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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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The second in this dark and gripping and not to mention quite funny series about a modern day vampire family was just as good as the first, if not better!

This book follows a different Drake brother; Logan who is the second eldest of the 7 Drake brothers. The action leaves off pretty much not long after it ended in the first book and delves straight into the aftermath of the Drakes mother having killed the Queen and thus inherited her role and the rest of the family gaining royaly status as a result. Father Liam, sees it as great oppertunity to organise and create treaties in the hope of creating a peace and a safer future for his vampire children. In comes the girl who helped save thier mothers life, Isabeau from the Hound faction who live in the quiet and secluded caves on the outskirts and having helped them already, seems the perfect negotiator from her Hound people to negotate for the treaty on their part.

It is not long before she catches Logan's eye and they seem to hit it off but it's never that simple. Isabeau is not exactly the romantic type due to her past... and she tries to deny the connection which is clearly present between Logan and herself. I really loved her character, she is stubborn and fierce but at the same time vulnerable which comes out in the many trips back in time we take as a reader to pre and post French Revolution to discover what has made her like this. Slowly between flipping back to the past and back to the future each time, the mystery about her past unravels as the book goes on and we learn that a certain person is responsible for what she is and about her need for revenge...
I really like the charcter of Logan too as he was so different to that of Nicholas in the last book, dressing up in his period/pirate style clothes and his old fashioned gentlemanly ways were some what of a nice change from the usual sterotype of the sexy vampire. I like that he seemed real as opposed to creating him as somewhat unobtainable like in most vampire fiction.

The last book alternated between Solange and Lucy in terms of narrative but this book seems to do it more in sections of Logan and Isabeau. The ending makes clear that while things are solved for now, that the battle against Montemarte is still going strong and he is not ready to give up his fight to cliam both the crown and Solange.

I really liked that we were not left in the dark about developments from the last book in terms of Lucy and Nicholas and Solange and Kieran which was nice. All too often in series which take on this kind of form, the writer forgets to do this and leaves readers frustrated about the goings on of the previous characters, so this was a definate plus! I also like that she carried through the little Disney references here and there about Snow White and Sleeping Beauty that she started in the last book. Most of all I liked how different Logan was from Nicholas and I am sure that each book after will be concentrated on one brother at a time and with the frequent mention of Quinn in this book,like that of Logan in the last, I think Harvey is trying to get us used to Quinn for the next one. I could be wrong but I think he may be the focus of the next one! I can not wait to see where she takes the Drake story next, we have a bit of a wait though, as the next installment: Out for Blood is out November the 1st. I have mines preordered :)

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I was hugely excited for the second installment in the Drake Chronicles and am glad to say that it pleased me a lot! I know a lot of you girls out there are excited for it too - you better be, because this is so much better than Love Lies Bleeding (US title: Hearts at Stake)!

Let me start by saying that it surpassed all my expectations. I thought it was going to be a book that was more romance than anything but boy was I wrong. It was a good mix of mystery and action (I love!) - it was really a fast-paced read which I could barely let go of.

It is not only an excellent sequel, it can also stand-alone. Alyxandra Harvey continues the plot in Love Lies Bleeding smoothly, without foregoing the development of the relationships (Nicholas-Lucy!) established in its predecessor. If anything, it actually entices any reader who has not yet read Love Lies Bleeding to read it.

Blood Feud is told in both Logan's and Isabeau's perspectives. The difference in their way of thinking delivered a very insightful glimpse into a tale that was part past and part present. Logan's point of view is always fraught with humour and indignation whilst Isabeau is the more reserved, thoughtful type. Logan is hilariously funny and Isabeau, though trying not to be, is still a girl underneath all the hatred she harbours. They are a wonderful pair together, but I'm afraid I'm still a hard-core Lucy-Nicholas shipper!

The narrative is not exactly told in alternate POVs, but rather in blocks. You have several chapters of Isabeau's perspective and several of Logan's succeeding that. In between an omniscient narrator relays the past that explains Isabeau's experiences during the French for revolution and elaborates her thirst for revenge. I must say that these chapters are very well-placed, so that they support the continuity of the plot rather than distract the reader from it. They serve also as a form of characterisation of Isabeau. Well described and strongly portrayed, it allows the readers to not only understand, but also sympathise with Isabeau.

What I did not favour in the general plot would be the lack of characterisation on Logan's part. Isabeau was definitely a developed character; I was not sure Logan is. I certainly would have wanted more on his part. The second and final thing I can say about the plot is that I wanted more romance! Quite difficult to impose on a character such as Isabeau but the fan-girl in me screams more.

