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on 11 July 2006
I really loved reading "Mr Darcy Takes A Wife" and had the sequel already on my wish list before I finished reading it. However, "Nights and Days.." was sadly lacking the magic the first book had. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I had finished the first book, and curiosity got the better of me, I would not have finished the second.

The book was aimless, lacking any real punch or storyline, no real passion (definitely unlike the first) and kept referring to the first book as if Linda Berdoll felt the need to remind us what it was all about.

Linda Berdoll should have gone out on a high..the first was brilliant but sadly this book is rubbish! Ah well..!
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on 30 May 2006
This book has been a great dissapointment. After being glued to the pages of Mr Darcy Takes a Wife I waited with great anticipation for the continuation of Darcy and Elizabeths life together at Pemberley. This book lacks new characters, and as I read it I felt as if I were reading a re-written version of Mr Darcy Takes a Wife with large amounts of repetition. It was a struggle to complete.
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on 21 June 2006
Having been an avid fan of "mr darcy takes a wife" i waited with baited breath for the sequel. I was disappointed.....very disappointed, while in essence a good read it does not have the sheer unputdownable quality of the first book, lizzy and darcy are stilted and somewhat lacking in intensity and passion, the very essence that drives along Miss Austens superb original and Ms Berdolls sequel and turned into a sort of wet and spluttery plop, rather than a bang!
all in all, while the plot develops well in places and brings in some twists and turns nothing sits right and the reader is left with a feeling that something is missing..something big is missing.
The americanisms in language seemed more grating and the additional characters became more caricatures than the subtly drawn ironic portrayals we have become used to.
I do not wish to ruin the plot climax for those of you who have not read it but I found it implausable.

A good book, but not a patch on the original, or the first sequel for that matter.
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on 11 June 2003
Emma Tennant has had a monopoly on Pride and Prejudice sequels for too long! I infinitely prefer this sequel, which set about wrapping up all the loose ends (and indeed unattached characters) that the original Jane Austen book did not.
The story follows the relationship of Elizabeth and Darcy from six months into their marriage for about a year. Whilst I found the emphasis on Elizabeth/Darcy's viewpoints a little restrictive, it should be noted that the title promised nothing else!
The language was well-worked, mainly true to that which characterised the period (although there were several jarring modern phrases such as one character calling another 'out of order' and Mrs Bennett using the word 'Posh' which did not come in until the later part of the nineteenth century).
Unfortunately description, which often creates a more involving, evocative atmosphere was scarce and sparse, with speech forming the major part of the book.
Another critiscism was the authors tendency to take a phrase from Austen's text and keep repeating it (if the phrase, 'Once Mr Darcy's favour is lost, it is lost forever', had been offered once more, I might well have had an attack of the vapours!). I felt that this device was relied upon rather too much, perhaps to see if some of the genius of Austen might distill itself in her own work!
Finally I did feel that many opportunities to round out the story were lost. The plot flitted from incident to incident and character development lost out as a result. I was particularly aggrieved when I was informed that Kitty's society had improved tremendously - she had gone from silly, ill-mannered girl to ravishing society beauty in a mere sentence with no story dedicated to this occurrence.
This was another sticking-point, the endless conversation often simply told a story and I just didn't feel like I was experiencing anything, as if I was just listening to gossip on the edge of a crowd.
This is a self-published work, so you are likely unable to find it in your local book shop. Whilst I am happy that the author made the effort to bring this book to a wide audience I also caution other readers that there are quite a few jarring typing errors but that the layout is very professional.
So in conclusion, I would recommend this story to Austen fans who crave a more satisfying continuation to Pride and Prejudice. I found it a very pleasant light read (if a little too much like 'fan fiction'), well worth the money and leaving me wholeheartedly satisfied!
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on 27 July 2003
I enjoyed this book but felt that the end was rushed it had a good story line and kept the characters in line with Jane Austen's.
It starts sometime after the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth, Wickham causes trouble by leaving Lydia and her baby. Mrs Bennett has a stroke due to the shock and Lydia leaves her baby in charge of Kitty to look for her husband.
Jane also has a family and all the way through to the end Elizabeth is worried that she will not give Darcy an heir. The new characters that are introduced do not seem to have much character as to me the book rushes through to the end too quickly.
Georgiana is in the book and her character is developing quite well until she is raped by a gypsy, she then tries to kill herself but is rescued by both her brother and Elizabeth.
This would have been an excellent book as the story to it is good but I felt it came to an abrupt end and that it could have done with a few more chapters to develope both the new characters more and the story. In the end Elizabeth is with child but we do not know if she has a boy or a girl as the story the abruptly ends, which is such a pity as it spoils the enjoyment of the book
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on 23 August 2007
Having read Mr Darcy takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll and enjoying the continuation of one of my favorite books i was really disappointed with the sequel Nights and Days at Pemperly. This book really is rubbish it becomes very farfetched and merely pads out the last couple of chapters from the first book into 400 odd pages!! If you enjoyed Mr Darcy takes a wife do not read this as i'm sure it will ruin that book for you as it did for me.
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on 19 January 2009
The good thing about this book is, is that the writer seems able to keep up different balls in the story. But then: her language. It seems that in her attempt to create writing that is in any way early 19th century she used a thesaurus and used English words that are hardly ever used in fictional writing. And even worse, hardly resembles the lively and creative use of the English language her inspirator used. It sometimes seems we do not witness writing but the erotic fantasy Colin Firth inspired in mrs. Bartoll.
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on 4 February 2006
The story is slight and the characters undeveloped but the real disappointment is in the very poor editing,with so many errors in the body of the text you are distracted from the storytelling.
I believe that the book would have benefited from a good proof reading or spellchecking at least.
What a pity as it is obviously a labour of love for the author, but my verdict would have to be 'must try harder next time'!
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on 14 June 2006
I have to agree with the other review for this book. Having not been able to put down Mr Darcy Takes a Wife, my first task on reading the final pages was to order Nights and days at Pemberly.

I have now owned the book for 2 weeks and i'm still struggling to finish it. My curiosity alone is all thats keeping me from stuffing it on the book shelf and forgetting about it.

Very disapponting.
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on 10 December 2008
i was rather disappointed with this book. i really enjoyed the first one which is why i bought this one, however i felt it lack any real story line.
the characters didnt seem to really change much from nor were their lives changed much too.
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