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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I absolutely loved Bared to You - in fact it was one of my favourite books of the year - so I couldn't wait to spend more time with Gideon and Eva in Reflected in You. I've had the paperback on order for months but when the release date was pushed back I couldn't wait and had to buy the Kindle version too. As soon as I got home yesterday I started reading and I literally devoured this book, Sylvia Day did it again and kept me up until 5am reading for the second time! I'm going to assume that anyone reading this review has already read Bared to You so this may contain slight spoilers for the first book - if you haven't started the series yet then you really need to!

This series isn't one you're going to enjoy if you don't like angst and drama in your relationships but for anyone who loves emotional upheaval and characters who are deeply flawed and psychologically damaged by their pasts then you're going to love Gideon and Eva. They both have serious hang ups about themselves and trust issues with each other and that doesn't make for smooth sailing in any relationship but it does make for gritty and realistic reading. The attraction between them is intense but it is about more than physical lust - they just both have difficulties explaining their feelings. Because they find it so hard to communicate they often use sex as a way of expressing themselves which can sometimes cause more problems than it resolves.

What I love most about them is that they both know they are messed up, they both admit to having issues and they are both determined to make a success of things. They understand that they are both going to have to compromise if they want to be together and they are both open to accepting the help of a couples counsellor to make things work. Because the story is told by Eva we get to see exactly what goes on inside her head, how her jealousy effects her and why she does the destructive things she sometimes does which allows us to relate to her and see her side of things. We know a lot less about Gideon's emotions and until quite near the end of the book we don't learn any more about his past than what Eva guesses from witnessing his nightmares. At times this makes him seem a bit closed off but although he finds it hard to express himself there are times when he manages to say exactly the right thing to make you fall for him. I'll be upfront and confess I am majorly crushing on Gideon right now, I didn't think I could like him more after Bared to You but I was proved wrong!

Reading Reflected in You is like going on an emotional roller coaster; there is drama and angst; there are secrets and misunderstandings; there are arguments and punishment screws but then you also have the hot sweaty make up sex and some incredibly sweet moments between them! Gideon swears he isn't romantic but he really, really can be. Eva sums it up herself when she says "The simple fact was, Gideon and I were the best and worst things that had ever happened to each other." They know how to push each others buttons in both a positive and negative way but they understand exactly what they are doing and are surprisingly insightful when it comes to their actions. This is one messed up couple who desperately deserve a happy ending and I can't wait to get my hands on Entwined in You to see if they get it!

I'm going to leave you with a couple of my favourite quotes:

"I'd rather argue with you, angel, than laugh with anyone else."

"People get over love. They can live without it, they can move on. Love can be lost and found again. But that won't happen for me. I won't survive you, Eva."

