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on 30 March 2013
My wife and I have been to Vienna on many occasions, but I regularly update this guide (every few years anyway). As I said for my review of the Austrian Guide - we both love the DK layout, format and style, as well as the very good quality paper and standard of printing. If you are a stranger to Vienna - I can't recommend this book highly enough - it will get you to just about anything you want to see:) I would just recommend the Popup maps as an additional purchase - fold away to a tiny size but incredibly useful. If you are a seasoned visitor, there is always something in this guide that you were unaware of - or had simply forgotten, and will be happily reminded.

The only issue I would take with this edition of the Vienna Guide is that one of the walks that appeared in earlier editions has been left out - the walk down from Kahlenberg to Nussdorf. This is a wonderful walk whatever the season, and I can't think why its been left out this year - definitely a mistake!
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on 24 January 2011
I really like these travel guides, for someone on a reasonable budget and interested in cultural and other standard "tourist", including walking, shoppping, eating/drinking out, etc and even business travel.

Generally, I always buy one for the country/city I am going to visit. When I don't have one, I usually regret it as I find I am "lost" without it in terms of planning what to do and how to do it!

They provide interesting and practical facts about sightseeing, using the local public transport or driving, getting to/from airports, eating out, going out, shopping, useful maps of city centres, health and safety tips, some background history, etc.

The translations (and pronunciation guide) of common phrases in the local language are useful but sometimes limited. Lots of colour pictures makes the book more interesting in itself and makes for a nice bookshelf souvenir afterwards.

Another great thing about the series is that the books are always laid out in the same way. So once you start using them, you'll always know what information you can find and where it will be in the book.

A slight drawback is that the books are medium-size and can weigh from 500-800 grams (depending on which city/country the book is for), and the paperback versions always get a bit dog-eared being carried around in my day-pack.

To paraphrase and old credit card ad: "I won't leave home without one of these guide books".
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on 12 January 2011
This excellent guide book lives up to the reputation of all DK books for its information, maps, plans and copious photos and illustrations. I would highly recommend it, although in time the information in this edition about hotels and eating places may become dated.
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on 21 July 2011
We are visiting Vienna just before Christmas this year and I wanted to do some research before we went. This book is perfect, it is not so large that it is difficult to carry around, but contains all the information you could need. The feature I like best is Vienna area by area which has a 3D effect map for each area with a suggested walking route to see all the sights. I was going to buy a seperate street map but to be honest the one in the book is better than some of the ones that I have seen so I am not going to bother.
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on 30 January 2009
whever I go somewhere new I will always look for the DK eyewitness without hesitation. I did in this instance but, in this case, was wrong to do so.

The descriptions of places seem very vague and a bit distant, a lot of the photos are out of date and the book didn't tell me enough about the city in general. 'Transport from the airport' was especially vague, and didn't even mention the best way of travel, the CAT (a double decker train), let alone tell you that it costs E.17 each way. It is as if the author hasn't been to Vienna for a decade, and has lost touch with the place.

The best two places we went to (over a long weekend) weren't in the guidebook - the Terra-Aquarium, which is housed in what looks like an old municiple water tower (it looks derelict when you walk up to it, but really isn't), and Hundertwasser's KunstHausWein, which was well worth the trek to get there. Both of these places were within the map borders, but not mentioned anywhere in the text.

Also, while telling you about the Chirstmas markets, it omits to tell you that they don't open until well after midday, as do a lot of retail shops.

The book does get two stars because the maps are flawless and highly informative. The few walking routes we did were well planned, though not all that informative. This is a good book, up to their usual visual and mapped standards, its the content that I'm really disappointed with!!

If I go back to Vienna again, I will buy a different guidebook.
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on 25 August 2011
After comparing different travel guide about Vienna in a hostel, this book is the best. I am always a fan of the DK eyewitness travel series. The maps in the book are very useful. Nicely coloured and big enough so I don't have to read it with a magnifier.

The beer, coffee, savoury dishes, sausage, Austrian cakes and pastries guide are particularly useful for the Brits. I wouldn't be able to try all the interesting food without it.

This book provides a good insight into the collections of art in museum and palace.

Some argue that the selection of hotels and restaurants are not as detailed as the Lonely Planet. I wonder who does not have internet access and rely solely on books. I am glad that the list is not long in this book, don't have to carry 50 extra pages of useless stuff around.
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on 15 March 2012
Replaced Insight Guide with this, and I have to say we were very impressed. Took it with us on 4-day break in Vienna, and used it a lot. Great illustrations, clear maps, useful division of the city into zones. Shows how a well designed guide book still has its place in the digital age.
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on 31 May 2011
If you are visiting Vienna this book is the perfect buy.
All bases are covered in usual DK style.
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on 23 May 2014
I purchased another well-known guide before this and found the information too overwhelming to be able to plan a 4 day trip to Vienna. As anyone who has been to Vienna knows, there are enough palaces and museums to keep you occupied for a year. I needed a guide book that pointed out the main highlights that we could fit in over 4 days, and this guide book does exactly that. The laminated map is great, especially when you are trying to find directions in the rain, and we used it in conjunction with a popout map (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vienna-PopOut-Map-pocket-size-Footprint/dp/1845879376/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400868860&sr=8-1&keywords=popout+map+vienna) to get around the city.

p.s.. a lot of attractions in Vienna are open quiet late in the day (St Stephens open till 9:30 pm), so it is possible to pack a lot into the day. We also found a lot of the ticket offices open earlier than the attractions themselves, which is handy to beat the queues, and you can also book many of the tickets online.
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on 17 March 2008
It looked good on first looking through it but it didn't keep my attention for the duration of the stay.
It is well illustrated, the maps quite good, and it is quite comprehensive in terms of buildings and museums (well it is Vienna).
However, as someone who usually likes the eyewitness guides as a quick way of getting around, this one seemed a bit clinical and didn't appeal so much. Maybe I just didn't appreciate the detail in the book as much as I should have. In addition to the architecture, I enjoyed the Spanish riding school and the Butterfly House in the city, so as the week progressed I would have liked a bit more variety in the content, and some descriptions that would give me a real feel for the place.
Others may well have a different perspective?
As an aside, had some great Viennese cakes :-) - but I don't understand the excitement over the Sachertorte, thought it was very dry and not much flavour.
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