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4.4 out of 5 stars
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Released in 2011, this is the fifth part of a set of 5 interlinked stories featuring many people’s favourite doctor, the 4th incarnation as portrayed by Tom Baker. It is the third and final such series to be produced by the BBC before Tom finally agreed to work with Big Finish. It’s one episode, about an hour long on a single disc.

These three series (Hornet’s Nest, Demon Quest and Serpent Crest) have been a little hit and miss, not quite the glorious return of Baker to the role that we had all hoped. But this final episode manages to make up for all of that with a great deal of chutzpah. Baker is on tip top form, and plays off David Troughton’s second Doctor beautifully. Baker is always at his best when he believes in the material and has someone to spark off, and here is at his magisterial best. The episode exists to tie up all the loose story threads, but is also a fascinating tale in its own right for the most part. It looks at the ways in which the villagers of Hexford deal with being stranded in space, and this character study is nicely done. And when the action takes off it is awe inspiring.

A superb finale to the 4th Doctor’s Nest Cottage adventures, and one that makes up for a lot of the dross that has gone before. 5 stars.

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This is the fifth and final part in this audio series, featuring Tom Baker as the Doctor, with Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey. In this episode the listener anticipates all the threads in the previous four parts coming together in a grand finale, as it were. We're not disappointed. The village of Hexford, taken by the Skishtari ship in the fourth episode, is surviving, three months later, in some kind of eco-dome on a planet - they don't know where or when they are after going through the Skishtari wormhole. The Doctor (the Second Doctor, untrusted by both Mrs W and "her" Doctor) professes not to know where they are, and he is attempting to send out Mayday signals to see if anyone picks them up. But is that really what he's doing? Or is he playing a deeper game? Could the Doctor be betraying them? Gasp!?

When Mrs Wibbsey and the Fourth Doctor catch up with Hexford, all the pieces start to fall into place - we are greeted again by old enemies, old friends, and the fate of the Skishtari egg ... Mrs Wibbsey and the Doctor dash off in the Tardis again, and the listener is left hoping eagerly for more adventures with these two - Mrs W has really grown on me since her first appearance so many stories and episodes ago, and I hope there are more adventures for us to hear.

This is great stuff; and David Troughton is excellent as the Second Doctor - you'd almost swear it was Patrick Troughton all over again. More please!
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Fifth and final entry in the Doctor Who: Serpent crest series of talking books. These tell one long story in five parts. And despite this one beginning with a 'story so far' recap, new listeners are much better off starting with Doctor Who: Serpent Crest: Pt. 1: Tsar Wars (Dr Who).

This cd, like the others, runs for just over one hour. It's one long episode with no breaks in the middle other than the usual cd chapter ones.

Minimal sleeve notes give cast and crew and copyright details and have a mocked up Radio Times billing for the story plus some other material that ties into it.

This is impossible to review without one minor spoiler - although you probably know it anyway - but even so.....

Part four ended with the village of Hexford whisked off into space, with Mike Yates and the Second Doctor [played by David Troughton in a splendid performance sounding incredibly like his father] stranded in the village along with the inhabitants. And the Fourth Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey left behind.

This part begins a little while after. And the bulk of the first half has a lot of narration from Richard Franklin as Mike Yates. Where he describes how he's tried to keep things going in the village. Although supplies are running low. And he's coming to understand what the Brigadier meant about the loneliness of command. This is very understated reading and that makes it work very well indeed. It's a good bit of acting.

The story keeps the mystery going that began in part four about what the Second Doctor is up to and why the Fourth doesn't remember this. And when the Fourth and Mrs. Wibbsey eventually turn up - with hints of untold adventures along the way - the scenes between the two Doctors are just as much fun as you would expect.

This and the mystery does mean things move along at a very nice pace and do keep the listener hooked for the first two thirds.

Once everything is explained though - and a lot of that is quite clever and and nicely done - there's a big action sequence that isn't quite as involving as it could be. It does what it has to do though and wraps up everything up.

But...the final scene between the Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey is far more involving that I would have expected. And does leave you quite hoping that she and he will return for more adventures together. That's not quite a feeling I had after the first two series of these, so it was a pleasant surprise.

This is a decent end to a pretty good series.
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on 4 January 2012
This is an enjoyable episode. It is a delight to see David Troughton portay his fathers roll as the 2nd Doctor (father being Partick Troughton). David sounded exactly like his father at times which was impressive. Tom's performance along with David's make for a great story. It is a must to hear the previous story first, Doctor Who: Serpent Crest: The Hexford Invasion: 4 (Dr Who). Would like to hear more new 2nd Doctor adventures with Big Finish featuring David Troughton. The next story for the 4th Doctor worth a listen to for Who fan's is, Destination: Nerva (Dr Who Big Finish).
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Bit disappointed with the climactic story in the Serpent Crest mini-series, hence the mediocre rating. Yes Tom is as excellent as ever, and yes David Troughton is brilliant playing the distinctly dodgy Doctor #2, however my beef is that nothing at all really happens in the episode; the Scishtari don't appear until right near the end and for a very brief cameo, whilst the Robotovs are equally underused, and Richard Franklin's Captain Yates just dithers around ineffectually - where's the Brig when you need him?!
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