"I am obsessed with you, angel. Addicted to you. You're everything I've ever wanted or needed, everything I've dreamed of. You're everything. I live and breathe you. For you."
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on 3 October 2012
Reflected in You has been the most anticipated books for me and I was not left disappointed. It starts were Bared to you finished, which I loved !! Gideon and Eva are back and ever more so addicted and in love with each other. This second book in the trilogy takes you through more turbulent turns in their relationship, with break ups, make ups, and theirs pasts coming back to haunt both Eva and Gideon. It deals with their past ghosts and traumas, their insecurities and the trust issues that arise from these.
I liked that you got to see them as a couple going on a double date and doing normal things, it made the relationship more realistic for me. The lighter things and the highs were welcomed from such a heavy and intense emotional side. To say this book took me on a roller coaster of emotions is an understatement. It was heartbreaking that each of them knew they should let each other go, but knew they couldn't live or function without each other.
"I'm obsessed with you angel. Addicted to you. You're everything I've ever wanted or needed, everything I've ever dreamed of. You're everything. I live and breathe you. For you."
The need that they have for each other in reality would be exhausting, but in the place Sylvia Day takes us to in our imagination it's jaw dropping and page turning!! I promised myself I would savor this book but once I started I couldn't put it down I devoured it in one sitting!!
I must also say that for me in Bared to You Eva was a little annoying, although I understand why she behaved the way she did. In Reflected in You I really grew to love her. She was more ballsy, confrontational and confident. To see her learning to trust Gideon and stand up for him had me liking her even more.
I think the next book is going to be another roller coaster of a ride with ex-boyfriends, ex-fiances and some serious issues to work through but as always I will be rooting for Gideon and Eva !!
I can't wait for Entwined with You :o)
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on 6 October 2012
I am in two minds about this sequel - Bared To You is one of my favourite books and I have re-read it about 3 times. The love story between Eva and Gideon was mesmerising - two very flawed characters but you really had hope for them in turning their lives into something worth having. So I was really excited about this sequel and couldn't wait to download it. But as the story went on, I was a little disappointed...... Gideon is deeply unpredictable and Eva is on a constant see-saw of understanding him/not understanding him and there is very little from Gideon's side of the story. I wonder if the author is saving his side for another book but it left me feeling a bit frustrated at times. I know the story is meant to be dark and twisted between them but at times it was a little exhausting. I will read the third when it comes out but considering how much I loved the initial part of their story, this book left me a little bereft.
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on 3 October 2012
OMG! Where do I start with this book. Read the first one and was a little surprised and eager to find out what happened next. I have to say I was disappointed. I read this book in one night and I felt thoroughly exhausted afterwards! If they are not fighting they are ignoring each other or playing Tit-for-Tat. There is no opening up as to how Gideon feels or why he is such a control freak. For most of the 2nd half of the book he ditched Eva with no explanation but cryptic sentences such as "It has to be this way" (?!) or "I have no choice" Please! Everyone has a choice! I feel no further forward as to what or how he is this way than I was in Book 1.

Plus Eva does something pretty nasty to Gideon at a concert and I was shocked to find a whole chapter devoted to Gideon using sex as a weapon to force Eva into confessing her reasons behind why she did it. That in any relationship cannot be healthy! And Eva is now looking like some sex starved woman who just wants to be shagged at any opportunity! I mean she suffered years of sexual abuse and yet she is comfortable to use sex again as currency in a relationship which has neither party showing any maturity in just talking to each other. The Psychiatrist they go to is just a referee for their bitching and arguing. I mean what's the point?!

This is not a book with a love story woven through it, I feel disconnected from the characters now and the seem tedious and petty. Have pre-ordered book 3 but am seriously considering cancelling it! Is there no author who can write a romance and include us in the struggles without it seeming like the characters are still in the school playground?! Certainly not this author!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 3 October 2012
This second story picks up the day after the last book finished. Eva and Gideon, continue to have trust issues in this story. Mostly in part because Gideon refuses to open up about his past. This frustrates Eva no end. The stress has caused the return of her nightmares. She has not had these for two years. Eva tries talking to Gideon, with no response.

As the problems mount between the pair. Once again they use sex as a bandaid. But even this in the end stops working. But there are other things happening outside their control. Which is going to affect the two of them adding to their fragile emotions

I spent most of the time reading this frustrated at Gideon, he refused to give Eva anything, all the giving was on her side. He just expected her to to trust him. But what he doesn't realise is that's not how things work. He blows hot and cold in Eva's eyes. I was shocked at the ending and what was revealed. I can't imagine where the story goes from here.

I felt that there was so much happening in this story, behind the scenes, that the reader is not told. That made seem like there were two stories running side by side, but the reader is only privy to one of them. I would love to get something from Gideon's POV. For instance what about Corrine? Gideon knows that seeing him with Corrine, is like a red rag to bull to Eva. but he just keeps doing it. What happened with Gideon and Corrine? So many loose ends, that I would like answers to. Lets hope everything gets resolved in the last book.
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on 1 January 2013
This was a really great read and I honestly couldn't put the book down! I can't wait for the next book and hope it is as good as this one. Fantastically written.
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on 6 October 2012
Unlike some of you, I haven't been waiting for the release date for Reflected in You all that long, but I have been eagerly awaiting it because I absolutely fell in love with Bared to You when I read it a few months back. I was looking for something on par with Fifty Shades of Grey and Sylvia Day knocked it right on the head and if anything, created something even better. Better characters, better romance, better everything!

