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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2003
First off, let me say that I have browsed through many books before buying this one. I was looking for a book on digital photography that would go beyond the obvious taking/scanning of the picture and then editing in photo editing software. I was hoping to find in-depth knowledge on the difference between a digital camera and an analogue one, the inner workings of cameras in general and in particular, plus tips on how to rise above shooting your average snapshot.
This book tells you all of that and much more. One of its added bonuses is that it gives you troubleshooting tips on most any problem/mistake I can think of in understandable English without neglecting to mention the jargon and without sounding condescending. Kudos to the author.
Another thing I love so much about this book is the abundance of high quality colour photographs used. There are of course black & white photographs to be seen when the author discusses black & white photography, but colour pictures aren't suddenly 'deadened' by the use of black & white copies of the picture.
Since I am a PC fan and do not work with a Mac, I am very happy to see that eventhough there's a Mac picture in the part about the digital darkroom, the author does not try to force a Macintosh computer on you and also mentions (IBM compatible) PC's.
He also mentions quite a few digital cameras. However, a book with digital equipment can never be completely up-to-date. I would suggest getting information on the latest models straight off the Internet of from your local shop, since digital cameras are very popular and I have found that several of the cameras I liked were sold out very quickly. (Tip: if you read about a camera you like and you are serious about getting it, order it. Otherwise it might be gone before you realise it.)
That being the only flaw I cound find, I still rate it 5 stars since it's very comprehensive and pleasantly written. So if you're looking for a fountain of knowledge on digital photography and want info on photography in general as well, this book will be a great help to you.
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on 7 February 2005
Personally, I think this is a great book and find the negative reviews a little harsh. If you're a beginner and new to ISO's, Spot metering and Apertures, its really good. But it's not just that. It is full of really good advice, tips and maybe more importantly, ideas. Every photo in the book has an explaination of how it was taken and what equipment was used etc... This is invaluable stuff to us beginners.
But the best aspect is the fact that it attempts to get you thinking. It talks about project ideas and basically "getting you out there" taking pictures
As for covering film aswell as digital!?! Surely this is a good thing as digital photography is based on film technology, where did the ISO come from after all...
It's a great companion and a great starting point in photography
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on 4 February 2006
I was quite dissapointed after reading this book. The first 70 or so pages discuss which digital camera to buy, which printer, scanner features etc. Of course, almost all of this information is obsolete by now. Even if it was updated though, I would argue that there are much better sources to help guide the consumer towards a purchase, or even explain the workings of a printer, than this book.
The reason I bought a book on photography was to learn how to better use my digital camera. I am fairly new to photography, and wanted to learn more about exposure settings, composure, using flash, topics like landscape or portrait photography etc. Ang does spend a few pages on this, but it was so superficial and gave dissapointingly little information I could use in practice. Now don't get me wrong, I did learn a thing or two, but one page on exposure was less than I was hoping for.
The second half of the book (actually a bit more) is mostly spent explaining how to use picture editing software. My issue is that he doesn't direct his attention towards one program, neither towards PC or Mac. Which in my oppinion makes the information provided hard to actually use. He might spend a page explaining what the dodge and burn tools are (in general), but I suspect that once you fire up your software of choice to actually convert that knowledge into practice, you will have no idea what to do and results will be poor. I wanted to use Photoshop so I also bought "The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby. Now THAT book was just brilliant in letting you know how to actually do something with your pictures. It was not at all too advanced, he just spends a few more pages for explaining screenshots and procedures in an easy to understand step-by-step fashion. There are other similar books for other software. If you want to start learning some editing skills I strongly suggest buying a more specialized book like that instead.
All in all the book had a bit of what I was looking for, but it was discussed over maybe 80 pages. The rest was decent enough to read, but did nothing to make me a better photographer or able to work the digital darkroom.
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on 18 July 2003
I bought the book right after buying my digital camera because the camera manual gave no guidence on when to use what function and how they play together to influence the final image. Every function I wondered about is explained in the book and as such it fulfilled my expectations. Be awere though that this ( and every other book on digital photography ) also contains some pretty basic PC understanding and you have to be forgiving for that if you, like me are trying to learn photography rather than digital... 75% of the book was extremely useful because it explained the why and when of my digital camera functions as well as a first time guidence on taking pictures in different situations. I'm now however looking for a book that can take me to the next level in photograpy using a digital camera, unfortunately such a book does not seem to exist.. If you can be forgiving of the basic pc stuff (or if you need that part as well), I would highly reccomend this book. If you want a book fokusing exclusively on how to take great pictures with a digital camera - sorry, such a book does not exist but this is a good place to start.
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on 19 March 2004
I bought this book after spending a lot of time in Waterstones looking through shelf after shelf of photography publications. I just thought I'd try Amazon (not having used it before) and managed to get it for a bargain price!
Certainly owning it now, I can say that it has a good balance of theory and practical tips. It has some excellent sections on photographing specific themes, e.g. travel, landscapes and portraits, which for a non-experienced photographer read very well. It also has a selection of quick remedies to rescue photos using Photoshop.
In particular, this book gives a good coverage of using both digital and film cameras. Although this is a digital book, it discusses the pathway from film to digital through a scanner, thus making it a good all rounder.
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on 22 August 2005
I love this book. I have been an keen photographer for many years now. I therefore found some of the book to be of no use personnally but for the beginner it's perfect. The author explains technical techniques in great detail and the fact all this is supported by examples helps the read relate to the lessons being learnt. As far as digital editing is concerned, I was a complete novice. My expertise lies in CAD software. This book really helped me gain an understanding of how software such as PS can improve my photography. This isn't a manual of how to use PS but it does inspire and educate you as to combine it with digital photography. Probabaly far more than most will ever need. My entire attitude has now changed regarding my work and i'm now searching for an expert level book on PS manipulation.
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on 17 November 2003
I bought this book because I thought it was going to deal with the differences between digital and traditional photography. However all it really does is give the kind of general photography tips that you can get from any photography book, and add in sections on manipulating your pictures in Photoshop. If all you want is a book giving tips on Photoshop there are far better ones out there
The sections on equipment are more or less useless as most of the models in the reviews have already been replaced; in the case of the Canon three new models have already replaced the review model.
All in all you get the impression that this book is just a general photography book with a few new sections tacked on. This is highlighted that most of the pictures in the book have been taken on film cameras and scanned.
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A lot has already been said about this book. I find it a good book to look up a paticular subject in, read about it and then put it back on the shelf until the next problem comes along. There is nothing wrong with this and the section on layers sorted out some of the problems I had with getting them to work, for this alone the book was worth it. This guy knows his stuff and I have a few other books by him and like them also. All in all a valuable resiurse for when things go wrong or you can't get something to work in the editing stage.
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on 28 June 2003
This book gives an answer to your every question about digital photography. But if you are a professional it will not be enough for your improvement. Well designed, easy to understand. Takes my 4 star rate.
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on 25 June 2008
I can unreservedly recommend this book. It is an order of magnitude more relevant to me than any other similar book I've come across, even if the pages on the actual cameras is bound to date. I've been a photographer for nearly 50 years and a digital photographer since I could afford it - probably more than 10 years.
Tom Ang's experience is vast eyt down-to-earth and he's got a real gift for communicating clearly those things that matter to me - small, large and tiny considerations from the use of the camera; the computer software, the hardware and the aesthetic aspects of composition and so on.
This is a "golden age" of incredibly powerful yet really affordable digital technology that takes some knowledge to use. To me, this book is an essential companion, helping to put all the available technology to best use to capture and display the images that will communicate what I intend ... and discover along the way.
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