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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2013
So it's here. The next instalment in the H.I.V.E series: Deadlock. I've been full of anticipation leading up to this book. The waiting was hard, but was it worth it??

Well as with the previous book, Mr Walden, carries on to provide snippets of the past. These parts I particularly enjoy because they aren't too long but provide just enough of the story behind these characters to help you put the pieces together. So the book starts off with one of these, harping back to when Dr Nero and Raven meet for the first time. Showing how they became friends. So it's an action packed first few pages. Good start.

Then it moves onto finding out about Otto and what he's been doing after being "expelled" from the school. Him, Raven and H.i.v.e mind are out trying to find out information on the illustrious Glasshouse. So really the story goes through twists and turns as the characters struggle to find the hidden base. The story as a whole isn't that awe inspiring, not as full on and intense as his other books, but saying that there are a few interesting twists in the plot.
Such as who is the architect?? This is a neat little twist. Didn't see that coming until I read it haha. There's another thrown in about Ms Furan as well. You find out how she is connected with Nero and everyone. So these little twists and added info, add to the full picture to help the book saunter across the finishing line. It's not as good as the others, lacking something, but then near the end we find out about the Disciples true plan. That was the big spanner in the works as we see a new enemy emerge that is even more powerful than overlord. So this gears it up for the next book and brings about new excited expectation for book 9.

Recommendations. If your a fan of these books then obviously read it because it helps answer a few questions and set it up for what looks to be an exiting next book. Those that haven't read these before, go back and start at the beginning and reap the full benefits of these great books.

Book 9: Bring it on!!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 June 2013
I waited so long for this one. More than two years! It was worth the waiting though because it is a brilliant book, for Young Adults (but the no so young will enjoy it as much). It the 8th in the H.I.V.E series and cannot be read as a stand alone.
In Deadlock, after Laura's forced betrayal, we have Otto and Raven hot the tracks of Anastassia Furan but they cannot find her school, the Glasshouse.
Many Alpha students are still her prisoners and their time is running short. And they are losing hope of being rescued.

For those who have read all the books in the series, you will be pleased to know that Franz, yes our blundering Franz, comes into his own as a superb... oh sorry, I do not think I should tell after all. Better you find out by yourself.

We have less of Raven's ninja kicks but still loads of action. It is more team action this time and preparation rescue.

H.I.V.E Deadlock is an easy but very entertaining read. I read it in nearly one sitting. But compared to the other HIVE, I have found it more ''thoughtful'' and less over the top (oh, no worries, I love Over the top action). Maybe because our heroes are three year older? I think it is one of the best of the series.
It finishes on a cliff hanger, of course and you know that was is coming next is going to be bad, very bad, for Otto but also for the entire HIVE and GLOVE organisation. Let's just hope that Diabolus Darkdoom will come up with some of his new toys in time. And I hope the next book is just around the corner because I cannot wait another two years.

In the meantime, I think I am going to have a quick re-read of all the 7 previous Hive.
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on 13 June 2013
Another excellent book in the HIVE series. The events of the previous book provide the launch pad for the action scenes, with further development of the main character (the adorable Otto) and a couple of the secondary characters.

It was another fast-paced story that will appeal to the YA market, as well as those of us long past those years but who are still attracted by a good story, told in style.

The author is building anticipation for future plot development with some hints of things to come as the plot evolves. The great cast of primary characters will obviously be facing more challenges and danger in the books ahead and I am keen to see where the author takes them next.

I feel almost guilty giving this four rather than five stars but I very, very rarely give five stars so four it is. If you have never read any of the HIVE series, I strongly recommend you start with the first book and work through the series. It is well worth it and each book builds on what happened before. You could read this as stand-alone but it is much more satisfying with an understanding of the background to the characters and the world of HIVE.
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on 28 October 2013
I purchased this book among with others in the series for my grandsons when they come to visit, as the classic 'Disney stories' are now far too young a read for them. I think they appreciated having something more of their own age to read at bedtime, and are the sort of books they read from their school libraries. So yes, I think they were a good buy.
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on 3 August 2013
I have not read this book personally but it was requested by my grandson for his tenth birthday. He cannot get enough of these books and was obviously delighted with the content of this one. You can tell when a child really loves something or is just being polite!
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on 1 August 2013
An excellent book in an awesome series.

For those who don't know the series starts with "higher institute of villainous education" And follows the life of an exceptional young boy through the challenges of his unorthodox education.
I recommend this book and the others in this series to everyone, especially teenagers. Those who enjoy Books by Robert Muchamore, Charlie Higson and the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz should enjoy this series.
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on 8 June 2013
This is another thrilling and well written addition to the HIVE series. I can barely wait for the next adventure!
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on 10 June 2013
That was the best book I have read in a long time! It had surprises and suspense and even a little romance. It has a brilliant ending and a great set up for the next book! I cannot wait for the next book in the series!!
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on 5 November 2014
This is an exiting and highly entertaining adventure story for a fairly mature audience. I would recommend it for anyone interested in action stories. I can't wait for the next one to come out. This is one of the best one's yet. I particularly liked the cliff hanger at the end.
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on 17 June 2014
I highly recommend this book and u will too how longer until till the next Otto has gained a new ability and faces a threat worst than overlord I think his name was any was the new threat is worst than overlord and why did Lucy have to die in the last book why :(
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