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This is a Pride and Prejudice variation that I read under the title 'To Conquer Mr Darcy' but it has also been published as 'Impulse and Initiative'. Having read the book I think the I&I title is better, Mr Darcy is Conquered before the book even begins! It's more like To Capture Miss Bennet! The story picks up P&P after the rejected proposal at Hunsford. Darcy has gone back to London and is in the depths of despair; he believes that he has no hope of ever winning Lizzy over and doesn't expect to ever see her again. Colonel Fitzwilliam gives him a good talking to for giving up so easily and berates him for not telling Bingley the truth about Jane's feelings for him. Darcy takes the Colonel's advice, and he and Bingley set off for Hertfordshire.

At this point Lizzy knows how she's misjudged Darcy so she no longer actively dislikes him but she'd be quite happy never to see him again. She has to be polite to him to help further the match between Jane and Bingley though and he makes it clear that he'd like to start again with the final aim of winning Lizzy's hand in marriage. She is somewhat resentful of this disregarding of her feelings but she goes along with getting to know him better, finding to her confusion that her feelings begin to change towards him even against her will. Mr Darcy is very slightly manipulative in this version, realising that she responds to him physically, he takes more and more liberties with her which she responds to even though he's moving things along faster than she'd like. However, things do end happily.

At this point I must put in a warning, that this book has pre-marital sex and sex scenes (hot ones!) so if either of these is a big no-no for you then you should avoid. However, if you look on Ms Reynolds' website you will find reference to a story called 'Rule of Reason' which is similar to this in many ways except I think there aren't either anticipation of vows or sex scenes, but it's been a while since I've read it so not 100% sure.

EDIT: I checked 'Rule of Reason' and there is no premarital sex, although they come close on one occasion. Also, there are no sex scenes in detail.
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on 14 August 2013
Abigail Reynolds was my first introduction to the world of Austen fan fiction and this book - Impulse and Initiative under a different title - was the second story I read. This has remained one of my favourite P&P variations.

I was sorry to see that some scenes had been cut from this version, particularly the list of names Darcy discusses with Elizabeth on the night of their engagement.

Also, I was disappointed that this was not a new story but a new publication of a story I had already bought. Nonetheless, Darcy's persistence entranced me once again and I enjoyed the slow crumbling of Elizabeth's defences.
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on 19 September 2016
An exceptionally written variation which was a delightful read. A true romance which fulfilled all the events,thoughts and feelings of the major characters (except for the interference of Lady Catherine).
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on 13 May 2013
It's quite enthralling to witness Lizzy fighting her emotions and growing admiration and desire. I was more shocked by their behaviour than a certain Christian Grey, mainly because you think you know what you're getting with Mr Darcy. It pushes boundaries in a way that is fine today, but Miss Austen would have been shocked indeed.
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on 29 November 2009
I was captured by this book within pages and couldn't put it down until I finished it and even then I wanted to know more. The book looks at what might of happened had Mr Darcy not accepted Elizabeth's refusal at Hunsford and instead decided to go after her and win her love. The book is very clever in that certain plot points from the original Pride and Prejudice still occur (such as Wickham and Lydia eloping), but these have a different effect on Darcy and Lizzie as they have taken different paths than those told in the original novel. The attention to detail in this book is fantastic, especially in the more 'sensual' scenes. A fantastic novel for open minded Pride and Prejudice enthusiasts.
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on 25 December 2017
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on 25 May 2013
I have read a few of Abigail Reynolds' variations now and this was another great read!
We see the romantic side to Darcy and the physical passion between he and Elizabeth which could never have been written in Austen's time.
A perfect flight of fancy for lovers of Pride & Prejudice.
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on 30 September 2013
Another good book by Abigail Reynolds which I enjoyed very much. Although they do anticipate their wedding vows, this didn't bother me and it certainly did not put me off reading the book
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on 30 April 2016
Excellent - published previously as Impulse and Initiative.
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on 14 December 2016
Excellent story-telling! Perfect characterisation, with a reformed Mr. Darcy who struggles not to be overbearong while trying to court Elizabeth.
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