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on 29 October 2016
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on 16 November 2010
This disc is comedy GOLD I tell you 100% COMEDY GOLD. But don't be fooled - You won't be meeting the Glums this time out. These shows date from 1948-1950.... and the cast doesn't include June Whitfield and Alma Cogan yet.
There have been three TIFH double cassette sets in the past but they all were from after 1953, the post-Glum era.
These feature Dick Bentley, Joy Nichols and Jimmy Edwards and the sparkling scripts of Frank Muir and Denis Norden, possibly the greatest comedy writers of the period (almost any period, in fact). Muir and Norden have the talent of making the most tarnished jokes shine like polished gold. The corn is ripe and high as an elephants eye... but it will have you rolling on the floor clutching yourself, helpless with laughter.
A caveat here... there is a warning on the box (like other AudioGo releases the documentation is minimal, albeit you do get told the who and when of the broadcasts) that the language reflects the era in which the shows were first broadcast. With some shows it's racial sensitivities that get outraged, with this show it's more a case of needing to be aware of contemporary shows in order to "get" the more topical gags; the show for 22 March 1949 was performed with a Naval audience at Portsmouth, and there are a lot of gags aimed at (and caught by) the Service personnel present - there are also topical references to the format and cast of "Much Binding In The Marsh" and "Rays A Laugh" which take thinking about now (hey hey AudioGo, how about some Much Binding CDs? Even some Ted Ray and ITMA and Bandwaggon and Happidrome and Hi Gang...)
I was laughing and groaning in equal measure throughout all four shows, Jimmy Edwards is on top professorial form (yes, there's a reference to when he stood for election as an MP), Dick Bentley is superb and Joy Nichols is an absolute treasure. I like the Glums, I adore June Whitfield but this peek at Take It From Here's pre-Glum past is wonderful, British radio humour from a golden age indeed.
(Buy this disc folks, every penny makes the water warmer as they said in ITMA: AudioGo will be encouraged if these sell well and they do deserve to)
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on 28 March 2014
"Take it From Here" (TIF'E) was one of the three great shows that came from the BBC in the 1950s (the others being "The Goon Show" and "Hancock's Half Hour). It started out with two notable writers, Frank Muir -- writing for Jimmy Edwards -- and Dennis Norden -- working for Dick Bentley. Edwards and Bentley were combined with Australian Joy Nichols (a fellow Aussie with Bentley). Though little known today, Nichols was so valuable for the show when she left she was replaced by TWO tremendous talents, June Whitfield and Alma Cogan!

TIFE was funny from the start, but it really became a classic after Whitfield and Cogan joined the cast (especially as it was then they started the Glums). This selection of the primitive show aren't bad in themselves, but only four shows are included, one recorded on location on a navy ship and at least one that is often repeated on Radio 4-extra.

So little care was put into this product that on the front Dick Bentley is identified as "Derek Bentley."
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on 18 December 2010
The four episodes on two CDs are>

0123 24th August 1948
0203 11th January 1949
0213 22nd March 1949
0401 22nd October 1950

Only the last of these has, as far as I know, been broadcast on BBC7 so 3 new episodes makes this a very good buy.
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on 30 November 2012
Don't buy this if you are looking for the Glums. These shows pre-date their appearance. Many of the gags relate to the current affairs of the (immediate post-war) period, and may go over the heads of younger listeners. But given those caveats this issue is brilliant, and an absolute must for TIFH fans.

The sound quality is a little shrill, which is understandable given the vintage, and the transfers appear to be taken from well-preserved disks given the occasional surface ticks. Nevertheless, everything is crystal clear and far superior to what must have been heard over the medium-wave radios of the time.

More, more please (and five stars once the Glums appear!)
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on 16 May 2012
This is pure comedy at its best.....four amazing episodes from the forties that include the wonderful Joy Nichols, i have on cassette TIFH's last four episodes which evoke so many memories but this CD is different.....it's entertainment that proves beyond a doubt that post war comedy took every day events and topics that not only had the man in the street rolling around in uncontrolable laughter but did it in a way that had no need for smutt and bad language....we laughed at ourselves and boy did we laugh.
Buy this CD to experience a time that sadly is no longer with us, and it's innocence will stay with you for a lifetime.
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on 4 November 2013
My mum loves this it brings back happy memories. If you like vintage comedy this is the one for you.
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on 1 February 2015
This was bought as a present and have been told that the person who it was bought for thorougly enjoyed listening and reminiscing when it used to be on the radio
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on 17 June 2013
description on cd case gives the impresion episodes of The Glums are included in the four programes but they are not!
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