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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2003
When a book is set as a 'course book' by Educational advisors, there is often the feeling that the book will be 'Good For Us' but not the sort of book we would choose to read. When our teacher Mrs B announced that our BRIDGING UNIT between Years 6 and 7 would be based on this book....and worse...we would be reading it in the afternoons following our SAT tests this week,instead of playing rounders, listening to CDs and partying.....well!
But we have been entralled,captivated and completely won over. This book is a classic. We feel that we know the shipwrecked hero Michael. Some of us think that we are Michael. We have written letters to our parents from our (almost) deserted island, trying to express our desperate lonliness. Yesterday we plotted the route of our yacht,The Peggy Sue on world maps....we can't wait to read on. But in a way we don't want it to end. Thanks Mr Murpurgo
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on 4 July 2003
Class 6C (Year 6) read this book as a whole class. We thought it was a fantastic story and are still unsure as to whether it is a true account of what happened to Micheal - the adventure and details of the story are so believable. The surprise at the very end of the book (not wanting to give away any secrets) left us wondering whether it was true or not. We feel the vocabulary and the way Micheal Morpurgo describes the events, surroundings, characters and plot have made this the most enjoyable read of the year. A great book for any child from 9 - 14, even our teacher was gripped to the very end.
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on 14 July 2002
This book, written in the first person, describes the life of a 'normal' teenage boy and his companion-dog, Stella Artois, and begins with their life together playing football with friend Eddie on the mud. However, a change in fortune for Michael and his dog soon provides excitement and trepidation as a voyage of discovery begins.
The Peggy Sue sets sail from Fareham, Hampshire and travels round the world but Michael and Stella end up in the water, washed up on an island with Kensuke and his orang-utans and gibbons.
This book is a personal diary, yet written in a narrative form. It is an intercultural experience of a young English boy who ends up meeting a Japanese doctor. There are gentle reminders to the reader of the devastation and loss which atomic bombs can cause whilst at the same time there is the gentle caring and kind development of a relationship between a ship-wrecked boy and a man many years his senior.
The theme suggests overtones of the latest TV fad of "Survivor" yet the pace and content of the book is far gentler and less vicious. We can see how characters interact with each other and the emotional upheavals that the loss of loved ones brings, whatever the age, however long the separation.
There is also mention of the plight of some wild animals and the horrendous experience which some undergo for the profits of animal hunters, whilst a realisation of how the simple orang-utan is closer to humankind than we might remember.
The book gently unfolds how, within the wider world and pace of Western life, a gentler more laid-back existence can still be found. The air of tranquillity of undiscovered places allows the reader to almost enter a fantasy existence, whilst at the same time, still being anchored into Western civilisation with memories of past experiences and future expectations.
This book is full of exciting subadventures, whilst the overall plot moves on at an appropriate pace. A definite must for any 9-13 year old, but adults too will enjoy this voyage of discovery and reunion.
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on 15 January 2003
Review by Alex
Age 10 From Mellor, Cheshire, UK
The book is called "Kensuke's Kingdom" by Michael Morpurpgo. It is about a boy that has a normal life until his dad loses his job and buys a boat called "The Peggy Sue". They sail around the world and then on a stormy night Michael (the boy) falls off the deck! He ends up on an island, where he thinks that he is the only person. Michael starts to find food left for him, which means there is someone else on the island. Then he finds out that it is a Japanese doctor called Kensuke and at the beginning they don't like each other, but gradually they become friends. About one year later, The Peggy Sue with Michael's parents aboard arrives at the island, but Kensuke doesn't want to be seen.
The main characters are Michael and Kensuke. The reason why I like Kensuke is because at the beginning he doesn't seem very nice, but gradually he becomes nicer and nicer. If I met him I would like to ask him lots of questions because he is interesting. The reason why I like Michael is because he is a little bit of everything; he is a bit naughty; a bit scared sometimes; a bit confident; and a bit of everything! The book is written in different styles because sometimes it is quick and scary and sometimes slow and gentle...
I really enjoyed this book because it is exciting and sad at the same time. I thought it was one of the best books that I have ever read. I also love reading because it takes me to different places instead of just at home. Also it gives me exciting dreams about what is happening in that part of the book.
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on 30 August 2001
This book is abut a boy called Michael who gets shipwrecked and lands on an island and meets a Japanese man called Kensuke and he gives Michael food and drink.To find out more read the book.The best bit is when Kensuke really helped him when he is missing his parents and they became almost a family. Kensuke is my favourite character because he climbs impossible trees and saves orang-utans and doesn't like fires and always puts them out. I would recommend this book to 6-14 year olds.
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on 17 May 2002
Kensuke's Kingdom - the most emotional book I ever read in my entire life. A boy, named Michael, and hs dog Stella are washed over board from the boat, the Peggy Sue. A yacht that his father bought after he lost his job. Next morning Michael and Stella find themselves on an isolated island. Michael thinks he is alone and 'curls up to die'. However, next day, he finds, on a rock, a bowl of food. He then knows he is not alone...
I recommend this book to everyone!
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on 13 January 2005
We bought this Audiobook for our sons (age 9 & 6) last year without knowing anything about it. It has been a huge success with all the family, which I can't say is always the case with children's audiobooks on a long, tiring journey! The narration is so well done that you feel the story really is being told at first hand. The well-chosen Japanese music creates an eerie atmosphere that makes the story feel all the more real. My sons were quite convinced that they were listening to a true life story, as experienced by the author. I even wanted to agree (despite knowing it couldn't be true!) - until today, when I read Michael Morpurgo's story of how he came to write the book. The truth is an equally enjoyable story for me, but I shan't be telling the boys for a while yet - I'd like them to continue to be able to believe in this wonderful, escapist fantasy.
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on 3 October 2001
I teach year 6 at a primary school and had them absolutely hooked on this book and a modern interpretation of the old robinson crusoe story -- they even moaned at lunchtime and hometimes when they had to put it down. I also loved it. It's been a while since a piece of fiction has had a class so captivated. well worth a read!
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on 10 February 2014
I found out about this book in literacy at school

I gave it that rating because its got some brilliant vocabulary and good for year 5

I like that he go around the world.

I would recomend the book to schools

From Daniel Salmon 10 years old year 5 5a
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on 5 March 2010
This book is about a 12-year old boy who gets washed up on an island with his dog, Stella Artois. He thinks he is alone. It is an adventurous story and you can't put the book down because it is so amazing.

Leaning to the side, Michael was trying to stop his lucky football from going in the stone, cold water. As he grabbed the ball, Michael could not resist the force of the devastating waves, sending them both overboard. After his treacherous night sleeping on the sea, he was amazed to be alive, washed up on an island. He was starving and couldn't find anything to eat and drink. He was frightened by the noise from the green jungle and he couldn't shake the thought that he was being watched. What will happen to Stella and Michael? Will they survive?

A story of adventure, friendship and heart-wrenching sadness.

Seemingly limitless endings hooked me and left me racing through the book until the end. Dragging you into an inferno of ideas of how it is going to end, growing and dying friendships increase your adrenaline, sorrowfulness and excitement form a careful opening, with a brilliant story and an ending that could break your heart open. I couldn't put the book down as it left me wondering how it would end.

This book is suitable for anyone over 8 years old. It is highly enjoyable and you constantly want to know what happens next. All of us in Year 6 can definitely recommend this book as 5 stars! You should read this outstanding story!
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