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on 21 April 2014
I was initially unsure of this deck by a few negative reviews. Since then this deck has grown in popularity among Tarot readers and collectors. I decided to take another look at the cards online and realised I dont really have anything like this which is almost like a bridge between Tarot and Oracle Cards. Firstly as with all her decks its printed on thick card stock and has a strurdy box, this time it has silver gilding on the edges which was well chosen. The cards are a little bigger than your average Tarot deck and because of card thickness the deck is very thick which could pose a problem if you have small hands. The borders are a little big for my tastes but she has colour coded them for the Major Arcana and each of the suits which is very useful.

The artwork is all by the same artist and has layers of detail and vivid colour. Although Radleigh and Doreen have made alterations from traditional decks they are very much in keeping with the meanings and symbolism of the cards. The suits are now based on the elements, and different elementals are chosen for each one so its not just angels in this deck. The basic meanings appear on the cards themselves at the bottom like oracle cards, which makes them easy to learn and use. Unlike other alternative or themed versions of the Tarot the creators have actually interpreted the cards meanings specificly for this deck. Their interpretations give this deck a unique personality and quality making them more motivational, positive yet not ignoring the darker side of the more challenging cards.

You could use the deck with your own meanings but I feel you would be missing the point of the deck. I also like how they have given meanings for the court cards as people and situations. One thing that I noticed this Tarot is very good at is chossing a card for the day. With traditional Tarot I sometimes find myself unsure what they realte to in daily readings but these are perfect as they are specific and give guidance you can use rather than just make a prediction.

The only criticism I can think of is that the artwork is so good id like to have seen less of the borders at the top and sides to show it more. I also find that the suit of cups which is now water to be a little unclear as the scenes are underwater. Ive been using the deck for a few months now and I can honestly say its been very accurate for me which I cant always say for other decks. Other non traditional Tarot decks might look pretty but often leave you confused when it comes to actually using them but not this one. I highly reccomend this deck to those new to Tarot or those who collect Tarot cards.
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on 10 June 2015
This is a Hay House Deck, so the box and the cards are standard Hay House.
The Cards measure 9 cm wide and 12,8 cm tall. The box is a little deeper than most Hay House deck boxes because this is a tarot deck, so it has more cards.
As far as the cards go, they are traditional Hay House thickness and they have a silver edge to them. Looking at the back of the cards and the images in the front of the cards, a gold edge would look better. Each card has the number on top then it's name and then keywords and after the image, on the bottom there are three small sentences to convey the basic meaning of the cards. In the court cards, instead of the keywords on top, there are four human qualities that could represent a person. This is good for beginners, because they can learn the various meanings of the cards using the booklet less. The major arcana have the Archangel that represents them instead of the keywords on top.

The images are well conceived and executed. They are vivid and some of them are quite stunning. Just look at the Queen of Fire (my favourite) and the Queen of Air. It is clear that the artist has a lot of talent and imagination, even if i don't like some cards or don't agree with some depictions. I'm not an angel person. I never was. Angel decks are usually boring and more of the same. This is a bit different. I found about this deck through friend, who is a big Doreen Virtue fan, a month after it was published. It took me ages of weighing the pros and the cons before i decided to buy it. In the past, i bought several DV decks and none worked for me because they were too fluffy, shallow (ill-conceived) or boring. The only one that survived the giveaway rush was the "Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards" deck, which is her best yet. Since this is a tarot deck and has a defined structure, i decided to give it a try. I really like the minor arcana. They are eclectic, because they have fairies, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, whales, other reptiles of unknown source, angels(few) and human sort of beings that seem to come from a different origin. The landscapes are beautiful. It looks like the artist had a vision of unknown worlds and painted them to lure us in.
However, there are things i don't like in the cards. The first thing is the colour. I love purple. I really do, but i don't see the the point in having a suit that can confuse itself with the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana are purple and suit of Air is a faded purple. Some say it is a bluish purple. It is still purple. The suit of Air is traditionally linked to yellow, so why not use a muted shade of this colour that could match the images? The deck would look better and less confusing. Some of the names of the Major Arcana have been changed. I prefer that the names stay the same, but i can understand why she changed the most challenging ones. She wanted to avoid negative feelings.
The Major Arcana are a disappointment. Some of the Angels are repeated, like Archangel Michael, who appears in three cards. Aren't there enough Angels to go around? The Dreamer (the fool) card is similar to the Ego Card (the devil) with a different background and most of the angels aren't depicted in their glory. Some of the images are plain. Where is the powerful Michael? Siting in a throne looking sullen. Archangel Michael could be the "ex libris" of the Major Arcana and he looks small and always in the same position. He also features in the back of the cards which are beautiful until his picture appears, making him feel tiny. The backs aren't reversible.
I also don't like the expressions on some of the cards. The angel in The Lovers has his lips painted red. That looks odd. The left man in the Two of Fire, looks like he is posing for a picture and the one on the Six of Fire looks silly. The King of Water looks like he is wearing too much makeup and the sirens in the Two and Ten of Water look like they have gothic eyeshadow.
The borders in the front of the cards are too big, especially in the Major Arcana. It is not that i hate borders, i just don't like waste of space.

