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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Most of the books I've read on the subject of nutrition seem to try and make the subject more complicated than it really is, perhaps to justify their own existence. This book doesn'tdo that, which is why I bought it, read it regularly and find it indespensable.

Chapter One allows you to assess yor lifestyle and any need to make changes, giving practical guidance on how to make changes withot living on leaves and water.

Chapters Two and Three explain in straightforward, unpatronising terms, the good and bad qualities of food types, and allows you to understand how to follow a healthy diet based on your own understanding of nutrition.

Chapter Four looks at special dietary needs during specific stages of life, from babies and toddlers, adulthood, pregnancy, and old age. There's even a section for athletes.

Chapeter Five looks at weight control and gives solid, no nonsense advice on weight loss and management, with advice for the overweight as well as underweight.

Chapter Six expores how food can help against certain illnesses, including diabetes, migraine, respiratory disorders and cardiovasular disease.

Chapter Seven clarifies food labelling and helps you to shop smart and buy healthy food.

In all, this book is invaluable. Bu it and you'll never need another book on this subject again.
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on 9 October 2009
This is a very comprehensive overview of food, eating habits, nutrition facts and a whole lot of other interesting facts!
This is not a diet book, so if you're looking for a set of rules to follow, you probably won't find that here.
The book does explain and describe a whole list of different diets but this is just a chapter and it is good as you can use it as a diet analyzer before you embark on any one of these diets.
However, the focus here is more on the quality of food, quality of life, facts about weight-gain & weight-loss.
In my personal opinion, this is a book every household should have. It's a 'how to' guide to healthy eating in all stages of life. Whether you read it cover to cover, jump through chapters or just open it occasionally for a quick reference, this is definitely a must have!
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on 31 August 2008
I bought this of amazon recently and I find it hard to put it down. It's very easy to read, Very informative and very interesting. I'm hoping to learn a lot from it.It would be great if like me you were thinking of studying nutrition and perhaps doing a course.Thanks
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on 20 December 2015
One of those patronising books that explains you have a head and two feet and you're supposed to use your feet for walking, etc. Reads as though it was designed by a public health committee to educate the orks about not eating too many chips.
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I've got several DK books on various subjects and the format has been fairly similar. I would say they are all very user (and child) friendly, and give you a good (friendly and colourful) introduction to the topic covered. Nutrition for Life is a bit different.It says on the cover it is the "definitive guide" and they are not far wrong!

The colourful photos and useful boxes are still there (that distinguish DK), but everything is covered in much more depth than I am used to seeing. It is a more serious book (contains quite of lot of scientific information behind the friendly advice, information on vitamins, how nutrition can help with all manner of illnesses etc.). It also has good advice on all the top diets and

Overall I highly reccomend this book. It isn't something you will necessarily read from start to finish, but something you will keep coming back to, either as an exercise or diet companion or simply to try and live a healthier lifestyle. Due to the Dk style, it is very positive and therefore highly motivational. 5 stars!
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on 12 March 2011
I used this book (Nutrition For Life) in conjunction with a short course I was doing with the Open University called, 'Understanding Human Nutrition'. This book explains in simple understandable terms the importance of a good diet and gives examples by way of nutritional requirements from birth to the elderly age groups.

The book also looks at commen diseases that are attributable to a poor diet and suggests how to reduce the risk of getting one of these diseases. There are even diet suggestions for women to reduce the physical symptoms of the menopause etc.

What I thought was a very good inclusion in the book was the fact that just about every type of food you can think of has been listed together with vitamin, carbs, fat, etc content. I found this very useful.

I have no hesitation in saying that if you are interested in a healthy diet, then this is the book for you.
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on 1 March 2011
Altogether not a bad book, just in some places too basic. If you want more than 20 pages of information on the actual nutritional content of food this is NOT the book for you. I must admit I did buy this looking for a book with information and guidance on healthy diet, food groups, food for medicine, but I also wanted a comprehensive list of foods and their nutritional values.
There is not a comprehensive list of foods and their nutritional values, but there is plently of other information. You could continually use this book at different life stages for reference, there are sections of advice for each life stage and your different requirements; and it contains a good section on food for medicine.
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on 21 July 2011
Nutrition for life is an excellent reference book. The format is logical with information easily located. Written in 'normal' everyday language. I loaned this book from my local library but found it soooo good I just had to have my own copy.
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on 2 January 2015
Brilliant book for beginners and people who have a little interest in nutrition!

Some of the information isn't 100% factual, I can't pin-point anything in particular because the book is in the attic, but there are odd sections of the book where I thought "That can't be right"; 99% of the book is great though!

If you want something more advanced, try "Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance" much more difficult read, but very detailed!
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on 27 October 2015
Excellent book! I was curious to start with how food is used in the body, so I borrowed this book from a library originally, and found it a truly informative book so I decided to buy a copy for myself. If you want to diet and also understand how food is used by the body it teaches you how nutrition is used in the body. It's also informative if your not on a diet. The author includes dieting programmes and rates them accordingly, and how specific nutrition diets function for medical needs. I recommended this book to a friend who has a medical need and found the content very helpful and has subsequently been able to ask informative questions to his practitioner. Its not a book that you would read in one full go from cover to cover but it is useful for finding out and learning the nutritional needs for all ages from birth to the elderly. Hence the title Nutrition for Life. People who exercise or are on a body forming programme could also benefit from the information. I would rate this book 5*+
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