review in a row: Let there be a sequel! I want to know more about Tempest and this amazing world. It's all just... magical.
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To be honest with you I put off reading this title for a while purely for the fact that I thought it probably wasn't for me, hoping that one of my female reviewers would pick it up and give it a go. (Alas Lady Eleanor decided that there were plenty of other "fish" that took her fancy more so left it to me.)

What surprised me was that whilst I expected this to be a Teen Chick Flick type of title I was surprised at how rounded it was, at how the character had to try to adapt her duel nature (often unsuccessfully) as she negotiated not only our own world but the hidden mysteries of the sea that call to her with their own siren song. Its beautifully written, the character nicely rounded and all in whilst in places it did come over as a little simplistic it's the interactions as well as revelations which, when backed with a decent plot line really keep the title afloat.

All in, whilst I was surprised at my enjoyment, its definitely made sure that I'll look into others by this author, even if the book back doesn't sell itself which only goes to show that below the surface some titles really do run deep and strike a chord with a reader on so many levels.
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