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on 28 November 2011
This was a fairly short story with nothing special about the plot however I liked the description of the Jungle and the characters were beginning to develop which I imagine will happen over the rest of the series. However some of the plot without giving anything away was just a bit unbelievable and being a shortish story there was not time to fill in some of the detail.
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on 16 July 2013
Pacey story line quick read. Not bad for a short time and it kept your interest to the end. I would read another in the series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 October 2011
I don't normally go for this type of book but I enjoyed it. It's not demanding and will while away a short journey.

There was sufficient about the main characters to understand what makes them tick. The plot was straightforward, but the location detail about the covert nature of the jungle operation gave a real sense of place. I could almost imagine being dropped in the darkness and picture the difficulties encountered. The prose was tight and pacy. On the basis of this read, I'd try another by the same author and may venture further into the SAS genre.
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on 4 November 2011
Paul Mitchell is ex-SAS and wants to get back into action to make use of the skills that he has learned over the years. He makes contact with a group who have semi-official backing of the US & UK governments and is sent to West Africa to rescue a former government leader. But on arrival, they find that things are going horribly wrong, and the story covers their experiences and how they deal with the situation.

The story is fast paced and there is an element of detail that makes you feel that the story is based upon some actual experience. However, I also felt that there were a few elements that did not quite ring true and it makes me wonder if the story is just based upon a third hand conversation with someone; there are a couple of sections that just don't seem to be entirely believable.

However, as a story, it is enjoyable, in much the same way that the old "Commando" paperback novels were back in the 60s and 70s. Full of action, it's a bit predictable, but not a bad read.
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on 22 November 2011
Ex SAS trooper Paul 'Mitch' Mitchell is in a bad place. Due to an error of judgement in the past he finds himself unable to do what he does best but he sees an opportunity to return to the Special Op's arena when approached by the furtive leader of Delta Unit. The question is, will the team accept him given his past?

Fans of McNab and Ryan will like this read and probably all the more so because it manages to be engaging without indulging in the chest beating nonsense that seems to be prevalent in the books of the two previously mentioned authors. It's a reasonably short read with a simple and straightforward story. If you are expecting a convoluted plot involving the politics of military interventions and the minutiae of military protocol and such then this is not the book for you - it's Boys Own stuff and as such, quite good. It is clear that we are only meeting Delta Unit for the first time as the majority of the tale is given over to the action as opposed to filling out the characters. Something I'm sure that will happen in subsequent books in the series of which I believe three are currently available.

I'm afraid that I have to take issue with the tag-line above under 'About the Author' -

"Jim Eldridge has seen action all over the world. A former member of sabotage and SAR (Search and Rescue) teams, he now lives under an assumed name somewhere in the UK."

I'm willing to bet my house that the Jim Eldridge who wrote this book is the same Jim Eldridge who is a successful childrens author and lives under his real name, which you are at liberty to Google for further information. I include this here because I cannot stand such literary dishonesty in an attempt to sell product.

It should also be noted that these books may well be aimed at a younger audience as can be seen from the listing it is given here and this may explain the relative simplicity of the tale.

Finally, a couple of small issues of contention by way of [SPOILER ALERT] Firstly, I would very much doubt that the American Special Forces would favour the British Army SA80 over the SCAR that they currently use and secondly, it is impossible to lock someone INSIDE a hotel room as the doors can be fully unlocked from inside the room and since this device was used in the plot it made a portion of the story unsustainable [/SPOILER ALERT] Having said that it doesn't kill the book.

I'd have given it three and half stars if I could've but, all in all, it's a decent yarn and as such I'd recommend it to fill a couple of hours.
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on 30 October 2011
I was very interested to read this, (a) knowing someone who is ex-SAS, (b) having some knowledge (albeit limited) of the security services, and (c) having spent time myself in West Africa.

Regrettably, the book came up short for me, and not only in terms of its length. There was a very perfunctory lead-in to the story and almost no development of any of the characters.

Although the basic premise of the plot showed promise, some of it required a big stretch of imagination.

I found some of the situations and descriptions a little clichéd and the dialogue was often comic-book simple (occasionally bordering on puerile).

Mr. Eldridge is no Andy McNab but, in fairness, this wasn't a bad attempt and I'd certainly give him a second chance if he could find time to get to grips with a longer, better researched, and more rounded novel than 'Jungle Kill'.

I got the book for free, but if I'd paid list price for it I'd have felt cheated, because it is quite short.

Unusually for a Kindle novel, the formatting was perfect.
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on 26 November 2011
I enjoyed the action-packed story, but regretted its length as I felt there was not enough time for character development. I would like to read a longer story by Jim Eldridge, and am rather hoping that Jungle Kill was just an introduction to the characters and they will be more rounded in future longer novels.
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on 11 November 2011
This is a quite short but interesting book about a hostage rescue in west africa. Their is one main character who the story revolves around and his fellow spec-ops/mercenary squad who he joins.

The basic plot is a hostage rescue but with a couple of side stories thrown in to keep it interesting. The pace is about right and just about keeps up the tension and you get a feel for the characters,which is surprising considering how short the book really is.
The combat parts are interesting although the 'last second save' is a bit overused.
I would definitely recommend it as a light read and would consider a second in the series or another by the same author.

Hope this helps
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on 22 November 2011
This is a good story that will keep you reading throughout one evening. Despite being quite short, it is fast-paced and interesting. All the characters are well thought through and just when you think the story will be over and there will be a happy ending, the plot gets a little more complicated. This makes it slightly unpredictable and interesting. Probably would recommend to anyone who likes these military/action books, but also to people like me who just want something interesting to read that keeps you wanting to know more.
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on 14 November 2011
This short book is a great read for an hour or so. The characters are introduced and intergrated and into the plot quite quickly. This is the first time I have read this author and would definately consider more of his work.

Its an SAS/Speacial forces combined operation. Well written and will help a train journey pass a little more easily.

Well worth a download (as its free)!! Enjoy.
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