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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 May 2017
Lovers of Chinese food, this is great. I wouldn't say they were all easy but nice home cooking the Chinese way and inspirational photos.
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on 18 June 2012
I have two other Fuchsia Dunlop books (Sichuan cookery and Shark's fin and Sichuan pepper) they are very good. The Sichuan cookery is great, but really was lacking on the presentation side (very few pictures and recipes that often go over a few pages - meaning you flip back to the amounts and instructions - annoying!)

This book however is brilliant. 90% of the recipes have a picture. All are contained on one page. The best thing though is that these are easy to cook recipes, mostly with easy to get ingredients. The harder ingredients can be found in Chinese Supermarkets (I use the ones on Gerrard St - London)

What has been a complete revelation is the money we are saving cooking from this book. Vegetables can be the mainstay with small amounts of meat being complementary. We've started eating loads of tofu as well - which isn't expensive either - and much tastier when treated with Fuchsia Dunlop's recipes. We managed to eat like kings for a week on about £30. Very pleasing! We weren't even trying to save money.

Really delicious easy recipes that are easy on your wallet as well as on your tastebuds.

I recommend the Steamed egg and the Sour and Hot tofu -both are really cheap. Really easy. REALLY TASTY!
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on 16 July 2012
I am a big fan of Fuschia Dunlop's cookbooks since they are easy to follow and the end result almost always comes out (a) as expected (b) tasting like the real thing.

The only negative comment about this book is the overlap between this and previous Sichuan and Hunan specific books. I would have preferred a book full of completely new recipes since there are certainly enough Chinese dishes from other provinces to have made this a complement to previous books.

From value perspective the book is amazing value, nice quality, lots of photos and interesting to read alongside the recipes!
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on 1 July 2012
I lived in Hangzhou, China for a year, completely fell in love with the food, then got back to England and remembered I could only cook spaghetti bolognese. But then I bought Sichuan Cookery and 9 months on almost exclusively cook Chinese food.

I've been excited about getting Every Grain of Rice since I pre-ordered it in April and have not been disappointed! First thing that jumped out was the amount of images compared to the previous two books. The vast majority of recipes are pictured and so it would probably be the best place to start for those new to Fuchsia's books and/or Chinese cooking.

For those who already own some of Fuchsia's books, some recipes are repeated (e.g. Twice-cooked pork) but there are more than enough new ones or different versions to make this book worth getting as well.

The recipes are split into:

> cold dishes
> tofu
> meat
> chicken & eggs
> fish & seafood
> beans & peas
> leafy greens
> garlic & chives
> aubergines, peppers & squashes
> root vegetables
> mushrooms
> soups
> rice
> noodles
> dumplings

As with all her books she explains and gives advice on ingredients, but new to this one is the various pictures of jars/packets that they come in which helps the search in Asian supermarkets.

I was also thrilled with the amount of vegetable recipes, as for me one of the best things about Chinese food is the way vegetables are put at the forefront, with meat often just providing the flavouring. Authentic Chinese food is quick, cheap and healthy and Fuchsia has taught me how to make it. Now all I want to know is, when's the next one out?!

UPDATE EDIT 11/10/2013 - I still use this book every week. Current regulars are 'Twice-cooked swiss chard' (which works well with choy sum or pak choi as well) and 'Hangzhou aubergines'. Yum!
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on 27 December 2012
This is now the cookbook most regularly used in our house - thank you Fuchsia! Easy to do recipes which means we can have two or three delicious dishes on the table with no fuss. Have now given away three as Christmas gifts. Also great for vegetarians as more than half the recipes have no meat or offer truly good adaptations. The simple technique for greens (blanch, serve with ginger/chilli/spring onion over the top, drizzle hot oil over aromatics, add soy) is so simple but I'll be using it for a lifetime.

If you're looking for a 'chinese takeaway' cookbook, buy something else. This is better.
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on 21 February 2014
Fuchsia Dunlop, despite a hilarious name, is undoubtedly the Jamie Oliver of Chinese Cooking : just like him, she's not the best chef in the world, but she understands how to write cookbooks, and best of all, she makes us do great tasty recipes. It's not a coincidence a comment by Jamie Oliver is included on the back cover : those 2 obviously share the same cooking philosophy. While people like Gordon Ramsay lack that gift of being able to share his emotions, she certainly doesn't. What lacked in her Sichuan cooking book is finally here : great photos for almost all recipes.

