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on 18 October 2017
While this book is highly informative and well illustrated, it is also over-cautious and portrays pregnancy as some sort of terrifying ordeal. Your every movement must be monitored, every sensation catalogued and anything pleasurable is to be avoided. Not enough sun? Bad! Too much sun? Bad! Chocolate? Don't be ridiculous! Grate vegetables onto everything you eat instead. Are you eating enough folic acid? Doing your abdominal exercises? Here's what an ectopic pregnancy looks like. That better hadn't been alcohol you are drinking in moderation. Here's a chart detailing what a miscarriage feels like. Exercise more. Eat fish. Don't eat too much fish. Here's something about toxoplasmosis and parasites in red meat. That's just a sample of the information crammed into 10 pages around the 5-7 week mark. It is exhausting!

My wife and I have agreed to stop reading this as it has left her a nervous wreck. Many of the book's entries follow the format that 'while studies have shown there is no harm in ... its better to be safe than sorry'. So, if there's no evidence that something will benefit or harm the baby, on what basis is it recommended?

There's a wealth of information in here about the medical processes that are taking place, but, as when often talking to a doctor, it lacks compassion. 'Each breast will increase, on average, by 5 cm (2in) and 1.4kg (3lb) during pregnancy. That is why it is important to wear the right bra, even in the early stages of pregnancy'. The information I want to know is why it is important to buy the right bra, and what 'the right bra' is. Won't your regular bra be able to cope with an expansion of 2 inches? What happens if you don't buy the right bra? Is it as dangerous as eating the wrong sort of fish?

While it is important to care for your body while you are pregnant, it is also important to care for your mind and worry helps neither mum nor baby.
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on 15 April 2015
First bought for my wife whilst pregnant with our first by my 2 sisters who are both mums (one being a Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist, the other being a teacher). We both read from it during both of my wife's pregnancies. The great thing about the way it's written on a "day by day throughout the pregnancy" basis is that you can either read it religiously and digest every word, or alternatively happily dip in and out more occasionally and always be sure to be reading the relevant info (it is a great and unusual strength for a book such as this to have no barriers to entry and no big investment required in order to learn interesting and informative information). My wife read most(probably all) of it twice and loved it both times, I read half of it but kept picking it up too during both pregnancies, there is a lot in it to learn which is helpful without being intimidating. Impressive for one book to hold both of our attentions I think, we happily shared it, a nice together thing at an important time. We have bought it again and passed copies on to several of my wife's family members and friends since.
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2013
This book is a must have its day by day progress of pregnancy is very informative with pictures of your unborn baby on each day.
There are sections on healthy eating and what to expect but on the day by day there are helpful little bits of saying what to expect. This is not only reassuring, particularly for first time mum and dads but also gives little tips of how to deal with the more unpleasant aspects of pregnancy.
Becoming a parent is daunting enough but with the minefield of information on the internet its easy to panic over unexpected symptoms. But this book is written in a concise, caring and sensitive manner without being patronising or judgemental.
This is now an daily read for me and my partner.
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on 22 March 2013
Very thorough and well laid out book that walks you through your pregnancy step-by-step. When you think about all there is to consider with having a baby you can get a bit frazzled by it, but this book keeps it relevant to each trimester, week and day so that you aren't panicking about breast-feeding when you should just be coping with morning-sickness.
There is a lot of helpful information. With the internet one can find the answer to any pregnancy question with a quick google, but then you only find what you are looking for! This brings it altogether and talks you through things that you wouldn't think about.
There are photos and diagrams each day that help visualize your baby, even when it is smaller than a pea!
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on 13 January 2017
Amazing day-by-day guide to pregnancy jam-packed full of information, illustrations and real ultrasound photographs. Was a great book for me to have at my fingertips for my first pregnancy and then I found myself going back to it every now and then with my second pregnancy too! Great to be given some idea of what's going on in there at every stage! Highly recommend.
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on 25 February 2014
Really well put together book and a daily read throughout the pregnancy. However as I couldn't stick to daily reading and rather tried to catch up on a weekly basis on all the pages I've missed I think it could have been written as a weekly layout instead of daily. Especially as a lot of days had very repetitive information as if they've run out of things to say for that day or week.

Regardless, I found so much useful information in this book throughout my pregnancy and preparation for the birth.
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on 7 June 2013
This book has been my go to every single day of my pregnancy so far, although I'd perhaps suggest being brave and buying it when your ttc so you get the absolute most from it.

I started reading it at about 5 weeks and I'd already missed a fair chunk out at the beginning.

Most things that you find out in other books can be found on the internet, but not in this case.

I love checking it every day, and still I get a shock at the weekly summaries.

The only problem is that they have randomly placed "spotlight" topics and I wish I could access them from the start rather than stumble across them.
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on 3 January 2013
As a first time mum-to be, I am a bit nervous about everything that is happening and anything that may possibly happen. I bought this book as I hoped it would provide some information in small doses to soothe my nerves and it has done just that. The tone is in no way preachy, provides interesting information on baby's milestones as well as what mum can expect to happen. It highlights topics important during each period and even has little boxes intended for dads. The book is clearly laid out and reads very quickly (as you would imagine with a day-by-day layout). I'm very happy with the product.
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on 22 May 2014
I have bought and been given a few pregnancy books recently, but this is one of my favourites. A whole page is dedicated to each day of pregnancy and offers facts and info about what is happening to your body and the baby at each stage. I use this to read a couple of weeks ahead at a time to know what I can expect. It contains all sorts of advice from relaxation, healthy eating, exercise tips etc and also info on tests that you may need in pregnancy, birth info and pregnancy symptoms. A great detailed guide presented in an easy to read format. Great for first timers like me!
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on 30 July 2017
Absolutely love this book. Read it everyday. Love all the photos and little snippets of support. Like having a mini midwife. Although it would be nice to have more for the dads. I also love how some bits are written to help with any worries and helps you feel calm about certain things
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