I have once more enjoyed immersing myself in Alyxandra Harvey's vampire world. The Drakes and Lucy are always a pleasure to be with, but with the addition of Isabeau and with the deeper, more action-packed plot, Blood Feud just made it a whole lot better!
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on 24 August 2010
i bought this book for grand/daughter she was really thrilled she said its the best book shes read, will be buying her more books
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on 5 October 2011
This book has been read by my 13 year old daughter and myself...if you love vampire novels your'll love this series...has a touch of comedy as well as romance...your'll love Luci...if you want different kinds of vampires and hunters this book has it all... see a different romance each book...there are loads of brother vampires to keep it going...
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on 20 June 2012
Blood Feud starts a week after the events of My Love Lies Bleeding where Helena has become the queen, Montmarte is still after the crown and Solange and the Drakes are holding negotiations with the Helios-Ra and the Hounds.

This book is really good and has the combination of action, humour and romance that I love from Harvey's books. This book is all about discovering about the characters discovering about themselves and like I still prefer the first book it did still have that fairy tale feel about it.

This book is about the second youngest Drake brother Logan and how everyone than he is more than just the drake brother who dresses fancy. It is also about the Hound handmaiden Isabeau who after living through the events of the French revolution and then being turned into a vampire, has to decide what is more important to her love or her revenge.

I really like the flash backs to Isabeau's life in Paris during the French revolution and how desperate and scared she was and yet how she survived through creating a wall around her heart, and then later how Logan was able to break through it.

I would recommend this book to people who liked My Love Lies Bleeding and also those who like a fairy tale edge to their paranormal romances.
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on 23 January 2016
From the beginning we start to see snippets of Isbeau's past that leads us into a much deeper storyline that is also told from Logan Drake's point of view. I personally love the split chapters and the flashbacks with greater detail placed in them. This made the book far more enjoyable to read and it gave me a deep connection with the characters. Through out the whole story I began to understand the certain characteristics that they shared and when they kissed it felt right and not forced.

The humor that was hidden in the book was a great surprise and made it pass even quicker than I thought it would. I hadn't been so engrossed in a Vampire themed story since I read the work of Megan Duncan who is someone that every Vampire fan should read.

All in all the book earned its 5 out of 5 stars. I have to congratulate the author on a well rounded, entertaining story that I'm sure will lead into a much bigger picture.
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on 23 March 2013
product is excellent,
postage is very,very expensive which may discourage me to buy in the future as i think it's very unfair that UK have free postage or at least an affordable rate.i'm sure there are couriers that would give a better deal
i would recommend other to buy this product if postage/courier were not as expensive
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on 18 August 2013
The Drake family are no strangers to fighting and chaos. When your sister is the first vampire born not made for centuries, and when your mother is soon to be Queen of the vampires having deposed the old Queen, people trying to kill you and your family is just part of every day life. At the centre of it all is, as in the first book, the evil Montmatre, who wishes to marry Solange, believing her to be the true Queen and wishing to become her King so that he can use her as his puppet and reign over all vampires.

This second book in the series follows the second youngest Drake brother, Logan. As with the Benedicts series (beginning with Finding Sky, an incredible book), it seems the Drake Chronicles is going to chronicle the romance of each of the brothers, each book relating the tale of one of the brothers falling in love. In this book it's Logan's turn and Harvey won't keep you guessing about who he's going to fall for; for starters the dual narration gives the game away. The story is narrated by not just Logan, but also by Isabeau, who we learn is a French vampire who lived during the Revolution but was buried for 200 years. Logan and Isabeau fall for one another almost instantly. I didn't feel like there was any build up to it which was disappointing; it felt too forced for me to become swept away in the romance. Personally I prefer a romance being built up gradually throughout a book rather than characters falling in love hours after they've met. After that, the rest of the plot seemed to play second fiddle to the romance and even the battle scene towards the end was destroyed by the romance.

In general, all the characters felt two-dimensional. In My Love Lies Bleeding, I really enjoyed reading Lucy's point of view and I felt like I got to know her, but here I don't feel like I know any of the characters. I was hoping they would be developed more, especially all the Drake brothers who all seem to blend into one. The brothers are a faceless blur, unless you count Logan's fashion sense or Quinn being the ladies man, or that they are all desperate to hide their girlfriends/sister at the first sign of trouble, but none of those facts is enough to make the characters seem real. A few times Harvey even forgets about the existence of one of the brothers. I wish I could tell you that wasn't the only continuity error she makes, or that there was an exciting unpredictable plot (like in My Love Lies Bleeding) to make up for all of this, but sadly that's not true.

