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VINE VOICEon 16 June 2010
What can I say!!! I enjoyed this book soooo much that I could not put it down!!!

The story is about a girl called Solange who has 7 brothers and she is the only girl to be born a vampire for centuries. There are of course girls that have been turned vampires but none apart from Solange, who was born one. This of course means that she is special in the eye of all male vampires who want to have her for themselves. This sets up the scene for her over protective brothers who try to look after her and keep her safe, in particular brother Nicholas who is the most over protective of them all. There is also Solanges' best friend called Lucy who is a human and has been friends with Solange since they were young and is like another member of the family.

But it is clear as Solange approaches her 16th birthday which marks her blood change (when she will start to drink blood) looming and it is scaring everyone including best friend Lucy who is the complete opposite of Solange because sometimes you don't survive the change... There is also a prophecy that states that a born girl vampire in the Drake family will be the rightful Queen but the vampires have a queen already who is not exactly pleased about this...Solange doesn't want to be queen but that may not be enough...

I really liked that the chapters were split between Solange and Lucy creating a dual narrative and I also loved Lucy and Nicholas and their love/hate relationship and I loved all the revelations and unexpected moments and by the same token that of Solange and Keirian too. It's clear we have a new contender to our Mr.Cullen!!! I also like some of the Disney references which juxtaposed against the nature of the vampire such as Solange being so pale and black haired like Snow White, and her 7 brothers which is like the 7 dwarfs, and there is even a reference to Sleeping Beauty later on in the book. I thought it was really nice, and really creative touch to it all!

The ending is lovely and concludes but at the same time leaves it open for the next book which is called Blood Feud and comes out on the 28th of June! I can't wait to see where Harvey takes the story next!

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on 15 March 2014
a fantastic book in the series, I have the whole series & am an avid collector/ reader, I will continue to read these as long as I have eyes in my head!
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VINE VOICEon 15 April 2010
My Love Lies Bleeding is also known as "Hearts At Stake". I have no idea why they have different US and UK titles.

This book reminds me of Lynsay Sands' Argeneau Vampires Series, which is totally hilarious, by the way. First in the Drake Chronicles, this book revolves mostly around the plight and love lives of best friends Solange and Lucy. In one word, I'd say this book felt condensed.

Let me elaborate. At 256 pages, it attempted to introduce its readers to a vampire mythology, complete with its geneaology, politics and history. It also features an unlikely romance that made me giggle and thrilling chase. It was a quick, very fluffy read, but there was not much I could have gathered from it. I felt it was rather short, and hence not much detail was incorporated into the book. The details that managed to stay were passable, and I wanted so much more. This also applies to characterisations - they were quite a few secondary characters that could have been developed more, although they are not directly pivotal to the plot. I loved the Drakes and would have appreciate hearing more of each.

My Love Lies Bleeding is told in Lucy's and Solange's perspectives. At the beginning I found it difficult to differentiate between their voices - they seemed to be too similiar, almost blending in to be merely an extension of one another. This affected the characterisation and it was not until later that I was able to personify Lucy and Solange as two different characters. I also failed to grasp the necessity of having the plot told from two differing point of views. However, this proved useful as the plot progresses especially when they part ways. Afterwhich of course, I begin to enjoy Lucy's fierceness and Solange's kindheartedness.

I enjoyed the romance hugely. From the very beginning I knew it will not disappoint, and it sure did not, at least for Lucy and Nicholas. I found Nicholas to be a swoony, manly man vampire, with the perfect history and attraction to fierce little Lucy. His reactions and approaches to her is really really cute! However though I found Lucy and Nicholas' romance well supported and is one of my favourite kind (honestly, I giggled a lot), Kieran and Solange's I found slightly rushed and less enjoyable than the former. However, overall I really did enjoy the witty banter that moulds the romance of this book.

The tension is present in the plot, but I did not quite find it exciting. It was enough to keep me reading but not intensified enough to make me flip through the pages as quick as I could. The vampire mythology and history, including its very realistic politics are a good setting stone, but I felt it was slightly lacking.

I wanted so much more from this novel, but as it stands, it still is a wonderful, romantic read with a hint of adventure and thrill. A good weekend read.

