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4.3 out of 5 stars
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another tenth doctor novel, telling a new adventure for him and companion martha jones, in two hundred and thirty nine pages of relatively large print. As is the norm for this range. Also normal for this range the two main characters are perfectly captured on the printed page by the writer, and the book is suitable for all ages [although there are some deaths and a discussion of grief, but young readers should be able to handle it]

So is there anything to make this one stand out?


The setting - the wild west of the 1880's, with the doctor and some aliens on track of a mysterious medicine man - is very well created. And this is quite appealing. The alien threat of the story is well realised, quite scary at points, and also quite original. The supporting characters are pretty good, and the plot keeps on moving and has some memorable moments.

It's quite an enjoyable read, and better than average. worth your time
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on 18 January 2009
Not since the much criticised William Hartnell TV story `The Gunfighters', has a Doctor Who writer so successfully set an adventure in the days of cowboys, outlaws and saloons.

James Swallow's `Sundowners' series has stood him in good stead to write a Doctor Who novel set in 1880s America; his depictions of Terminator-esque gunslingers, native Americans and other staples of the Western genre are all spot-on, and the extra-terrestrial invaders are both original and well-drawn.

The best thing about `Peacemaker' is that it sidesteps cliché and gives a fresh perspective to well-worn themes with his sinister quack healer and orphaned teenage boy, desperate to avenge his father's death.

Another hit in the increasingly impressive BBC original adventures range; Peacemaker should delight readers of all ages.
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on 7 March 2009
The Doctor is in the Wild West with Martha. They arrive too late to meet the strange healer who's methods actually work. But they are in time to see the destruction two perculiar strangers, wanted for murder, do. But are these men what they seem? Is there a link between the healer and the strangers? What is the rather too peculiar-for-anyone's-liking gun the healer carries? And can the Doctor save the day again.
another good Doctor Who although it seems to drag on abit at the end. Beware, there is alot of murder!!!!
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on 19 April 2013
The peace and quiet of a remote homestead in the 1880s American West is shattered by the arrival of two shadowy outriders searching for 'the healer'. When the farmer refuses to help them, they raze the house to the ground using guns that shoot bolts of energy instead of bullets...

In the town of Redwater, the Doctor and Martha learn of a snake-oil salesman who's patent medicines actually cure his patient. But when the Doctor and Martha investigate they discover the truth is stranger, and far more dangerous.

Caught between the law of the gun and the deadly plans of intergalactic mercenaries, the Doctor and Martha are about to discover just how wild the West can become...

Featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha as played by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman in the hit Doctor Who series from BBC Television.
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on 9 January 2012
As far as Doctor Who novels go, this one is by far my favourite. The Doctor and Martha do the Wild West, and it's a lot of fun. The story is well-written, with a nice tight plot and engaging minor characters, and the Doctor and Martha are written true to character--like they've just stepped out of an episode. It's a very good read.
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on 29 May 2015
Will Thorp is brilliant.
I loved it.
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on 17 October 2010
Not the best in the series, but innovative in the location. In summary:
The bad points: everywhere seems to have too many gun-slingers and few decent folks. Too many gratuitous innocent deaths. Too many stereotyped western characters - school marm, rookie, tough sheriff, criminal brothers, snake oil salesman, token Indian etc.
Good points: Plot not revealed too early so leaves you guessing. Martha is particularly likeable and strong. Characters generate sympathy. Doctor in genuine danger several times. Locations are clear and well explained. Story has good pace and is easy to read.
Overall: Pretty good for a Dr Who fix with a little twist.
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on 8 March 2009
PeaceMaker is a typical Doctor Who. The Doctor and Martha are in the Wild West but they arrive too late to see the mysterious healer who's methods actually work!! But they are in time to see two equally mysterious travellers who are searching for the healer. When they find out he is gone, the two travellers nearly destroy the town and kill the Mayor.

It is down to the Doctor and Martha to discover the strange secrets of all three strange men and save the day again.

The beginning is very enjoyable but towards the end the story seems to drag on and on. Still, very enjoyable.
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