For those who wondered, yes her sichuan recipes are still there. Some are slightly modified (the Gong Bao chicken has less sauce in it, and the peanuts are oven roasted instead of pan toasted), and even with non-Sichuanese recipes you can feel that she leans toward the spicy recipes. Since this is my taste too, I didn't mind. But compared to other Chinese cookbooks, yes, there's less steamed stuff and less seafood. It lacks quite a bit on the steamed buns side too, but it isn't an exhaustive regional cookbook about China (I hope it'll be her next one), after all it's "Simple Chinese Home Cooking". And for this, the goal is fulfilled. With many pages on what ingredients to buy (even the brands), it's never been easier. Because at first, it's daunting to go to an Asian supermarket and try to decide what soy sauce or chili bean paste to buy. Thanks to this book you'll know, and once you have a good base of sauces, dried spices and pickled vegetables, you'll be prepared to cook everything as she does, and prepare full menus as directed.

Don't take this book for what it's not : it isn't a complete Chinese cookbook on banquet menus and full authentic recipe. It's more of a way of discovering Chinese cooking from your home, given that you have access to a good Asian market nearby (don't bother if you don't : you definitely CAN'T cook these with a sushi soy sauce and without a real chili bean paste).
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on 25 January 2013
I have travelled around China extensively, including twice to Sichuan. I am familiar with Chinese cuisine and like it very much. After trying out some of the recipes in this book I must say it's excellent. Quite easy and fast to prepare and the result tastes pretty much like some best stuff we ate in China!

I also liked Fuchsia Dunlop's "Sichuan Cookery" which includes much more sophisticated recipes and gives more of highly readable and interesting cultural background. However, being not a very experienced cook I would not risk most of the recipes there. "Every Grain of Rice" fills that gap - it is exactly the sort of Chinese cookbook I needed. With some Chinese ingredients at home, you could easily create a delicious Chinese dish out of basic foodstuff in an hour or so. Highly recommended!
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on 1 April 2013
Me and my boyfriend really got in to cooking Chinese food from Ching's Chinese food made easy and wanted to explore the cuisine further. This book by Fuchsia is highly recommended - she gives you detailed guidance on ingredients - giving the Chinese characters and English translation as well as images of the items. This is really helpful for anyone who has stared at the isles of condiments in a Chinese supermarket and felt a little lost. After reading this book I know exactly what to look for and where I might find it in the store. There are a wide range of recipes with a focus on vegetable dishes. So far all of the recipes I have tried have been excellent and really tasty. Really impressed with the twice cooked pork and dan dan noodle recipes. I'm looking forward to trying the dumpling recipes soon.
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on 28 April 2013
I bought this book a couple of months ago but wanted to wait till I had road tested a few recipes before I wrote the review. But right from the start I fell in love with this book - the thoughtful advice and guidance about ingredients and equipment as as well as the attractive layout and pictures. I am an expat working in Beijing and this book has been so helpful. The recipes are straightforward enough to be easily followed, and often there are suggested adaptations. Having the names of ingredients and the photos in the glossary has really helped me in the market to get exactly what I want, as my mandarin pronunciation is truly shocking. So far everything I have made form the book has been very tasty - even my Chinese colleagues at work have been impressed with some of my efforts (but they are also very polite....). If you're looking to get started in Chinese cooking then I'd recommend this book without reservation.
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on 3 August 2012
This is a beautiful book. Previous Chinese cookery books I've bought have advised buying ingredients that I wound up throwing out because there were no recipes included for them. Last weekend I cooked 3 recipes from this book, and managed to use 3 of those ingredients I'd previously had to throw away. And they were delicious. There's a nice mix of recipes for quick and simple weekday meals as well as things you would be proud to serve for weekend dinner guests. Vegetables, bean curd, and salads are given some prominence, and you could easily serve a menu that is meaty, or one that is almost vegetarian, or a full vegetarian menu, from this book. Plenty of advice for using leftovers too - cooked chicken, twice cooked pork, red cooked pork, all great as noodle toppings, and you can easily add some veggies to that for a one dish, weekday meal.
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