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on 6 January 2007
As the careers advisor for The Stage Newspaper and also a regular broadcaster, I see a lot of how to books-I've also written a couple. This is book is quite simply not just one of the most comprehensive and essential books on radio i have ever come across, it is one of the best how to books on any subject. If you are serious about a career in radio and you don't have this book you are really missing out on something very useful.
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on 19 June 2012
I bought this book when I was 16 I'm now 22, it's followed me everywhere from community radio, to student radio and now to Capital FM, this book is utterly amazing, it taught me most of what I know about radio today. I've read most other radio handbooks and they haven't got a patch on ERS.

If you want to get into radio then you need this book, it's astonishing how Peter has gone into so much detail and taken time to write about such small things that help you massively.

ERS has helped me with my career and I'll always use it. My current copy is in tatters from using it so much!

Jordan North
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on 18 September 2008
If your religious you follow the Bible.
If you want to get involved and learn everything about Radio..This is your bible.

I've read this book back to front and often refer back to it when I need to know anything. The author explains everything in simple terms and it will improve your radio skills if your new to Radio or been involved for a while.

From getting the Job in the first place right through to the interview and then your first day..Show Prep,Teasing and Trailing,what to say and not to say....it is as it says Essential.

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on 17 September 2011
I've been connected with 3 radio stations and they ALL have different playout systems, slightly different desk layouts. So there's no point in trying to learn about your desk or your playout system from anywhere else but from the station that you're with.

What this book does deal with is presentation and the people part of radio. The devolopment of You.

What to say.
Wisdom is something you might be born with, and perhaps you acquire more through life's experience. I actually had a difficult life from when I was around 11 up to about 15 years ago. This experience has brought something to my presenting. A love of music is good and you will feel connected to the show you're presented a lot better if you're in tune with the music. Patience, steady nerves, (like acting, you will always be a little anxious on-air).

This is something I am not so good at. This book deals how to put your interviewee at rest and get the most.
Outside broadcasts and roadshows. I discovered that my laid back late night mellow sound didn't fare at all well on roadshows!

Buy this book. If you're a keen Hospital Radio or rookie presenter on a BBC local or community FM/Internet station this will be the best purchase you could probably ever make.
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on 14 October 2009
This is the Haynes Manual of radio.

Nuts and Bolts. What happens where, when and why. All of it laid bare in front of you. Do as this book says and you will have the basic skills.

Want to know why Chris Evans sounds good and your mates Podcast doesn't? - Buy the book.

It is, however, mechanical. It won't give you any spark or colour. It won't make you one of the greats. Followed slavishly it may even make you dull.

This is the rule book. Read it, re-read it then throw it away - or you'll end up on Heart earning less than a van driver.

Recommended, but not on its own.
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on 9 April 2009
Not as much on the production side as I expected - seems to be geared towards those who want to learn about DJs and how the music type shows are presented. Not much use for factual or documentary programs.
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on 8 December 2009
After years of teaching Media and the like, I've discovered that it's near impossible to find a book about radi owhich gives it to you straight.

I've searched high and low for something that isn't just aimed at those who "already know" and glad I chanced upon this. I've been running a student radio station and needed some insight into the conventions and workings of putting together a radio show.

It covers not only the basics but also more in-depth topics for those moving towards a more professional show.

It's more of a reference piece than a "read from cover to cover" book. But definitely worth a look
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on 6 November 2006
I bought another book co-written by Peter Stewart (Basic Radio Journalism) which is also fantastic, so was eagerly awaiting this book being delivered through the post.

And I wasn't let down. The book is fantastic. Anything and everything you want to know about presenting and producing radio in the UK. Lots of the BBC as well as commercial radio stations, as well as lots of up-to-date stuff about digital radio, online streaming and podcasting.

If you're thinking about getting into radio, this book is perfect. It explains everything in such an interesting, matter-of-fact and uncomplicated manner - but the enthusiasm of the author for the medium is infectious and clearly translates through the pages.

You will be surprised when you buy this that someone in the industry is willing to give away so many trade secrets, tips and advice and not wanting to restrict them to highly paid courses or speaking events.

The book covers everything including the structure and makeup of UK radio, what the different people do at radio stations, the different types of programmes and music scheduling, show prep and getting guests, basic interviewing, competitions, links, teasing and trailing, 'phone-ins, OBs and zoos (and just in case you have no idea what an ob or zoo or PRS, out-cues, ENPS or stings mean, there is a fantastic glossary at the back of the book) and lots more. I'm really interested in the 'How to Talk' chapter and Appendix 4 'How to learn the most, the fastest, when you move to a new station' for prep for job interviews.

I wish I had this book when I started knowing absolutely nothing in radio about a year ago - but even now, its fantastic - I haven't been able to put it down.

Even if you have been in radio some time - I think you'll find something in this book for you. I've spent much of my time reading with notepad and pen in hand, making notes about issues raised that I now want to listen to various radio programmes to see how they handle things. It will really get you questioning how things are and can be done.

This is a fab book!
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on 13 August 2011
Although I am only part way into this book I am getting seriously INTO it as well. It is that well written that a potentially tricky subject is clarified and broken down into the component parts in an easily digestable way. Peter Stewart's patience and skills manage to take the reader through the positives, the negatives and the potential pratfalls and deal with them all in a manner which empowers the reader (well, me at least) into thinking that 'hey, this might just be possible' frame of mind. go for it.
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on 17 October 2008
This book is a real gem. Working as a hospital radio presenter for two years I have picked up a fair ammount of knowledge whilst 'on the job', but this book is fantastic. I learnt so much. Some things that Peter talks about in the book you would pay good money to be taught at a radio school. Do yourself a favour. If you buy one book to teach you how to be a radio presenter, pick this one!
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