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on 5 May 2014
I love this story it is easy to read but makes you cry, brings back lots of emotions from my past
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on 18 December 2017
Rather yellow pages but adequate.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 29 January 2015
To me, the gold standard for the retelling of authentic Welsh stories in a modern Wales is Susan Cooper's "Dark is Rising" series. It is to all others what the Harry Potter series is to other youth wizard fantasies.

That said, Nimmo's "Magician Trilogy" is a worthy contender. While Cooper accomplished a grand retelling of the entire Arthur cycle in the context of the modern world, Nimmo attempts the more modest task of reworking a single Welsh story about honor and revenge, as well as bits and pieces of other Welsh tales, into a modern magical fantasy. That's still quite an order, but Nimmo succeeds admirably.

She establishes a compelling young hero, and places him in a world that is very realistic but always seems about to drift into the fantastical. That's the great romance of Wales. She then introduces the bones and the flavor of well known, but ancient, Welsh legends. The old tales aren't necessarily about logic or linear story telling in their original form; they're more about mood and mystery and ambiguity, and this is what Nimmo captures for the young reader. The books are more about "wonder" than "magic", and they have a depth of feeling that is often missing from more pedestrian efforts.

So, well worth a try for a reader who is ready for something a bit more literary and demanding, but still exciting and entertaining.
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on 13 February 2001
The "Snow Spider" is a magical and mystical adventure and one of the most exciting books i have read. The main character is a boy called Gwyn,who lives by a snowy mountain in Wales. Gwyn is an extremely gifted boy because he is a magician. He feels dreadful, as his sister Bethan died a few years ago ans his Father blames him for her death. On his eigth birthday, his mysterious Grandmother gives him five strange gifts. The first gift is a brightly coloured yellow scarf that belonged to his sister Bethan. The next gift is a dark black broken horse with demonic eyes. The third gift is a silver broach that turns into the"sparkling Snow Spider". The fourth gift is a piece of stringy seaweed that turns into a magnificent and gigantic ship. Last but not least, there is the tin whistle that turns into a wooden pipe.
My favourite character is Arianwen, because she spins such beautiful, sparkling frosty cold webs. Its unbelievable how She is so pretty, shimmering with that magical charm. It's also amazing how she manages to survive in the water tank.
My favourite chapter in the book would have to be "The Broken Horse". In that action packed chapter the evil spirit comes out the horse , wrecking and destroying the town in the process.The Devilish Monster creates a massive storm.
The "Snow Spider" leaves you wondering what will happen next but you will have to read the next exciting volume to find out. I think the book is exciting, full of wonderful imagery and a fantastic adventure full of fabulous descriptive words.
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on 26 December 2010
Young Gwyn's world has been lonely since the disappearance of his sister Bethan. His parents, particularly his father, are still grieving and his father blames Gwyn for his sister's loss. On his ninth birthday, though, his life takes a strange turn as his nain (grandmother) gives him five gifts and tells him that now is the time to find out if he's a magician. One of the gifts, a brooch, is tossed into the wind and becomes Arianwen, the snow spider. And so begins a journey which could finally heal the wounds at the heart of Gwyn's family...

It's years since I've read any of the Magician Trilogy, and this first in particular was one of my favourite ever books as a youngster growing up in North Wales. After mentioning it in a post earlier today, I stumbled across it in my bedroom and took that as a sign to reread it to see if it was as good as I remembered - and while I was surprised by parts of it, I certainly wasn't disappointed.

One of the surprising things about it was just how short it was - at under 150 pages, I read through it incredibly quickly - while another was that, in the end, it's not really about the magic. It's a surprisingly deep tale of grief, of longing to say goodbye, and eventually of healing. It's very different from Nimmo's later Charlie Bone series, which most YA's today will be far more familiar with, but it's just as enchanting in its own way.

I'll try and review the sequels at some point, although I'll need to find them to reread them first - but trust me when I say it's well worth getting the trilogy, which is available from Amazon for just [...] at the moment. From what I remember the TV series, starring Sian Phillips as Nain, was also well worth getting but is sadly unavailable on DVD today.

Very high recommendation to fans of JK Rowling, CS Lewis and Susan Cooper.
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on 2 March 2007
Sometimes, when you revisit a book you read and loved as a child, you find it a disappointment; you become completely disenchanted when it doesn't live up to your memories. Twenty years ago, I read the first book in The Snow Spider trilogy and was completely captivated by everything on the pages.

Nothing has changed.

This was every bit as wonderful as I remembered it being - the story of a young boy who discovers what it means to be a little different, a little removed, and has to suffer the consequences when he does things wrong, is still as thrilling and magical as it was when I read it as a ten-year-old. It barely dates at all - in fact, apart from a brief mention of records being played rather than CDs is the only thing that betrays the fact this wasn't written yesterday.

The Snow Spider is one of those rare books that will surely stand as a modern children's classic and still be loved by children in generations to come. If you haven't read it yourself, find yourself a small child to read to and immerse yourself, or hide in a corner and read to yourself. Whatever you do, just read it - you won't regret it or forget it!
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on 12 September 2008
This was the first book I ever read on my own. Before this book I never read and thought it was boring. Now I am an avid reader who is never without a book (and gets a little twichy without one). This book and the two following it were possible the best childrens fiction written at the time, as I am now 26 I don't really know what childrens fiction is like now, but I would like to think that Jenny Nimmo still can't be beaten. The Snow Spider made the Mabinogion accessable and alot more relevent than other versions. If you are not Welsh then this book hopefully will open up the mystery and magic of our amazing country, and it's amazing history. Please Parents let your children read this book. It gave so much to me and I think it will continue giving to new generations. If you are a kid looking to read this book, I highly recomned it. You will not be able to put it down; I couldn't, and now I adour reading. Give it a go!
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on 2 May 2010
The book is about a boy called Gwyn. One stormy night Gwyn asks his sister to go and rescue a baby ewe, she never returns. On his ninth birthday Nain, his grandmother, gives him five unusual presents and soon magical things begin to happen and he has some amazing adventures. It is a very exciting read - Eva aged 8
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on 24 April 2003
I first read this book when i was very young and absolutely loved, though it terrified me. This is the first book in the trilogy, it introduces Gwyn and his unusual family as he begins to explore the gift his Nain believes he posesses to discover who he is and what really happened the night his sister Bethan disappeared. The snow spider is full of suspense, magic and intriege, i really can not recommend it high enough.
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on 9 January 2006
i first remembering hearing my yr 4 teacher ( i must have been 9 at the time) asking if we wanted 2 read the snow spider and from the first page i was totally enthralled unfortunatly we stopped reading it to read harry potter and the chamber of secrets.
A couple of years later (i think it was 4 yrs) i came across the trilogy here on amazon and asked my dad to order it straight away because it had been 4 years when we last read this book and i still didnt know why bethan was missing.
If you like magic and mystery i would seriously recommend this book it takes you to a magical world of snow and ice a bit like narnia i would say
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