The booklet that companies the deck is a traditional hay house one, so it is thick and it is the same size of the cards. It has 135 pages, but there are some half empty pages. Sometimes even three quarters empty pages. It has quite a bit of information, but it could have more if they used the aforementioned empty space on the pages. I guess the author did not want more information there, because she wrote a book about that deck called "The Big Book on Angel Tarot" and wants to sell it. Still it is a good booklet with a good feature: in the court cards there is a description for the situation and another for a person, in case the card represents a person or human qualities. This is good for beginners, because they can find out first hand that court cards can have various meanings, besides the physical aspect. As i said good, but not great.

I don't know if there was a glitch in the factory, of if it was that one in a million, but my deck was not in top shape. The lid on the box had one side a bit longer that the other and when it closes it touches my wood shelf and dents (slightly). The Suit of Earth (Green border cards) were damaged. Bits of the green border were missing in the front of the cards, so the white is showing. Two or three cards of Fire and Air had this too, but to a minor extent. The Dreamer was also damaged in several parts. Some of the cards have uncentered borders in the front. The one on the right is thinner than the one on the left.
The cards came like that and they were shrink wrapped. I have several Hay House Decks and they have good quality, so i'm willing to consider this a factory mistake.

Overall I find these cards beautiful (most of them) but not fluffy, although there are some disturbing images with conspicuous makeup.
There are no negative meanings in the booklet because she found a positive thing to say about each card. While i understand this, it is not my cup of tea. If a situation is negative, I want to know about so that i can take the most appropriate action in order to turn it into a positive one. There are good images for meditation and the bottom meanings of the cards help you get another picture of the situation, since we are used to traditional tarot meanings.
Reading with them has not been easy. Having beautiful images is a fine thing, but connecting them to card meanings is another. There are images that are easy to read and there are others that are puzzling, like the unicorns. That was the reason i bought the book. I understand the possibilities of this deck and i have stated them above. Still, i can't say that i connect well with the deck. Some readings are fairly accurate and some are not. It is possible this is happening because i never liked angels, but i think it is mostly due to all positive meanings written on the cards (which differ from the traditional meanings) and some fantasy images that don't seem to fit very well. Those are not intuitive at all. In order for me to improve, it will require more practice (lots of it) and more study of the Big Book (i have only read it once), which is not very deep, so i will need some luck too.

After i read the back of the box and information on the site, it made me a bit angry. This happened also when i bought the Big Book of Angel Tarot. First of all, it is not true that this is the first gentle tarot. I have The Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlenea and Jasmine Cori, which came out in 2002 and you shall find nothing frightening or lurid in the deck or book. You shall not find it either in the Art Of Life Tarot by Charlene Livingstone. There are other decks published in the last century that have accomplished this.
If one wants to market one's product in a certain way, it's fine. Nevertheless, it is not right to do it at the expense of others, that have accomplished the deed long before. It is good to have pride in difference and accomplishment, but it is arrogance to think that because of it one's work is the only one that counts.