I am quite excited for Blood Feud - the next in the chronicles.
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on 18 May 2010
The prophecy stated that the vampire tribes would be united under the rule of a daughter born to an ancient family. The Drakes are that family, and Solange is that daughter. Solange will change from being mortal to being vampire in a matter of days, on her sixteenth birthday. In the meantime, she's fighting off the "suitors" who are attracted by her lineage and pheromones, and the vampire hunters who are after her family. As if her situation isn't difficult enough, she also has to deal with all seven of her gorgeous vampire brothers and her impossible best friend, Lucy.

Solange and Lucy have been best friends for their entire lives. Lucy is also the closest human to the Drakes and is basically a member of their family, which tends to make for some rather interesting exchanges. When Solange is kidnapped, it's up to Nicholas, her older brother, and Lucy to find her and save her before time runs out. But can Lucy save herself when every glance or touch from Nicholas makes her go weak at the knees? And despite her almost impossible situation, what will happen if Solange decides to give her heart to the beautiful, but dangerous, vampire hunter who's helping her survive? A lot of drama and amusement for the reader, that's what!

Our story is told in alternating voices and I'm going to start by saying that despite the fact that the story is mainly about Solange and her family, Lucy has got to be my favorite! She's spunky and full of bite and I love it. She's so funny and vibrant that she balances Solange very well. I found Solange to be quite amusing herself, but she's a lot more subtle than Lucy and while being very sweet, I was drawn more by Lucy and her love interest than I was Solange's predicament.

There's something to be said for a book that is totally well-written and engaging that it has me running into things as I walk through the house because I don't want to put it down. I loved the characters, Lucy and Nicholas are totally my favorites, and they're hilarious, especially when they argue and bicker and try to hide their totally hot attraction to one another. Solange and Nicholas' mother, Helena, and brother, Logan, are totally in second place as to favorites. There are a lot of characters in HEARTS AT STAKE, but they all stand out in their own ways and I really like being able to remember characters after the fact and still know why I like them.

I really loved all the vampire lore, and Alyxandra Harvey not only found a new take on vampires, but also was able to separate her vampires and her story from all the TWILIGHT hype that is obviously here to stay for awhile (and don't get me wrong, I love TWILIGHT and all, but come on). But I do need to point out that within the first few chapters I saw the words "twilight" and "the Host" used and while not references or anything, it still made me giggle...a lot. The lore that Harvey brought into the story was so interesting and there's all kinds of little vampire subcategories so to speak, like the Host, the Hounds, and then the scary blue skinned ones (and no, they are not at all Smurf-ish or from Pandora) called the Hel-Blar.

I found HEARTS AT STAKE to be very enjoyable and fun and I absolutely loved it! I flew through it in just a few hours and ate up every page. The bruise on my shin can sorely attest to that, since I ran into the coffee table while reading because I didn't want to stop. The writing is fantastic, the characters are simply awesome, and I can't wait to read the next book - I've marked my calendar and am totally excited.

Reviewed by: Samantha Clanton, aka "Harlequin Twilight"
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on 9 January 2011
I wasn't actually too sure what to expect from this book before I read it. I only knew that a few bookish peeps I chat with really enjoy the series and it's about vampires so I figured it was worth a try. I ended up really loving My Love Lies Bleeding! It's told in first person, from alternating points of view from Lucy and Solange which made for a great way to tell the story and show more of what was going on.

Solange is a vampire, or will be when she completes the 'bloodchange' on her 16th birthday (which is just a few days away at the start of the book). Lucy is human. They've been best friends virtually their whole lives and there aren't any real secrets between the two. Solange is the youngest Drake sibling, she's got 7 older brothers all of whom are over protective of her. But she's determined to fight whether they want her to or not, and she'll do whatever it takes to protect them. Lucy won't sit on the sidelines either, human and vulnerable or not.

Lucy is so full of sass, she had me laughing out loud within pages. Her and Nicholas, the youngest Drake brother, have a very antagonistic relationship which is very entertaining. And while Lucy and Solange (and the boys at times) are prone to daft teenage moments and hormone induced craziness, it's of the very entertaining variety, not irritating at all. And while there are several laugh out loud moments, there is still a very serious side to the story as well. My heart was racing with the tension and danger at times. And a little at the romance as well I have to say! I love that the romance is a side plot though. It gets plenty of page time, but never takes over the story and nor does it feel like the book looses focus because of it either.

