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on 29 April 2016
Having recently come back to P & P variations I decided to re-reread this one (buying it on Kindle as the paperback is quite large).
I love this book. I appreciate that Austen purists are not keen - the language can grate ('howbeit' and 'gotten' the main miscreants), her geographical knowledge of England is dubious to say the least (following their marriage, travelling from Hertfordshire back to Pemberley, stopping at Darcy's London house on the way!!) and she can ramble on: hence the removal of 1 star, but there is much to enjoy here. The book covers about 5 years and Berdoll does cram a lot in. All of the original characters are back (and most of their story lines do move on) along with a few new ones, I particularly liked Lady Millhouse.
Yes there is plenty of 'bedroom action' sometimes passionate, other times quite light-hearted but never course. They are newly weds after all and Elizabeth's original refusal has left Darcy with a lot of pent up testosterone! I have found similar Abigail Reynolds' scenarios quite jarring.
There are also laugh out loud lines - one of my favourite being Lydia giving Jane and Elizabeth the benefit of her (as well as Mrs Bennet's) marital experience prior to their own weddings "You cannot imagine anything so frightening as the sight of Wickham's excited member!" Brilliant!
This is a book of fiction, not a travel guide or history lesson and should be read as such. I think the wealth of 1 star reviews are from avid JA fans who maybe shouldn't be reading variations in the first place.
Extremely entertaining!
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on 30 December 2013
I cannot even begin to find the words to describe how mindbogglingly truly awful a read this book was, perhaps she should have called it 'Mr Darcy Takes his wife Again and Again and Again...'. It takes a very talented writer to write convincing and erotic sex scenes and Berdoll just does not have what it takes - unless you're a pubescent virgin.

The other problem is that she has no concept of early 19th century English speech patterns and expressions so her dialogue really grates and when she measures the distance the sisters live from each other in blocks and has no idea of distance between counties it becomes clear what a very lazy researcher she really is. In fact this woman has no business writing historical novels - I ask you, crinolines and duvets in Regency England?

I don't understand the obsession that some of these North American women have with the regency period, but unless they are prepared to undertake some basic research into the era, they should really stick to what they know. In the case of Ms Berdoll, she writes like someone who has never left a Texan Ranch.

As for the plot, what plot? My book went into the recycle bin in order to make good use of the paper.
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on 5 November 2017
I have tried hard to delete this book but can't find a way. I feel deceived. This story is about as far removed from the style and craft of Jane Austen as it is possible to be. The language is coarse and the subject matter in places is entirely redundant and unsavoury

Having come across this book again in my library and in view of Amazon's modification of the site, I have now done what I wished to do at my first attempt to read it ie deleted it!
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Mr Darcy takes a Wife was the first and the worst book related to P&P I have ever read.
If you are looking for something similar to 50 shades of Grey, than this is the book for you.
If you truly loved P&P for the intensity of love between Darcy and Elizabeth, than this is not for you.
I wouldn't find the book so bad if it wasn't a sequel of P&P, but being so, it's terrible. I could imagine this plot in our century, but never in regency period.
The first 50 pages of the book are about sex, and even though it gets better, it has nothing to do with Pride & Prejudice.
I am very glad I did not give up on this kind of books, and that nothing was ever so bad as this one.
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on 9 March 2013
As others have said, the language of this book is so peculiar as to be a real obstacle to reading with enjoyment. Examples: "Aye" used repeatedly for "I" in the mouths of country people - presumably to the writer this conveys a rustic English accent. It doesn't, as "aye" is pronounced "I". Elizabeth has a "lady-maid" (as an alternative to a gentleman-maid? or a woman-maid?) and pregnancy results in "laying-in" (stocking up?) rather than lying-in. And could a candle-holder, however large, "subjugate" a dining table?
Even the cover is comical in its inaccuracy: there's nothing in P&P to suggest that Elizabeth Bennet is "universally admired" and she would have shown extraordinary prescience, as well as becoming an object of ridicule, had she worn "crinolines" during the Regency.
This is not a criticism of American English - the author has developed her own opaque language, neither American nor British, neither C19th nor C21st. I'm surprised at her publishers.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2013
Imagine writing a sequel to Pride and Prejudice but all you have seen is the TV show with Colin Firth. Now imagine that you really feel what was missing from P&P was good old fashioned, steamy windows, sex. You are close to getting a feel for this book, but you won't have a feel for its comedy greatness. It is laugh out loud funny. There really are passages describing how Elizabeth has to pass on sexual intercourse because she is "riding the red stallion".

If this isn't selling it to you I am sorry because I really cannot stress firmly enough how funny this book is. Loaned by me to countless female friends - which is why I am now on my third copy of this book - all of whom have run out to buy their own copy will, I hope, provide some sense of how much fun this is. Although don't be tempted by her other 'sequels'.

If you love P&P and have a sense of humour I would suggest this as a must read.
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on 21 January 2018
While I do love this Darcy and Elizabeth, their extended separation and the amount of time given to the back stories of minor characters almost ruins this book for me. I also find the behaviour of Georgiana and her role in causing them to be separated at such an important time incredibly selfish and for me it’s a massive plot hole that this isn’t addressed and that she isn’t confronted about this in this book or the sequels.

That said I would recommend it but just do what I do and skip passed the filler chapters.
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on 28 August 2011
What can you say? total load of rubbish, and the English is just dreadful!
I wish the writer had taken the time to do some reading herself, maybe she would then know that we Brits do not have 'bangs', we have a fringe. Also, the DUVET did not arrive here until the 1970's, there are more mistakes of this nature, all very annoying, and this combined with the silly use of sex and most perculiar ways of describing body parts is enough to render this the worst P&P follow up I have ever had the great misfortune to read.
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on 28 April 2017
This is an awful book. It's totally smutty and an American's take on 'old English' language. Too many 'betwixt's and other such nonsense which makes it difficult to follow. Too many cliches and heaving bosoms. I should have done more research on this book and avoided. If you are an Austen purist, or even a fan of the English language avoid.
It arrived on time and in good condition though, hence the 2 stars. But a terrible book overall.
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on 22 December 2012
Very disappointing, doesn't live up to the publisher's blurb. I cannot really think of a good thing to say about it, other than the author has tried to write in the same style. I've decided never to buy another sequel written by somebody other than the author, this was awful.
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