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on 25 July 2017
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on 28 August 2003
Having reached the dizzy heights of A levels with little application I suddenly discovered that I had no idea how to study. Academic processes in this country are based on the fallacy that studying is a natural process which can be aquired without tuition. A couple of hours with this book will convince you not only that you are capable of studying more effectively, but also with practice you can do it without angst. This is the definitive self empowerment manual - a complete toolkit for ensuring that you can utilise your own capabilities in the most effective manner.
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on 14 February 2010
When I first heard of this book I was a university drop out who had FANTASTICALLY failed the second year of my degree(that would be 1993). I stressed, extremely unhappy, living at home with my parents (because I couldn't go back to uni) and unsure about my future.

I knew I wasn't stupid, but i didn't know to extract the information needed to successfully pass my degree. This was also coupled with the fact I was un-diagnosed with dyslexia and had a real challenge putting ideas on to paper....so you can guess I had a uphill battle.

One night I was listening to my local radio station and Tony Buzan was being interviewed by the DJ I was impressed and something in my gut told me 'buy this book'.

So I did. The next day. I knew I had done something to really change my academic life and it shocked me just how much.

Well, I will say this system is extremely easy to learn and best of all; it's very very quick once you grasp the basics. After bit of discussion, I managed to secure a place at another university and decided to study 2 DEGREES and condense this over 2 study years. A lot of people thought I was completely mad - but I had confidence, so I could do it- so frankly I didn't care!

Mind mapping helped me with my lectures (plus I also carried a Dictaphone to listen to them again later), researching and structuring my essays. My essays were a couple of 2 hours to complete from research and about 2-4 hours from 1st to final draft (depending on the number of words).

Exams which used to stress me out to the extent I couldn't think straight; became EASY and ENJOYABLE (if such a thing can be!). I could walk into any exam setting feeling quietly confident that I was going pass, and frankly the exam essays would write themselves. There were incidents where I only had a day between exams to collect information and mind map, I was able to do this easily and remain calm despite the stress of exams.

I was able use mind mapping to take large and complex theories and explain them in simple clear English which impressed my lecturers and examiners.

I left university with a 2:1 and in 2 degrees and just missed out on 1st class degree by 4 points.

My sister also used this book and missed a 1st class degree by 1 point!!

My point is this, If can can go from FAILING a degree to to SUCCEEDING WITH TOP MARKS, then frankly there's no excuse for anyone else not to - it really is that simple. You just have to decide to be open minded and make this work for you.

I'm living proof 'it does what it says on the book jacket'.
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on 19 September 2002
After 5 years of not studying I am returning to University. I have always battled to study and the techniques shown at school never lived up to anything. This book was a revelation. You need to really sit down and go through it in detail and belive me it helps.
Not only is it going to aid my studying but its also useful for everyday things, like general knowledge, speech making, etc.
Well recommended!
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This is a really great book to help you unlock your potential and use your brain more effectively. It shows you various techniques to read faster, have improved memory and order your thoughts, as well as other ideas and concepts. You can go on to read the other books in the series if so inspired, but you have all you need in this one book to make an effective start. A great book, if you take the time to apply and practise the techniques.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 30 October 2010
This book literally changed my life. I had been taking exams for years, both academically and vocationally. I failed many exams, but one particular vocational exam which I failed annually prevented my from moving upwards in the profession I had chosen. None of my friends and colleagues could understand why I failed. This went on for 13 years

Then I bought this book. I realised that all my teachers had used the word "study" believing that I understood what the term meant. I realised that I did not. Having read the book I used the principles in my "studying" and the following year I passed with a huge pass mark. They thought I'd cheated!

I was promoted and found that to go further I would need a degree. Using the Tony Buzan method I went to the Open University and some years later obtained a degree. I was then promoted again. I have never looked back.

"Use Your Head" will literally change your life.
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on 24 September 2002
I've bought 'Speed Reading' and 'Using your Memory' by Tony Buzan, and I found that they help quite a lot.
I was disappointed to find that this book simply summarises the content of his other books. Tony doesn't even go into much depth about any of the subjects of memory and reading.
If you have any of Buzan's books don't buy this one.
If you are new to the subject, you won't be displeased - his methods actually work.
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on 17 February 2001
This book has improved my Reading speed a bit, My memory a lot, my study techniqu an amazing amount. I can using the techniques outlined in this easy to read book read faster remember more of what I read and using the simple mind mapping techniques and review techniques make the knowledge a permanent addition. I love this book and I have convinced my Wife and brother to read it. I am also impressing my colleagues at work with my ability to quickly learn and recall new technologies.
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Way back in 1989 while doing my HNC in Computing at nightschool, a friend introduced me to a book which changed my life. This book was like the instruction guide for the brain. How to study, when to study, what to study, how to remember, how to memorise, how to speed read etc. etc. All this in an £8 book with 150 pages. From that day on studying was never the same. Before I go on, I have to say that I have no connections with the book / author / publishers whatsoever. This is purely my personal experience and thoughts.
Needless to say I passed my HNC with flying colours and studying was stopped and forgotten about till September '98 when on the advice of my 'contract' agency I started down the road to commercial certification i.e Novell / Microsoft. The book was dug out and read again and I started practising the concepts immediately (in fact I actually mind mapped the book!)
My Novell CNA exam was booked for the end of October which I flew through and there after I set my sights on the Microsoft MCSE passing all exams first time with VERY high marks. Just missed the 'ACE' by one mark on a couple of them (TCP/IP and Net Essentials) and got an ACE for NT4 Workstation.
Buzan's books WILL change you life!
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on 27 April 2000
For those who find studying, note-taking and memorising difficult, this book will undoubtedly offer many useful suggestions, and open doors to new ways of thinking and working. It is also easily digestible, and provides a good introduction to many of the techniques Buzan is associated with, such as mind-mapping and speed-reading. Where it falls down, however, is with its unremitting hyperbole and its triumphalist tone. Buzan's insistence on emphasizing on every page just how marvellous his techniques are, and just how inefficient you have been until you read this book, quickly becomes irritating. If the techniques are truly life-changing - and Buzan claims nothing less - they should speak and act for themselves; but as it stands, the book overstates its case to the point where this reader becomes deeply suspicious. Furthermore, the techniques themselves are limited. Yes, they certainly make attaining a certain level of learning easier and more efficient, and that is a fine achievement. But certain types of understanding are ignored. While Buzan pays lipservice to being aware of every aspect of your mind, I found his techniques of speed-reading, for example, to get in the way of the moral or emotional reading of a text. You may end up reading quickly and understanding the surface meaning of a text perfectly adequately, but surely it is in the daydreaming moments, upon which Buzan frowns, that you appreciate deeper or hidden meanings. Reading seems to be an end in itself for Buzan, something to be accomplished as quickly and effortlessly as possible, but there are times when reading goes far deeper than that. In these times, quicker is not necessarily better. Altogether, then, this book is useful and interesting, but it it not the revolutionary learning system it claims to be. It will certainly help many people with various aspects of studying, but like any method of learning, it has its limitations, and will suit some better than others.
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