The thing that pulls this book up to three stars from two is Isabeau's past. Like Lucy and Solange, Isabeau is a feisty heroine and I really enjoyed reading about her time during the French Revolution, about the historical events that happened and seeing Harvey intertwine them with Isabeau's life. It was definitely a fascinating origins story. This was the most interesting part of the book for me and has definitely made me consider reading Harvey's historical paranormal romance Haunting Violet, even though I can't see myself reading the rest of the Drake Chronicles. For me to enjoy a book I need at the very least characters that grab me or a plot that interests me. Personally, I didn't feel that Blood Feud had either. If you're after a book about a series of supernatural brothers who fall in love one after the other, you'd be better off with the Benedict series.
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on 31 January 2013
What's Good About It

Again, interesting premise, great characters and some fabulous scenes from the French Revolution that really bring to life the period of great excess and great deprivation. Isabeau is a sassy new female, with some really fascinating history and mythology. I love that the girls aren't the helpless ones in this series, as often they can be in paranormal romance. Isabeau doesn't need a knight in shining armour. It picks up where My Love Lies Bleeding left off, almost to the day, so there are some familiar faces returning, and the consequences of the climax of the previous book are explored.

What's Not So Good

Well, I didn't buy Isabeau and Logan for a start. Their entire romance, which happes over a few days, seems to be based on the idea that Logan feels like he's met her somewhere before. Now I'm not against the idea of instant attraction to a person, but these two were confessing their love for eachother within about five days. Okay, some people are fast movers, and when you meet the one, you know (supposedly... it took me a bit longer than five days, but maybe I'm just slow) but where's the story in that? Where's the tantilising attraction that gradually becomes love. That's the sort of romance I like to read about. And then the premise isn't built on at all, really. Again, the book takes place over about a week and in that time too much is resolved a little too easily. Without giving away too much detail, I can't really see where the next book could go. And I'm assuming there will be five more books, as five dashing Drake brothers remain...
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I really enjoyed My Love Lies Bleeding (released in the US as Hearts at Stake) so I was looking forward to Blood Feud and Alyxandra Harvey didn't disappoint me. Instead of continuing the story from Lucy and Solange's perspectives in this installment our narrators are Logan and Isabeau but the time line picks up just after the ending of the first book and we get to find out what is happening with all of our favourite characters. We already know Logan as the second youngest of the seven Drake brothers and Isabeau was briefly in the first book when she saved Solange's life but it was great to get to know them both better. I loved the fact that we still got to see plenty of Lucy and Nicholas though - I absolutely love them both and the banter between them was just as good in this installment. We didn't see as much of Solange and Kieran as I would have liked but if you're trying to focus on too many characters at the same time you often lose focus on the new romance so I'm glad that didn't happen.

Logan didn't quite top Nicholas to become my new favourite Drake brother but he's a close runner up and I did really like him. His old fashioned values and gentlemanly manners were really sweet and I loved the way he was confident enough to wear old fashioned clothes and show his own sense of style. We didn't really know much about Isabeau before, she is the Princess of the Hounds and I found it really interesting to find out more about their way of life and the magical abilities they were able to tap into. Alyxandra Harvey has created a really unique mythology around the different types of vampires in her world and it's something I'm looking forward to seeing more of as the series continues. Isabeau has suffered a lot and she is determined to get revenge on the one who turned her into a vampire. I loved the way we get to see flash backs to her past and as you learn what she went through during the French Revolution it is easy to see why she is so wary of everyone now. She doesn't want to admit her feelings for Logan but he manages to creep his way into her affections even when she is determined to keep him out.

Alongside the romance Blood Feud also has plenty of action. There are so many different things going on as the Drake family try to deal with the aftermath of the end of the first book (sorry if that sounds vague but I don't want to spoil My Love Lies Bleeding for you if you haven't read it yet), they are trying to sign a treaty with the Hounds and Montmartre is still determined to get his hands on both Solange and the crown. This really is a great installment to the series and I can't wait to pick up Out For Blood, I love the banter between the Drake siblings and can't wait to get to know Quinn better! If you're looking for a fun, action packed and romantic read then you can't go far wrong with this series and it's one I would definitely recommend.
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