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on 12 August 2017
Bloody Nora. Just implemented the Progressive Waiting approach with the 15 month old who hasn't even looked like sleeping outside of a car or off his mums boob or out of his mums bed. Mum is pregnant and feeling it so we pulled the trigger. Night one, he went def con 10, but fell asleep, in his own cot, of his own accord after 45-50 mins. Had one wake up at 2.30am for about 30 mins where he whined a little, but again, off to bobos by himself. Night 2, had a bit of a cry, grabbed Ewan The Sheep by the neck, wrestled around a bit and was snoring like a builder after 8 mins. Gord Bless Ye Dr Ferber!!!!
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on 16 January 2015
Outstanding. It works. My 10 month old baby was waking up approx 4 times per night, it was hell. After about a week of following this program (and it wasn't too difficult at all) he was sleeping right through the night from ~8pm to ~6.30am at least every other night. The nights he didn't sleep right through he only awoke once and he would go back to sleep very quickly after a re-swaddle. Now he is happy to go to sleep in his cot by himself most of the time. This book is literally a life saver! haha.
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on 14 January 2013
Whether you agree or not with his methods, Ferber clearly knows what he is talking about and gives very detailed explanations of how sleep works and what the problem might be (and how to prevent future issues). Up to you to decide how to fix it, but I found the book to be invaluable with my child.
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on 30 November 2013
This book works! Within three days my son went from crying for half an hour at night and only sleeping with me holding his hand to being put to bed in 5 mins with no crying or comfort from me. I would thoroughly recommend this book.
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on 16 February 2015
Good book but a bit tatty
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on 11 February 2016
A must for all parents whose baby or child has difficulties in falling asleep or sleeping through.
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on 27 April 2014
I don't normally post reviews but decided it was about time to start after reading this book. Our baby is 5 months old and has always been a terrible sleeper. Some night he would wake crying every 10-15 minutes and I would end up feeding him every couple of hours as a way of getting him to stop crying or go back to sleep. Most night he would end up in our bed as I was just too exhausted with the constant in and out of his room. We bought this book hoping it would give us some ideas but I didn't expect it to have as much effect as it had. The book is great at outlining the science behind sleep so you can identify what your problems are and then there are detailed chapters for each problem. Our main issue was sleep associations as our baby needed rocking to sleep and comforting every time he woke during the night. Now the main method to deal with this problem is controlled crying which I know is very controversial but for us it was something we were willing to try. We made sure we had a definate plan that we were both onboard with and set aside a long weekend when we knew we could both be involved. We expected it to be really tough and upsetting but it wasn't as bad as we thought with out baby crying for max of 15 mins at a time. By day 3 that was down to 5 mins and now 1 week on he is pretty much sleeping through the night, I give him a dream feed while he is asleep at about 1 am to make sure he's not hungry and he's then sleeping until 6.30am. No more coming into our bed and we are able to put him down in his cot without much fuss even for naps during day.

I can't rate this book highly enough, it has worked wonders for us in such a short space of time. Even if you are against cc there are others methods mentioned and the background chapters at least help you understand why your child is not sleeping well rather than just hoping they will grow out of it.
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on 30 May 2016
I first used this book 18years ago for my eldest son who used to sleep in 1 and a half hour bursts with crying in between all night. I'd breastfeed him to get back to sleep and by 5 months he was quite plump! I was barely functioning on so little sleep.
This book was a revelation, a sleep bible. There is so much good sense in it. It enabled me to gird my loins and sort out the problem, rather than worrying that a couple of nights of crying would scar my son for life. Clearly it hasn't as he is now a fully functioning member of society, and a lovely person to boot. I had 3 copies over the years, one for each son but always have them away to other suffering mums (I meet many as an obstetrician). I bought this recently for a friend of mine enduring the slow torture of sleep deprivation.
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on 1 February 2007
My wife and I are good parents. We think that because mostly we have a contented daughter who is good natured and sleeps really well... mostly.

Imagine the shock and bewilderment when after 21 months of blissful sleep our daughter had a cold, the MMR jab and frightening stormy weather one night all happening at once and her sleep was sent off balance. The next 6 weeks got progressively worse - need a light on, wake up at 2, 4 and then 6. Cry for up to 2 hours when put down. Arghhhh! (and some people would be happy if it was only _that_ bad).

Really our sleep episode wasn't that bad but in comparison to the bliss we had before it was a nightmare. We ended up being fractious and tired and frustrated and not knowing quite how long this 'phase she is going through' would last.

I read around and put my faith in this book. I like to have someone giving me some structure when I think I have tried everything else. Richard Ferber is a genius. Like all good books, when you read this one you think "I already know that" but it helps you to work out what it is that you could do differently.

So 2 evenings reading the important bits (the book even tells you which bits you NEED to read and which you can skip) and 4 days after putting this into practice we are back to a blissful routine. Bed at 7, wake up at 7!

Thank you Richard Ferber.
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on 15 February 2011
This has been a revelation, is simple and works.

From the age of 6 months my just turned 1 year old has had night after night of broken sleep. I purchased the book after reading other reviews on Amazon. As others, I had heard of Ferber and was a little worried about leaving children to 'cry it out', but after reading the book I found that this isn't the case.

He first helps you understand, quickly and simply about sleep patterns, sleep association and has many examples which will help you understand the sleep pattern that your baby/child/teenager may have. From this you can then go onto change it.

I really feel I am tempting fate, but my 1 year old would sleep on a good night to about 1.30am and then wake hourly and be up at 5.30/6am - sleeping 30 minutes in the day. After following his advice she slept through on the 2nd night and I cannot be more grateful. Life is good.

Because he feels that children can easily learn new sleep associations, if things like illness or change in circumstances distrupt the sleep again then don't keep plodding on - get past this and then start again. I feel much more relaxed and so glad that I found the book.

It is easy to follow and although I paid too much money for it, it is money well spent and has worked for us.
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