I don't regret buying this deck, because i believe that i can still learn from it, but it is not a deck that i will use regularly, nor will it be one of my favourites.
I guess this is a deck with more value to someone that loves angels, is a beginner, or has super sensitivity about "less" positive images.
A friend asked me to see this deck, because i complained a lot about its poor quality and she decided to keep it, since it was the only DV deck she didn't have. I have ordered another one for me from another seller and another one for my cousin from a third seller, because she loves angels. I hope i get decks with quality this time.
I will not gift this deck again, because i don't know if my friends that like fantasy themes, could use it and understand their readings comprehensively without the Big Book.
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on 20 April 2016
I bought these after being recommended by a work colleague and I really do love these. The pictures are beautiful and the book you get with them to help you understand the readings is really simple to understand and really opens your mind. The only downside would be the size. I tend to carry them around with me so I can use whenever I want, but the box and cards are quite bulky so take up quite a lot of handbag space.
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on 13 March 2014
These cards are beautiful and easy to read with. They come in a typical Hay House hard box which is great, the titles of the court cards have the general meaning along with the characteristics of the people the could represent at the top (which is a great way to learn the court cards, as well!)
The only reason I gave these 4 stars is because they are the same wide width as Doreen's oracle cards, which are usually 44 cards and are easy to shuffle with that amount, but this deck has 78 cards in it which makes it hard to shuffle because it's so thick, so I have to improvise. Otherwise, it's another great deck from Doreen, I have almost all her oracle decks, and these are great... especially reading for others who still have a hard time releasing their fears about the traditional Death and Devil cards as it does put them at ease.
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on 14 September 2014
This deck is the most beautiful deck I have ever worked with.....the imagery and colour in the card can all be combined in the reading....there are many little symbols, flowers and butterflies......I have no problem identifying with these cards and I think , the tower and the death card are so transformed into beauty in these cards , I think for the person having a reading they far outweigh the more teaditional and harsh pictures of the traditional deck. They ate my favourite of all decks and can be combined with the other angel cards ( angel message and angel healing for a more in depth reading)
I have given many very accurate readings with these cards, which are at the end of the day, only tools to guide us when reading.
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on 24 May 2017
The cards are bigger than I thought, but the paper and printing quatity are good. However I had thought that there were 78 angels, but it turned out that only the major arcanas are angels, and the minor arcanas are not angels, but mermaids etc. And for the major arcana, some cards share the same angel, so there are less than 22 angels. I was a little dissapointed! I wish there could have been more angels. Despite this, the words on the cards are mostly encouraging words, maybe it is helpful as advice.
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on 23 May 2014
This pack is exquisitely beautiful from the vibrant colour and detail to the stunning silver edges you can only see when you are handling them. The box is also sturdy and the whole thing expresses highly quality, and attention to detail. You get a real sense of connecting with both the meanings and the angelic energy behind them. Having recently discarded my old Tarot pack from way back, I needed something fresh and in tune with the positive and healing energy of the angels. I am delighted and would highly recommend this pack.
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on 7 October 2016
Beautiful imagery and gentle messages ensure enjoyment for beginners and experienced readers alike. Plenty of symbolic interpretation or use the booklet for a generalised meaning. Very easy to use, the booklet outlines how to create a Celtic Cross reading, or a simple three card reading, with a short introduction on the tradition of Tarot. Lovely addition to the various Oracle cards by Doreen, highly recommend for those that may have previously shied away from Tarot in favour of Oracle.
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on 21 January 2016
Very beautiful deck and good quality. Very pleased with the card layout and illustrations. I am taking an angelic tarot course at the moment from a certified angel card reader so having this deck format has extra meaning. Love the little book that comes with it as well.
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on 14 March 2017
The most beautiful Angel cards I have ever bought, have a few sets of Tarot cards but this one has the most amazing pictures and are beautiful to handle, would definitely recommend. Happy readings.
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