Reflected in You starts where Bared to You ends and if you thought you'd finally read a drama free story, then think again. Most people might wonder where the author could now take this story but don't worry, Sylvia Day takes it to a whole new level and I'm just talking about the sex scenes. It's beautiful, confusing, happy, frustrating, compelling, shocking and did I say frustrating? But it's a good frustrating. I for one, was hoping we would see Gideon become that more open with Eva, but if anything he became worse. It's clear he's hiding something, he doesn't even deny it to Eva but he does tell her and us to trust him. We all know what kind of man he is and we all know how deep his love runs for Eva but we really see that love in a dark way this time around, and we see how far he's willing to go to protect her. I for one thought it was a fantastic twist - one I didn't see coming but the author really keeps you on your toes and even though things may appear one way, just listen to Gideon when he says "TRUST ME" because if you don't, you will probably thinking the same as Eva. It was pretty clear there was something BIGGER was going on that Eva wasn't aware of and of course, everyone tries to hide it from her but all I say is, be patient and you will love this story for what it is.

"I'm caught up with you, Eva." With his head tilted back, Gideon pulled me down for the sweetest of kisses, hi firm lips moving gently beneath mine. "I'd kill for you," he whispered, "give up everything I own for you....but I won't give you up." - Gideon

Eva and Gideon's relationship really is tested this time around, and they have so many scenes that are beautiful and touching. I can't even imagine what the author has in store for us with book three and I'm hoping it will give everyone the ending they want and need. For me, this series is definitely a favourite and I'm counting down the days until the next release date.

"I'm obsessed with you, angel. Addicted to you. You're everything I've ever wanted or needed, everything I've ever dreamed of. You're everything. I live and breathe you. For you." - Gideon
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on 27 November 2012
If you're looking to this as an example of how to conduct a D/s relationship; don't. Eva seems to delude herself into believing she should be submissive to an irresponsible Dominant who punishes whilst angry, clouding his judgement. Again, it reinforces the stereotype that you have to be damaged in some way to enjoy that sort of alternative lifestyle.
In terms of characters, there are some things that are promising; Eva seems to make an effort to have a circle of friends with their own issues, though sadly more often than not their talks revolve around Eva and Gideon's relationship issues. And boy, do those keep on happening...
There are far too many breakup/have sex/repeat ad nauseum for me, and a book shouldn't rely so much on it because as a reader you know that any dramatic break up scene is guaranteed to be rendered pointless in a few pages when they get back together. The main part that signed me off for good is a plot piece that is fully introduced near to the end, and twists right about in the last chapter. For me, it takes Gideon from 'damaged, dark and dangerous', to psychotic. The police woman's monologue about it as well as her motivation for what she does strikes me as grossly unrealistic and a complete disrespect to the duty of a police officer.

All in all, this book facilitates a seriously unhealthy relationship that is repetitive in storytelling and breaches onto the ludicrous in plot.
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on 23 July 2016
Again Sylvia Day has written a wonderful insight in a relationship and what can possibly go wrong or right. Had me in tears, laughter and most of all gripped from page 1 til the end.

Now I want to know what happens with Gideon and Eva, but oh I have to WAIT til 31st December when the final installment comes out lol.
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on 24 November 2012
Having enjoyed the first installment of the Crossfire series I couldn't wait to download this to my kindle. However, I wish I hadn't bothered. I found it alot of hard work keeping up with Eva and Gideon's emotions and how much in love they were and their jealous possessiveness etc. Their relationship was so unhealthy from the word go and I just found it all just abit too much. Yes, its fiction and its a good job because if anyone had a relationship based on theirs (which was basically tit for tat) then any woman in their right mind would kick Gideon Cross to kerb surely! I was exhausted towards the end of reading this book..not 4 me at all!
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