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on 15 July 2017
Excellent. Compact but at the same time comprehensive.
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on 4 May 2013
This is a very nice book to buy for revising. It will refresh your memory and get you ready for your exams.
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on 22 May 2017
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on 13 May 2010
This book was much appreciated when I was faced with a contract law assignment in the second year of my degree.
The book does not over-egg the subject, it does however give clear, concise information in a way that is easy to understand.

I am taking an environmental law module next year and I'm disappointed Law Express doesn't have a book to cover the subject.
Well worth the money!
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on 7 July 2008
Seriously this is one of the best books I've ever bought!!! It has helped me to prepare for seminars as well as lectures and even sometimes used it as my main source of study notes since it covered everything required for certain chapters! It was also especially helpful as regards difficult chapters such as UCTA and UTCCR and has helped me to prepare for problem questions up to the point of achieving 70% in my assessments! If it wasn't for Law Express i would had probably not even passed contract law.
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on 29 May 2009
This book is great! Help me a lot! I will advise to anyone who just started to study law and find it too complicated.
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on 13 December 2012
Just in order to set up my where I am coming from....I am a first year GDL student, studying part-time, distance learning, whilst working full time.

This book appears to fulfil two of my most important needs:-

1) It does appear to concisely present the majority of cases that we are covering in my course.
2) It provides guidance on problem questions, which I am now aware will be 100% of my assessment for contract law.

Just a word of warning, though. I have done quite a bit of reading of other, more dense, books and I appreciate in common law, sometimes the minutae of a case and who wins are not important, it is the legal precedent or doctrine that is important.

That said, I think some readers might be tempted to use just this book to study and in my mind it is more a book for revision/exam planning as opposed to actually learning.
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on 28 April 2014
This book perfectly supplements your contract law course. It gives you the right balance of overview framework and in depth detail to be able to use it both as a guide and as a reference book to help you through those moments in contract law when things get a little cloudy.

It is set out very simply with good hints and tips which are a must for exams. In comparison with other books it was much clearer both in its formatting and content.

Couldn't recommend this higher for all law students out there!!
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on 12 February 2011
This is the book that is really easy to understand. As a first year law student I found this much more easier to understand than our core text. It has a small bit of colour and is well set out. Keu cases were set out in boxes and the key point of the case was next to it. The content covers all of the topics very well. I would definatly recommend this book.
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VINE VOICEon 26 December 2010
I've just finished my first year of studies and I must say, there was no way I was going to get as high a mark in my Contract Law, that I achieved, had it not been for this book. Not on our recommended reading list, I bought this book purely through a recommendation from a friend who has studied law prior to me. When I first began my studies I struggled with it due to the more complex language which primarily used in most of the recommended texts, and I find that a lot of them will use quite complex language that you will struggle to get your head around. This may appear the complaint of someone who's a bit thick and should probably study something simpler, but I know this is a complaint shared by a vast number of Law students across the country. Sure, the more complex Law textbooks are essential in order for you to gain a good mark overall, but this is a great starting point for introducing you the more complicated concepts such as promissory estoppel and consideration. Only when you understand them on a simple footing, can you them move onto the more complicated textbooks.

Consider it in the context of learning how to read for the first time. You wouldn't expect a 4 year old to be able to pick up War and Peace and them be able to explain to you the complexities of the Napoleonic wars, you'd expect them to begin with something like Biff & Kipper, then move onto something bigger until they can cope with such an immense novel. It's the same thing with Law. You need to start off simple, and this is the book to do it. Treitel on the Law of Contract is an essential text for those involved in Law on all levels; Solicitor's, Barristers and even Lecturers will purchase the various updated additions as a means of keeping up to date with the various changes in Contract Law, but the language and the formatting of it can be way too complex for a student first approaching the subject. Yet, it can be understood more easily, if you learn of the basic concepts and key cases from this. I now have both and used Treitel's book as a way of being given a more detailed look into the legal workings, but began with Elliott & Quinn.

I believe all Universities should have this on their recommended reading as a way of easing people into studying the subject. The same goes with their book for Tort Law (The Elliott & Quinn Series) as it provides a simple introduction to the subject while giving you a basis to move onto the more complex areas.

The subject contents are:

Part 1 The formation of a contract
1. Offer and acceptance
2. Certainty
3. Intention to create legal relations
4. Capacity
5. Formalities
6. Consideration

Part 2 The contents of a contract
7. Terms of the contract
8. Unfair Contract Terms

Part 3 Vitiating factors
9. Misrepresentation
10. Mistake
11. Illegality
12. Duress and Undue Influence

Part 4 The rights and liabilities of third parties
13. Privity of Contract

Part 5 Discharge and remedies
14. Discharge of the Contract
15. Remedies

Part 6 Consumer protection
16. Consumer contracts

Within each section it contains "case boxes" which will show you a key case in a particular area, give you the facts of that case and try to put it in an easier context which the reader may find easier to understand. If you're embarking on a Law degree and fear you may struggle with the lingo, then this should definitely gain a place on your book shelf.
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