It's a pretty fast paced book with some great twists along the way. For the most part I found it a really good, very enjoyable, fun read. It's a very lively, vibrant book. The different personalities of the Drake family and Lucy seriously jump off the page at you and there is some great mythology thrown in as well. I did find I got confused about the various 'groups' that existed, with the different types of vampires and hunters. But I found that actually, it didn't matter too much to keep it all straight because you could easily see who was for/against the Drakes and that was what really mattered. Loved it and really looking forward to reading the rest of the series now!
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on 13 August 2010
This book, although excellent, has been renamed 'My Love Lies Bleeding'. You should check this out for a better review and book cover.
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on 18 June 2012
Solange Drake is soon going to become a vampire on her 16th birthday; this causes problems as she has been prophesied to become the next queen. With help from her best friend Lucy her Brother Nick and her potential enemy Kieran Black, they have to help fight against those who want to either harm or use her.

I really love this book as it has a great mix of romance, humour, suspense and while it is a light and fluffy read, it is a perfect holiday book or if you want to feel like you did as a child watching fairy tales.

It is told from the points of view of both Solange and Lucy, but while this can sometimes cause confusion, Solange and Lucy are totally different characters and tell their story differently. While both girls are strong and loyal they do it in totally different ways with Solange being quieter and introvert, while Lucy is louder and would do anything to defend those she loves (especially breaking peoples noses).

The Drake brothers are amazing and you feel they all have a different personality and you can distinguish between them. I especially like Nick, who does not love a bad boy with a heart of gold, and Connor, but that's because we are both geeks. What I really like about this series so far is that there is not a love triangle, which it seems almost every other YA paranormal has to have so thank you Harvey.


I only noticed this after reading it a few times but I think Alyxandra Harvey has been influenced by Snow White with this book because Solange attracts not birds and wildlife creatures but blood thirsty vampires; she has 7 over protective brothers and finally the "Huntsman" Kieran gives a deer's heart to the evil queen. I am not sure if it was intentional but it is a nice twist on the traditional fairy tale.


I would recommend this book to anyone who like light YA paranormal books, or just books which leave you feeling that all is right in the world.
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2010
I had no expectations for this novel whatsoever and I will admit I bought it on a whim. I am so glad I did. It was so much fun that I read it in one sitting. I loved the dual narrative and as I've said in previous reviews this has fast become one of my favourite styles of writing. Here it is done really well as Lucy and Solange feel like distinct characters and it would be obvious who is narrating even if it was not indicated at the beginning of each chapter. Lucy is an awesome character - so much wit and sass - and I loved her interactions with the Drake family. Solange is also very likable as someone stuck in the middle of an ancient prophecy that she doesn't want. And Nicholas is HOT! For me the romantic parts of the story are the books strength, although the action was great too.

I've read some negative reviews for this - some have sited not enough depth or a contrived plot - but if this is the case it didn't bother me at all. My only quibble would be the ending felt too abrupt. I would have like a bit more closure but I expect this is due to there being a sequel later in the year.

As you've probably guessed I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to readers who fancy a quick read . I would describe it as a chick-lit paranormal romance that kicks some butt! I loved the world and characters and look forward to spending more time with the Drakes in future instalments. Especially if there is more Nicholas:)
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on 18 January 2013
This is not a review as l haven't read this book yet. I bought a book in the Drake Chronicles series from my local supermarket & decided to buy the rest of the collection. When l saw this title l ordered it straight away thinking it must be a newer book than the 6 that l had bought as it was not mentioned in any of them. When it arrived and l read the back cover, it sounded all too familiar. That is because it is, not only is the cover picture different, so is the title. This is the first book of the series which l had just started reading but under the title of ' My love lies bleeding' So if anyone else is about to collect this series and you see 'Hearts at stake' don't get excited thinking it is another book in the series, remember it is the same book as ' My love lies bleeding ' hence given only one star.
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on 31 October 2010
With Solange soon to become a vampire, and dreading craving blood more than anything along with having to deal with other vampires craving her life becomes even more dangerous for the Drake family.

The book is the first in the Drake Chronicles, and it is a fantastic way to spark off interest in a new saga of vampire books. Whilst Solange is the main focus in a way, so are her brother Nicholas and her best friend, a human, Lucy.

Harvey is an amazing author with the power to draw you in to all of the characters. I didn't expect to enjoy this book half as much as I did, but I couldn't put it down and went straight on to the next in the series. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the dark genre and enjoys Meyer/Black/Noel/Smith. I only hope this book gets the praise it deserves.
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